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Friday, April 14, 2017

This was an epic grind (and new game please)

I started blogging on 2008 Sept. 6 and posted almost every day. So I got over 2500 posts. This mess was unmanagable, so I started some form of indexing by the tags around 2012. When I did it, I retroactively tagged the old posts "old".

Half year ago I started a more proper thing, adding the posts that still contain information worth reading (and not something about a 2011 WoW patch) to a table of contents on the About page. Whenever I had time, I grabbed a bunch of "old" posts, read them and either retagged them as "random", meaning mostly "worthless, outdated", or "ideas" and added them to the About page.

Today I can proudly announce that there are no more "old" pages. Now, by tags I have:
  • 130 "Gold" posts, they are about WoW goldmaking, they are probably outdated now and I can't care less about them.
  • 149 "ISK" posts, they are about EVE ISKmaking, they are probably outdated now and I can't care less about them.
  • 1759 "Random" posts and nobody should care about them.
  • 505 "Ideas" posts, all indexed on the About page and I hope you find valuable reads among them.
  • 148 "New" posts published. Every posts created gets the "New" tag and they are revisited 30 days later when they get either their "Ideas" tag and link on the About page, or their "Random" tag and get forgotten. So I should have 24-27 "New" posts. Grinding the rest down will be yet another grind, but much smaller than getting rid of over 1000 old posts.

While I haven't given up on Albion Online as I like the game itself a lot, I will surely not play it if the shady monetization loophole isn't fixed. But my past experience tells me not to hold my breath. So please suggest me MMOs to play, hopefully I find one where devs are at least upfront about the monetization and aren't involved in rigging/RMT.

There will be no post on Easter Monday, see you on Tuesday!


Jonathan Silva said...

I'm still enjoying BDO, I began just shy of 2 months ago, but it definitely isn't my cup of tea as far as economy (fixed system is lame, but tolerable). Your material helped me learn how to best utilize my afk time. With what insight I gather in your philosophy, unfortunately my only experience would be Archeage.

Archeage would be a step back though, as it's apparently suffering from declining population and is a clear game of P2W. However it doesn't pretend not to be like some. It was one of the few games where I enjoyed using simple future patch information to speculate and buy stock of items and become insanely rich in. It's got all sorts of avenues for an economy driven player like you to take advantage of such as, alt account's loyalty/labor, account login rewards, low maintenance methods of gaining wealth vs grinding. But again, you've likely heard about it, tried it, and it's also a dying game (apparently).

Albion Online is probably one of the few other games worth checking out. The only suggestion besides Archeage and that would be trying to be a rich bastard on some more niche game like a Zombie Survival title. H1Z1 or something and optimizing trading up to sniper rifles/supplies haha. Unfortunately the MMO market has a fairly large void for anything that's truly worth investing one's soul into, fuck those greedy developers copy n pasting the same formula 100x.

Anonymous said...

Crowfall and Camelot Unchained are prelease titles from industry veterans that are slowly heading to release. Perhaps better recommendations for the game after next though.

My understanding is the P2W aspects of ArcheAge would not bother you as long as they are transparent?

Except for the two you have crossed off, the list is the same; not much new in MMOs these days. Although there were some you crossed off before as too small that were probably bigger than Albion.

Not a recommendation for a project, but The Elder Scrolls Online may be the second largest MMO in the West and it is free this week if you are bored.

Zyrus said...

You have mentioned that some of your most read blogs are basically the guides on how to make gold/whatever currency the game uses.

You could just embrace that, try whatever MMO, figure out a way of making gold or whatever currency it uses and publish your guide/findings, it might not be a project, but it would be a way to gather a perhaps bigger audience or following for the eventual project in the final MMO you do stay in.

For example you could consider again games like Path of Exile or Guild Wars 2, which are the most mainstream ones, or so on.

Druur Monakh said...

Why no post on Easter Monday? Religious holidays are for socials, not rationals.

Gevlon said...

@Druur: people mostly read my blog in work. In weekends the visitor count always dropped, so I stopped making posts in weekends. Easter Monday is off work day, so I wouldn't expect more readers than on Sunday

nightgerbil said...

Gev I started reading your old posts from day one. they reference outside posts though. Its not always easy to see all the context. Even so its fascinating to see your early work. thank you for the effort you made. Is there a way to easily save my progress through reading through your old posts?

Anonymous said...

ohh that is a lot, good for new readers to navigate. a few years back I started with and read my way towards ongoing posts. I would still recommend it even though there are some really outdated and random posts.

Don't ever stop spreading the Goblin way!

Anonymous said...

You will never find a perfect game, it doesn't exist.