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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weekend minipost: the unluckiest guy in BDO

This is why you should shop instead of enchanting yourself:


Empz said...

He is failstacking and its working good for him.

maxim said...

Are there enough people enchanting TETs/PENs to populate the shops?
Is there a SIX (SEZ? SIS?)?

Empz said...

If you don't looking for boss gear or accessoires, then yes.

Empz said...

An PEN is highest

Tithian said...

Literally billions wasted in that screenshot.

But sadly not enough people actually post TETs for the good stuff, so if you want to go above TRI at some point you have to bite the bullet. Or one can actually stay at full TRI, which is 'good enough' and definitely close to top tier if you are hardcore. At that point 1-2 more levels make more of a difference that a couple TET.

Forsaken Toys said...

Tough luck!
For someone who do not play BDO, what are these TET/PEN?

Gevlon said...

@Forsaken Toys: You increase the level of the item by throwing expensive "crystals" on gear. You have chance to fail. If you fail, you have chance of item level loss. Every level costs exponentially more. Getting a TET is very hard. Most people don't try to upgrade to PEN. He did and lost his TET. Then tried to enchant his TET back and lost it again. Considering that "of Fortuna" is a farming gear, he must be a grinder. These failed enchants cost him 200-300 hours of mindlessly grinding mobs.

Ritz said...

He failed on purpose here. No one is using PEN "Luck Armor of Fortuna" at end game. It's garbage, cheap armor. What this guy did was some higher level fail stacking.

Going for PEN gives you 6 fail stacks. TET gives you 5. He probably had a fairly large stack and was gambling that he would fail here so he could "cheaply" acquire 11 more failstacks. Once he has a genuinely large fail stack he will then try to enchant his real gear.

This is a nice technique because at end game it is very very difficult to build large fail stacks on purpose. You typically do not want to go for a TET Dande on a 30 stack or something... it is a LOT more expensive to repair boss gear then armor of Fortuna.

Now for some real money loss? Find a picture of some failed accessory enchants. Those are brutal.