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Thursday, February 16, 2017

BDO wealth: Cooking for little profit and lots of CP

Warning: there is evidence that GMs collude with exploiters. Maybe it's not the best idea to play this game.

This post is part of the BDO Wealth Guide.

The #1 material sold on BDO marketplace is Beer. Beer is the most common "fuel" used to make workers running. You can make beer by cooking. To do that, you must have a residence in a town and place cooking utensil in it. Then use it and place the materials:
Of course you can cook other foods, they provide various buffs. While cooking anything, you don't just get the food, but various collectibles:

Here are the products of cooking beer from 3000 potatoes. Please keep in mind that output in BDO is the function of your skill, I'm a top 10 cook, so if you just start, you'll make less, but your skill will increase with work. I simply turned in these collectibles. So I got:
  • 1546 Beer (including from collectibles)
  • 163 Cold draft beer
  • 35 milk (from collectibles)
  • 45K silver (from collectibles)
For every production batches, (600 for 3000 potatoes), I had to use:
  • 1x Sugar: 20 silver
  • 2x Leavening agent: 20 silver each
  • 6x Mineral Water: 30 silver each
Calculating with 2000 silver per milk and 1 cold draft beer = 1.5 beer, the final totals are:
  • -3000 potatoes (893K opportunity cost)
  • 1790 beer (1.98M after tax)
  • -35K from silver + milk - materials - utensils
All together 1.06M profit over 4200 seconds (I have +2 cooking armor) or 0.9M/hour. That's not much, especially if you consider that you have to grab a new utensil every 10 minutes, so you can't leave your computer. Or you can use Balneos utensil, which costs 10x more per use and takes 2x more time to cook, but can be left for two hours. Seems like much hassle for little.

So far I didn't mention the real profit of cooking, the fifth collectible, that can be turned in for contribution points:
I got about a dozen daily quests worth of XP for my beer. Replacing the utensil once in 10 minutes is much less clicks than doing daily quests or even leveling alts for contribution XP. Cooking is flat out the best way to get contribution points. Beer material (corn, wheat, barley, potato, sweet potato) is in large supply from workers (on the marketplace they are permanently missing), so if you can replace utensils or just leave the computer with a Balneos utensil for two hours, your contribution points will just keep rising with minimal effort.

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