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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Archeage update and G/hour instead of G/Workpoint

After the last update much has happened. At first, I did what I should have done at the first: started NA characters on both accounts. For some weird reason if you have alts in two regions, you get loyalty and work points on both (while the points are shared among alts of the same region). This allows you to log in, burn work points and log off, generating wealth on the "other" region with next-to-zero human effort. Then you can buy APEX on the off-region to get premium points for your account to subscribe or buy P2W items.

Secondly, I'm starting to get enough cash (around 6K gold = 4 month of subscription) to be able to stockpile. Before that I was bound to have high rotation speed: buy mats, process them, sell products fast to be able to buy the next batch. This often meant that the Auction House was empty when I needed materials the most. Like most MMOs, Archeage has a strong weekday-weekend cycle, as paying casuals appear on weekends and buy everything up from their P2W gold, while free players farm in the weekdays and aren't smart enough to wait till weekends to sell what they farmed. So there is much money to be made by buying in the weekdays and selling in weekends, but you can only use that if you have enough money to actually make the purchases.

Stockpiling isn't just speculation profit. One can't just ignore that and say "I buy materials for X and sell products for X+1, regardless of X", because you are always in competition with the "I farmed it for free" people:

Charcoal stabilizer is the main ingredient of Opaque polish. You need 3 per craft, so if its price increases by 60 silver (patch will change how it's farmed), the price of the product must increase by 2.4 gold, assuming equal profit. But it increased by only 1.6G, eating most of the profit of the craft. Why? Because those who craft from their "farmed for free" charcoal will sell it for loss and believe that they are making extra 1.6G extra profit. So you must buy when cheap, craft (you have no bag space to hold so much materials) and hope that the speculation profit is bigger than the loss because of early craft.

Finally, with enough money, I can switch from gold / work point calculation to gold / human hour. Crafting a handful of rare items that net 10-20 silver/work point looks much better than mass-crafting for 2-4 silver / work point. But the first require to research market, buy materials, walk to the tool, wait for the craft and sell the items for mere 10-20 gold profit, since such items usually sell in small quantities (hello Sunridge ingot, Nuia forest lumber and Steel fishing rod). Crafting something that sells for a much lower profit but in much larger quantity allows mass production: click craft and leave computer for an hour.

It seems I'll soon make stupid amount of money with little effort - as I did in EVE and BDO and everything I did previously could be skipped by simply throwing $100 seed money on the problem as P2W. We'll see. Anyway, when it happens, the guide will be written and I'll quit the game.

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