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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Brown rain

It's dangerous thing for a blogger to write about politics. Not because it's easy to be wrong or controversial (those make a blog interesting), but because it's easy to be the #54151 guy writing the same thing. Every "clever and original analysis" you can make was probably written by hundreds of others who have more expertise on the field. Anything I could write on the topic was probably written by Ann Coulter already. My choice to openly endorse Trump in August was pretty brave, but not at all original. About 50M Americans already endorsed him, just didn't bother to yell about it.

So usually I just shut up and delete half-written posts. However this one will be new to 99.9% of you, because this is about something that happened in Hungary, an obscure East-European country where I happen to live (OK, not as obscure since we built a fence and locked out the migrants and our PM endorsed Trump as first in-office leader). This experience is important because of its reductio ad absurdum nature.

Hungary was a communist dictatorship until 1990. The real, Castro-Kim-Mao-Brezhnev type of communism with government ownership of all companies, formal censorship office and "criticism gets you to jail" society. Now the communists did one thing very seriously: hunting right-wing extremism. WW2 Nazis were executed after the war and any kind of nationalist or racist sentiment was hunted. You made a racist joke at the water-cooler and your colleague reported you (or there was a mike hidden in the room)? You just lost your job and got blacklisted from any jobs except the lowliest of menial tasks. You tried to spread nationalist propaganda? A couple of years in jail for you.

This extreme hunting of right-wing extremist views, combined with no external support in smuggled Western literature made these views extinct. I grew up without hearing a single anti-Semite joke. "Jew" was just as emotion-less descriptive term as "Malay" or "Finnish". I haven't heard a single racist slur either, if kids wanted to insult each other, they typically used "your mom is a whore" or "you're nothing" but nothing racist, simply because there were no source for them to learn it. African students were common sight in universities and no one cared. So communist Hungary was the perfect politically correct utopia for liberals.

Yet right after the fall of communism the newly formed liberal journals were full of warnings about the Nazi menace threatening our life. Which at first was funny as we never seen a single one nor they actually referenced any kind of hate crime or particular person as enemy. We were told to be very afraid of non-existent Nazis. Soon our smile got wiped out when the liberals started to preach that because of the looming danger of non-existent Nazis we must unite with the communists. Yes, those communists who ran the dictatorship just a few months ago. Those communists who kept the very same liberals in jail, who executed the guys whose photos were on the same journals demanding union.

On 1991. Sept 27, 17 months after the first democratic election the "Democratic Charta" was signed by liberal opinion leaders and former communist leaders to unite their forces against the "brown rain", the invasion of Nazis - without anyone seeing a single Nazi person in Hungary. Soon everyone who were not them was named a Nazi and deemed persona non grata everywhere. The moderate right first democratically elected government was deemed "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, you name it" and lost the next election to the coalition of liberals and communists. Then we could witness our first democratically elected president who was sentenced to death after the '56 revolution and spent a decade in communist prison welcoming the second democratically elected prime minister, who was a volunteer communist soldier during the same revolution.

This unholy alliance lost the next election due to their horrible incompetence (they barely evaded bankruptcy and caused unprecedented loss of income for the average people) and since then we have a strong moderate-right party that is governing now (and endorsed Trump). So it's all old history from an irrelevant country, why bother?

Because it's the ultimate evidence that you can't appease liberals by denouncing irrelevant neo-nazi hillbillies! The liberal fear from "white supremacist", the "alt-right" or "white nationalists" isn't irrational, it's a lie. Even if you'd literally execute every KKK member, imprison the whole Breitbart crew, Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren and whoever you can think of, take away the internet of everyone ever visited r/altright or shared a green frog meme, fire everyone who made a dumb joke about jews, gays or fat people; liberals would still be terrified by the incoming Nazi menace. It's not an exxageration, this is what happened in Hungary.

Liberals being terrified is a lie made to silence their own dissenters. When a young, honest (not Soros paid) liberal asks "why are we burning cars instead of discussion" he can be yelled at "do you want the KKK win and kill all the blacks?!". Liberals made this lie to make their followers fight like they were fighting against the next Holocaust which is just around the corner. "There is no place for discussion, there is no place for compromise or moral questioning of our methods. We are the last bastion of humanity against the Nazis".

How can you fight this? By not giving an inch to them. By not denouncing irrelevant hillbillies voting David Duke to the 7th place of the senate election or able to collect 200 idiots shouting Nazi salute. By not speaking politically correctly, by not censoring dumb jokes (I'm not saying you should say them, but you should fight for the right of dumb people to say them). By openly trolling liberals and their safe spaces. By building a mock wall on campus. By wearing a green frog T-shirt. By tweeting "all lives matter". According to them, this is being a Nazi. If enough of us do so, they will soon see that they are "surrounded by Nazis", yet all these "Nazis" do nothing to hurt them. Some of them will realize that these "Nazis" aren't that bad and this particularly disgusting manipulation will stop working.

PS: of course I don't claim that there are no neo-Nazis in Hungary now, 25 years later. They are a tiny group with no public support and 1-2 hate crimes a year. But they were totally suppressed and invisible during the communist era and took them years to reach this "high" level of presence they have now.

PS2: Obama was right on one thing, markets move if Trump tweets.


Magson said...

I find it both amusing and sad that you refer to the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers' Party aka Nazi) as "right wing." Nazism is a subset of socialism, which is a leftist ideology. Though it is to the right of communism, so if you presume that leftist communism is the zero point, then it's "right wing" by comparison, though certainly not in absolute terms.

Anonymous said...

> you can't appease liberals by denouncing irrelevant neo-nazi hillbillies!

That's an oversimplification. You can never appease the *entire* left wing through any form of compromise. Some of them hold extreme beliefs (so they won't be happy until you acquiesce to ALL of their demands); others are insincere and will always pretend to be dissatisfied (so that they can pressure you for MORE concessions in the next round of negotiations).

If a left-wing politician makes an excellent compromise deal with the right-wing party, then he risks being accused of treason by his party. The same thing has recently happened in the USA - moderate Republicans were labelled as "RINO"s and unseated by hardline conservative challengers. Therefore even reasonable politicians will occasionally join in with the political-theatre stuff (e.g. public denunciations of ACORN/DAPL/BLM/whatever) as a way of protecting themselves.

The point isn't to fully convince the entire left-wing. You can't get all of them to stop whining (or throwing out accusations of "racism", "fascism", etc) because some of them aren't interested in discussion. They're not even looking at statistics or logic anymore; they're effectively just trolling within their own echo-chamber. In a few cases, they're Youtube celebrities whose entire shtick is throwing out wild accusations in order to provoke feuds (because feuds mean lots of hits, which earns them money). If those guys tried to engage in normal discussions then they'd quickly starve to death; you *can't* convince them to behave like adults.

Instead, try to identify a few people on the other side who are committed to rational principles. If several of them are writing op-ed pieces about " is bad for civil liberties" or " is a hate crime" then it's worth giving the issue a second look. If there's a lot of accusations on Twitter but the serious people remain silent, then you can probably ignore it.

Unknown said...

It's an interesting take on modern Hungary you make. As an outsiderroom it is hard to comment. But it is notable that Hungary has had a talent for being on the wrong side of history since before the Hapsburg Empire. Is what is happening now really any different from the fear/hatred/contempt of ottomans/Romanians/Russians/etc etc that has characterised Hungary"s past?

Anonymous said...

Can you elaborate on Soros? People are either praising him or hate him. Since he is from Hungary maybe you could give us an inside note about him, or point us to a good article about him?

Anonymous said...

> The real, Castro-Kim-Mao-Brezhnev type of communism

Not to nitpick, but those are not examples of "real communism". Those are examples of a corruption of communist ideals (just as sane capitalist ideals can be corrupted). It is true that no true communist states have ever really existed, and it may indeed be true that communism cannot exist due to human nature, but the examples you give are a far cry from what Marx innvisioned

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon #1. Gevlon's observations are occurring globally and on all political wings. Instead of open debating and finding a middle ground there is a trend to attacking the opposition and "traitors" on your side that would work towards a compromise. There has been a general refocus where instead of attempting using moderate policy to win converts from the other side (who are the other side and therefore evil) political voices are striving for power through inciting your more vocal supporters with increasingly "Holier-than-thou" anti-centralist policy while trying to recruit the disaffiliated by slandering strawman caricatures of the opposition.

Halycon said...

You're right. Haven't heard that story. But here's the difference. The liberals aren't the ones saying we should be scared of another party. What we have in America is conservatives telling us the outsiders are out to get us. Party doesn't matter, political views doesn't matter. Not in the long run. One goes up, another goes down. It cycles. What matters is the path to power and what they do with the power. Any party or political view can take the actions you laid out, at one point or another they all have somewhere in the world.

I'm honestly not too worried about which set of political views are currently on the summit, so long as they got there with some level of integrity intact. So long as that is true they can't do too much damage, and may even do some good. What I'm worried about is people who lied cheated and stole their way to the top, and used fear as their ultimate tool. People like that are so convinced of their own rightness and cause they'll really mess things up.

Unknown said...

I had an interesting thought recently: why were the Nazis bad people? (actually, there were no Nazis, they were just Germans, but let's stick to the prevailing naming convention)
Is that because of war and some 20 million casualties? well, no, cause every country wages a war every now and then. The fact they were aggressors is irrelevant, otherwise USA are Nazis, too.
Is that because they thought themselves superior than other nations? well, again, no. Almost every nation thinks about themselves as superior people, just look at Americans and their religious beliefs in their constitution.
Eugenics, racism? No. Those were actually mainstream ideas in the '30s. Jesse Owens, the famous Olympic gold medalist that was snubbed by Hitler? possibly a myth, actually. What was sure however is that Owens himself said later on that he was treated better by the Nazis than by his fellow white Americans.
In that case it must be the antisemitism, right? again, no. Antisemitism was and still is a mainstream idea. Everybody hates Jews, some because their religion tells them to (it is encoded in both Christianity and Islam), some because the Jews are better than them (and they are, no other ethnicity has produced so many geniuses as Jews).
Why people hate Nazis is the Auschwitz and the length to which they went with their antisemitism. Which is very unfortunate, because it was simply BAD LUCK. Hitler hated Jews. Repeat that to yourself: HITLER hated Jews. He could have just as well hate Belgians. It was just pure bad luck that the Nazi leader had a deranged hatred towards a group of people that turned Germany from "just another aggressive militarists" into "monsters that we scare children with".

Anonymous said...

@ Magson, yes, right wing people use that argument to distance themselves from extreme right wing, but that doesn't make your argument valid.

Hitler's greatest enemy was Stalin. NSDAP was indeed right wing authoritarian as per which makes it a lot easier to think in 2 dimensions instead of 1.

Gevlon said...

@Slavomir: simple, Nazis were horrible because they lost and lost fast. So all their wars and racism and anti-semitism was for absolutely nothing good. They didn't build a great nation like the Americans at the extinction of Natives. They didn't build a superpower that existed for decades and sent men to space like communists. They just made a tantrum, picked a fight with everyone and lost.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't know it from reading what I write on the internet, but I am a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed white man. When it comes to that Aryan Ideal, they're talking about me. When you walk around looking like all of hitler's dreams come true, you get a good taste of what I like to call casual racism. Casual Racism is what happens when racists think they're among their own, because they will casually tell you the racist shit that is on their mind. I have had complete strangers come up to me, treat me as though I was in their closest circle of friends and tell me exact what they think of all the minorities in the immediate area. You'd be amazed and, quite frankly, rightfully disgusted at some of the things people will tell you when they think its safe.
A friend of mine introduced me to a girl one time. We sort of hit it off, but we definitely had one of the worst first dates ever. Talked on the phone a bit, and after a bit of awkward teenage wrangling, I managed to get her to invite me into her room when her parents weren't home. They weren't going to be home for two hours. That plan shifted gears when I got into her room though. I was a bit of a weebo when I was a teenager, I liked anime and video games. This girl was into Hitler. She had busts of hitler, Pictures of hitler, nazi flags, Nazi memorabilia and even a full SS uniform. A disturbing amount of Hitler. I opted not to lose my virginity in the Hitler shrine, and that remains one of the few decisions I made as a teenager that I do not regret.
I've worked a lot of very shitty retail jobs here in the states. If you've ever worked the late shifts or in the back end jobs, you'd know the dynamic. See, the late shift and back end jobs are where store and companies put workers they don't want the general public to see. Now, if you're working the late shifts or the back end you're not necessarily an undesirable worker, but if you're an undesirable worker you're working the late shifts or back end. The company might not want you to be seen, but that doesn't mean they won't employ you. You see a lot of swastika and reichlader tattoos on those shifts. And if you're a tall, blonde haired, blue eyed white man, they never think you aren't part of the team. They don't question it, even for a second.
I grew up in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. When I was young, my family used to go to McDonald's. We used to go to the one in Pershing Plaza, in Kenosha. Pershing Plaza is a strip mall with a couple anchor store. They played ads for it on TV, called it the Heart of Kenosha. We used to go to that McDonald's every Saturday. On a Tuesday in August, 1993, a man by the name of Dion Terres walked into that McDonald's and shot 3 customers before shooting himself.

Anonymous said...

Dion was a nutjob obsessed with guns, fantasies of violence and, oddly, desecrating the body of Abraham Lincoln. A guy who wanted to hurt as many people as he could before he shuffled himself off.
Now, while my entire family was safely away from the McDonalds that morning and the chances of another nutjob showing up are negligible, we never set foot in that McDonalds again. Its not because it wasn't open, its still there to this day. We did not go there again, ever.
Earlier that same year, Another nutjob took offense that a local roller rink had so many Black customers. His name was Randall Anderson and he decided to throw a pipe bomb through the window after hours. In fairness to Randall, he didn't kill anyone. He did scare the shit out of the owners though because they closed it down. That building remained empty for over twenty years. It's a gun range now.
These sort of incidents are hardly unique to my region, they're actually very much a national issue. There was the Oklahome City Bombing in 1995, and the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999. Home grown attacks like this really took a back seat to Islam terror between 2001 and 2010, but these sort of attacks continued happening. Flash Forward to 2012, you have the Sandy Hook elementary school attack.

That Year, in a lesser known incident, a man by the name of Wade Page walked into a Sikh temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin and shot six people. Wade was also a white supremeist nutjob, complete with swastika and reichlader tattoos.
Finally, to round out this parade of misery, we come to Last year's Charleston Church Shooting by Dylan Roof. There's a detail of Dylan Roof I find rather interesting, which is his birthday: April 3, 1994. Dylan Roof was born almost 9 months to the day that Dion Terres walked into the McDonald's at Pershing Plaza: 22 years old. His entire life has taken place after that day.
Now, this was a long story and I probably went a little too personal there, but I want to make a very simple point: You don't live here.
This is not Hungary, this is the united states. If you insist that nazi's aren't a problem over there, I kind of have to take your word because you're the only person I know of in Hungary. You can't say that the united states isn't a fucking cesspool of racists and white supremists though. Our society doesn't like to advertise their existance, quite frankly because we're all ashamed of them, but they're here and they've been here for over a century.
They didn't collect 200 idiots, there's now 200 idiots who think what they're doing is okay. Because they don't want to give an inch. Because David Duke was not denounced. Because they don't want to be stuck in the back ends and night shifts. Because they want to say their horrible bullshit out loud to total strangers and not be told they're a fucking scumbag. Because they want to put their hitler memorbillia out on display for all to see. Because they can convince you, despite the murders, the overt use of violence and intimidation that goes on in this country everyday and the battery of horrible bullshit they've been responsible for here, that they are harmless and normal.

Gevlon said...

@Anon: and how are these disgusting people relevant? Do they hold any power? Sure they do shootings, but as it seems from this side of the pond, Americans of all kinds of problems seem to just grab a readily available gun and shoot random people.

David Duke was denounced very clearly: he got 7th place in a Luisiana!!! election which was an anonymous one, so all the late shift-back end people could safely cast a vote for him. He is a joke, not a danger.

Is casual racism present? Sure. But is it relevant? Does it DO anything or is it just a murmur from "late shift back end" people who will likely not change anything in their lives? Is it annoying and sometimes creepy (a girl room with Hitler?!) Surely! But is it someting that threatens YOU or anyone YOU love?

Liberals make it look like these annoying people are an imminent and mortal danger. That if you don't fight them every second of your life, you are a bad person. That you must surrender your personal well-being to this fight. Dems are now flat out saying that white women are traitors who - because privileged and shielded - abandoned the more vulnerable women. Last time I checked they weren't slaves of these "more vulnerable women" and entitled to vote for the candidate who offered them better politics.

Unknown said...

A very good article, again!
This is what I repeatedly told my friends when discussing politics. No one who isn't running aroudn throwing bombs or threaten to kill people should be prohibited from forming a party and openly marketing his views. Only transparency and open debate can lead to informed people.
As a German, I would not have a problem with an "alt-right" person or a "communist" person as I would be able to ridicule their arguments and get people to laugh about these idiotic ideas.
Let the scumbags come out from their holes, pull them into the light and let people know what delusional ideas and misconceptions they have. Refusing to debate with them just gives "them" a chance to lie to the people that "them" (the corrupt elite) fear "us" (alt-right, etc...) because "we" have the truths and "they/them" only lies...

Debunk them in the light of the public and show everbody how wrong they are...

Anonymous said...

I know you don't reveal many personal details, but approximately how long did you live under the communist regime?

How much have your views been influenced by living/growing up under the communist regime?

Anonymous said...

"Liberals make it look like these annoying people are an imminent and mortal danger."

These led to someone who believed the story getting arrested for going into the establishment with a gun. Still....people spreading false stories have no responsibility for people believing them, right? When a general tweets about someone being a pedophile, everyone immediately knows there is no substance in it, correct?

Re "Offering better politics" It would help if trump offered 1 policy, just one.

What liberals should do, is call him out on being the hypocrite that he is, on claiming to "drain the swamp" while refilling it rapidly. Every time he appoints a corporate speaker, lobbyist or existing entrenched politician, ask him why he is doing it.

If his answer is "They are the best person for the job", then why are they not when the democrats or political establishment use them?

People want Trump in power, that is their decision, and they live with it, but, pretending to be overturning the corruption while maintaining the status quo.
Ask him why he is using his political power to gain business influence.
Ask him why he is appointing politicians who are members of the corporate after-dinner speech circuit, when it is a bad thing for Hillary?

Ask him why his secretary of state pick is the guy who was fired for leaking national secrets to someone he had an affair with, whilst he spent his campaign raging at someone for not leaking national secrets, but using an email server that was not official.

Ask him how he intends to overturn corporate influence in politics while nominating a Goldman Sachs partner for Treasury Secretary.

Crony capitalism is either bad, or it is not. If it is bad when your opponent does it, it is bad when you do it. You cannot build a platform on telling people that you will change it, then before you are even sworn in, go into the swamp deeper than they ever did, without getting called out for it left right and center.

That is where left-wing and center Americans should focus. Call out every lie, call out every bit of hypocrisy...when you run your campaign on "I am not like these people", then you set yourself up to be checked on whether you are or not, and, if you are found wanting, then you need to be told so.

Anonymous said...

I highly doubt that the EU will rise like the US. we have some gays with brains like douglas murray but we lack the Trumps, Anns, Milos, etc. those voices wouldn't even be deplatformed because they do not exist here.

If you have triggered snowflakes be kind and ask to defend their accusation.
If you see unfair use of power call it out and make examples
Milo has a "dangerous faggot college/uni tour". obviously he is gay. breitsbard editor. dates black men. can't be beaten in debates. is a christian. calls Trump "daddy". What ever someone thinks about him, he is needed. SJW try to deplatform him all the time because they are not capable of debating anymore. they have forgoten how to do it. Therefore we get memes out of every sjw/gender studies idiot/feminis that disrupts presentations like trigglypuff or think that identity shaming wins any argument like idiots as aids skrilles and carl the cuck.
BUT someone like Milo will have no voice in germany.

I'm a fucking white male from germany. I don't like how provocative Milo phrases things but I can't beat him and see behind all the gayness some valid points even if I get triggered due to my indoctrinated "German collective guilt".

Xmas said...

Related to your observation, pretty much since Ronald Reagan, every Republican presidential candidate has been called the "worst racist since Hitler" while they are running. This insanity is why the screaming in the press about the horrible racism*** of Trump fell on deaf ears. More than half my country doesn't believe the press anymore because they get caught lying while attempting to sway the election. Now, they're so distrusted that their reports have the opposite effect of what the writers intend.

***I don't think Trump is a horrible racist. He's blunt about the criminality of the 10 to 25 million people that are illegally living in the United States. But is that racism or populism?

Provi Miner said...

hmm well why dwell on the past, you have near current events by which to shape your story: OWS vs Tea party. Supposedly the TP are racist (though many racist attended no doubt, they were not given a voice) supposedly the TP were gun nuts and dangerous (zero acts of violence) supposedly the TP stood for the system (they were as anti big corp as any OWS'er could be). Now compare that to the OWS rallys: vandalism, racist placards (specifically against Jew bankers, drugs, rapes, murder and other acts of nastiness. However the mainstream media has done its best to whitewash these facts. No need to go all Hitler to find out how wrong the left can be there it is less then 8 years ago.

Anonymous said...

This post is some revisionist bullshit.'s_Neshoba_County_Fair_%22states'_rights%22_speech

The guy from above stating that jews have contributed more to society than any other group makes them more valuable is amazing to say out loud, just not on the internet.

Milo can be beaten, he just wants attention, that's the biggest problem with debating him. Dates black men then objectifies them.

He contradicts himself constantly.

You are very much indeed cherry picking Gevlon and are making broad generalizations that you yourself are playing the victim about.

Anonymous said...


You sit there and say to yourself "David Duke came in 7th place, There must not be a lot of nazis in the US". David Duke was a fucking Grand Dragon of the KKK and he looks like a runner up in a Tales from the Crypt - Crypt Keeper costume contest. Of fucking course he lost, you'd have to be out of your mind to vote for the guy. When I see David Duke Lose, I don't think about how we're actually a progressive nation that wouldn't entertain that stupidity, I realize the truth:

Most racists and Nazis aren't like David Duke. They don't come out and tell the world what they believe, they just try to blend in and act out when they feel it's safe. That's what I mean when I talk about casual racism: They're not rabid crazies foaming at the mouth because they want to tell you what they think about black people, these are regular everyday people who know they need to hide what's really on their mind. I'm not concerned about the one dipshit who lost the race, what concerns me is the number of people who actually hold the offices.

Now, it might not mesh with your view of the liberals in Hungary, but that's because this isn't Hungary. The united states has racists, nationalists, and Neo-Nazis.

It's pretty obvious there are a great deal of racists and nazis in office already. Outright nutjobs like Paul LePage make that pretty easy to spot. You'll notice that they suddenly feel very comfortable saying what's on their mind when they get into office. Other elected officials make their intentions obvious but know how to hold their tongue, making them harder to spot. Wisconsin, for example, passed a law requiring an ID to vote but also decided to close down all the places you can get your ID from in areas with large Black and minority populations. Michigan, North and South Carolina, and Florida put similar laws on their books over the last eight years and, wouldn't you know it, they all seem to have this weird issue where minorities suddenly have trouble getting those IDs during an election year.

Before, I wasn't just listing off random mass killers for no reason: Each of those listed either personally expressed racist/nationalist viewpoints or associated themselves with groups who did. Now, I get that it's easy to look at 22 plus years and think "Those are few incidents in number and the chances of being caught up in one are minimal". That's not the point of bringing them up: The point is that there's a common, persistent ideology and people have been killing for it for decades now.

Those attacks are the symptom of a much larger problem. For every mass killing that makes the news, there are scores of murders, rapes and other crimes that are committed by people with that same ideology that aren't making the national news. This might come as a shock to someone that doesn't live in the US, but a group of Neo-nazis called the Aryan Brotherhood is one of the largest prison gangs in the US. You don't have a nation wide gang of people inside a prison without a pretty substantial support network outside the prison. Outside the prison, you have groups like the KKK, the Aryan Nations and all those "militia" groups that don't claim to be racist organizations but somehow have purely white memberships.

The thing is, gev, I am surrounded by Nazis. I've been surrounded by them for decades. I've worked with them, I've gone to college with them, and I've even dated one. I'll grant you, not everyone of them is a dangerous person. However, that doesn't mean that they aren't a dangerous group. You might convince me liberals exaggerate the immediacy of danger, you might convince me that liberals use the threat of danger to advance themselves. What you're trying to do, however, is convince people that nazis aren't dangerous people, and that's a bunch of bullshit. They are some of the most dangerous people in this country, and they have the track record to prove it.