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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Weekend minipost: steam

After running out of options with Archeage, I installed Steam and bought an Archeage starter pack, so I now have 30 days of Patron which is more than enough to research the moneymaking options and earn enough money to buy APEX. Archeage posts will come. We'll see how this game testing ends.

Honestly: I have trouble giving proper chance to Archeage. Maybe because it's old (2013), so I believe that if it would be great, it would have bigger impact already. Or because I got so many disappointments recently. Or because what I've seen is very much "another MMO". But I bought the Patron after all, so I'm not chickening out of the task, that's something.


Hanura H'arasch said...

I must say, I admire your tenacity.

I would've crossed Archeage off my list after reading the reviews on Steam. However, I'm sure there is something useful to be learned, so I'm looking forward to posts about it.

Anonymous said...

So which server did you join?

Gevlon said...

EU fresh start server (only one such)

Tithian said...

There are two reasons why Archage is considered a failure by most of us:

1. Rampant botting and outright cheating/hacking during the early stages of the game (i.e. people teleporting with packs across the continent, PvP hacks, Radar mods, setting up bots to snipe house plots 0.01 seconds after they expired etc. etc.), which completely destroyed the economy, while TRION did practically nothing to address. What was worse, is that those same hacks were present in the Russian and Korean version, and they completely disregarded the fact and didn't bother to fix those security holes before launch.
2. Heavy P2W focus in the cash shop

The fresh start servers may have fixed the game now, but almost everyone's perception of the game is tainted beyond repair.

Anonymous said...

I played Archeage and there is one part I really enjoyed and it amazed me : Naval fights / boats

Otherwise i found the game meh, looks like a WoW clone

Anonymous said...

Maybe because it's old (2013)
EVE releases may 2003 you started when playing it 2010, 2009? not popular very niche
WOW released Nov 2004 you started playing it 2008? very popular no niche what so ever.

I think you will do just fine in archage.

Anonymous said...

You should be able to get a good bit of time out of AA. Econ guides at the very minimum.

AA is probably larger and more successful than the game you will play after it. Your goals don't mesh well with the masses, so you are going to be in niche games which will be smaller and less profitable. But if you persist, you should find something that appeals to you.