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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

BDO Wealth: which professions made people rich

This post is part of the BDO Wealth Guide.

I conducted a very rudimentary research on wealth gain in BDO. I simply screenshotted the wealth toplist along with the various profession toplists and checked for names appearing in both. Please note that the toplists are dumb: instead of showing the results of the server (there is one EU server), they show the results of your active channel (there are 20+) and only for the online players. I have no idea why. Still, it gives us an impression:
The top professions are all active:
  • Growth is actually level gained which very strongly correlate with monsters killed. So these are simple grinders killing monsters day and night. Unless you bot, you have to constantly be at the keyboard.
  • Gathering is moving around the World to find mines, herbs, skins, trees and other collectible materials. This is also an active profession, you have to move manually and find the items, though the number of keys pressed is much lower.
  • Alchemy is a crafting profession, but most craftables don't stack, so you have to craft short batches and then manually list them as singles in the marketplace. I used alchemy back then and found it way too grindy.
  • Hunting is about half as popular among the top wealth players as the very active professions. While it is active, the most lucrative game is whales that needs just one player to control the boat while other just auto-shoot.
  • Trade is moving specialty items (either purchased or crafted) to distant locations where NPCs take them. The activity is typically 10 mins wait and few key pressed then 10 mins wait and few key pressed ... for hours. It's best for players who are near their computers but don't want to press many keys. I did this extensively and it pays well (my trader is another character, that's why I'm not on the toplist).
  • Fishing needs you to move to a fishing spot and go AFK. This allows hour long AFK periods, but as you are in the World, you can be ganked or attacked by monsters, so some supervision is needed.
  • Cooking needs you just to stand by the cooking utensil for about an hour AFK and then move to the next utensil. When finished, you must move to the marketplace to sell.
  • Farming needs active clicking on your farm, and then you can forget it for a day. It's the least popular activity.
  • Processing is the most AFK activity and it's very popular. It needs you to start a batch standing next to the warehouse and go AFK for several hours. You can sell the products right there at the Warehouse.
  • Training needs you to sit on a horse or cart and set a loop and go AFK for several hours. As horse market is small, only few people can make profit of it.
"BDO is a Korean grinding MMO" indeed shows, because most people choose to grind for their money. This is probably why my guides were so successful: I offer ways to get rich without grinding. Currently I'm working on the most AFK methods, not using Alchemy or Trade. The updated guides will come as ready.


Smokeman said...

To get a better indicator of the "top wealth" on the server, you could take a snapshot of several channels (I don't know how easy it is to switch them.) several times a day and then aggregate the data. You don't need ALL the channels or ALL the hours in a day, just a statistical representation. even 6 random data points would paint a far better image of reality than 1.

Empz said...

'Wealth' scoreboard isn't something meaningfull. Because your wealth is your gear and items in your stash (and the dont count). Most of the time i have between 100-200 million in silver. Sometimes i sell something for 400-500 millions and show up in the top 20 of wealth.
I dont know if the Top 3 in this list care much about their wealth and how much they have, but i think, to be fair, you should aim for best in slot gear in a short time and see wealth as a tool to get it. There is a guide around that stats ready for high lev pvp in 3 months (or something like that). Make it faster, write a guide and you will get tons of clicks.

Gevlon said...

@Empz: I quit BDO after I got full Tet gear in August and realized that I have nothing to do with it.

Empz said...

I know, i read your blog on a daily basis for years now (good job with that!). But to go after the cheap dp gear isn't the same as to go after BIS AK gear. 1 TET Ogre ring costs more then your gear at this time... for the sell of a tet Dande you could wear full tet of not bis items.

Gevlon said...

@Empz: if you follow my blog, you know my opinion on BIS gear. (Anyone who works 4x more for 1% improvement is an idiot)

Empz said...

I don't talk about gear that gives 1% improvement. I talk about gear, that has the potential to be BIS gear. In most cases of PvP you're fine with TRI Boss gear, if you're rich, then go for TET, and if you're insane then PEN.
But to buy sub gear on TET and say 'fine! im done!', is not a really good goal.

I respect players who think outside the box, even more when they reach their goals.
If rank 1 on the Whealth scoreboard is your goal, fine! Go for it!

Keldorn said...


full DP gear wont help you in current pvp meta. Ap autscales dp so much now. Your gear is not competitive (especially after witch/wiz awakening). Getting the same gear level with ap is much harder!

another topic. Trade is so much better now after magoria expansion. I am sure you can find new ways to make profits with it (hint: buy a much maps from ah as possible, there is something ppl don't know yet).

Gevlon said...

@Empz: Indeed I didn't PvP since I return, but back in August I was doing very well in Red Battleground, but more importantly I left because of a simple reason and don't intend to return (besides for this miniproject to update my guides): I find the PvP endgame totally irrelevant. I mean you siege and node war for ... having your guildname listed on the map?

Unless you are a guild leader, you are not rewarded or recognized at all, imperial shipments and guild benefits are pitiful compared to what one can earn solo (not what I can earn, but to what Sausan grinder #13215 earns).

Unlike EVE, your territory "ownership" doesn't lock out other people, so you don't even get exclusive content. I have no idea who "owns" Heidel and have no reason to care, despite I live there. You practically farm your gear and spend your time in PvP only to make the epeen of your guild leader (not even yourself) bigger.

Anyway that's besides the point. All gear (including AP gear) is available on the market, so if you have wealth, you can have any gear you wish for.

Empz said...

You are right! Black Deserts PvP is a just for fun activity, and in most cases not even that... i wish it would be more like eve online, but it never will be.
I'm a member of a small german/austrian guild. Since the server merge, we couldn't win a single nodewar with our 15-20 members, because of the fact that at every single node war minimum one big guild with 60+ members fought us at lev 1 nodes. We did and do nodewars just for fun, not for silver, nor for our Icon on the map.
But just for fun, doesn't mean, we don't care about that. For a few of us (including me) its the highlight of the week, we only level and tweaking our chars to contribute more for this 'event'.

You wrote: "Anyway that's besides the point. All gear (including AP gear) is available on the market, so if you have wealth, you can have any gear you wish for. "

And i need to disagree with you. There are a bunch of items which are rarely or never offered on the Auctionhouse. And not only high end gear, also cheap gear like red coral ring (TET) for example. This weekend it was the 4th RCR(TET) since beginning on the AH, and there are items which never show up. So buying those is in most cases not a valid option.

Even my gear would sell instantly on the AH, but to buy it back, i would have weeks if not months to camp the AH for it.

Xmas said...

For cooking and processing do you actually have to stand there? Or is this something you can kick off and then come back to an hour later?

Gevlon said...

But you can buy Tri red coral and enchant yourself using cron stones. Everything is for sale.

Empz said...

A tet rcr costs ~35mio on the AH, a tet stack value is far higher, so there is no way, i would make a tet rcr on my own ;)
You need not only wealth, but also time (to camp the AH) and luck (to win the bidding phase). More wealth doesn't give you the items you want instantly. But i'd love to see your progression in the next weeks!

Gevlon said...

@Empz: Tet rcr does NOT cost 35M, that's it's hard-set maximum price, way under equilibrium price. Yes, you can camp and get lucky, but if something is not available, it's cheaper to just make it yourself. Time is money. One hour camping is 5M lost, even for a lowly Sausan grinder.

@Xmas: your character must stand there. You don't.