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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Weekend minipost: the funniest conspiracy theory

I casually looked at a photo in this article and said "USA 2100, after the sea level rise":
But no. It's the 2016 US map where counties voting for Clinton are erased. Coincidence? Or the reason for the climate change denial: a cunning Republican plan to drown their opponents.

PS: sorry, I won't be available today for moderation, I have to refit my home with coal heaters and buy a V8 engine car. It's my moral duty to do my part in this noble plan.


Smokeman said...

Dude! Don't buy a V8 engine car! Retrofit your existing one with a straight 6 diesel motor from a Kenworth... then modify the control computer to "Roll Coal." (Google that, trust me.) It will have WAY more impact on the environment. And scare the crap out those kids that are always on your lawn.

That map was just a prop to display the actual geographic area each "party" in most represented by. It was accompanied by another map of mostly ocean, representing the areas democrats controlled.

Well, until the HARP Sinkhole engine is activated! BuHuHu Wa ha ha ha ha! Then rolling coal will be the LAW! (Obviously, I'm kidding. I think the practice is appalling.)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, that entire area combined isn't worth half as much as the major cities that aren't on that map. New York City's GDP alone rivals the entire GDP of Canada. The whole country of Canada. Take your pick of the other top 5 US cities, all of them beat the shit out of Mexico's economy by themselves.

Look at that map again. Even conservative bastions like Texas have huge holes in them where major cities should be. The only cities of note on there are Phoenix Arizona and Jacksonville Florida, and they're not exactly what you'd call economic powerhouses.

The conservatives can talk all they want, but at the end of the day they need the money those liberal areas generate. They need those liberals to go out and buy the products that those rural conservatives can't afford. They need liberals college graduates to do the real work of their businesses. They need liberals more then they need the entire area that Donald Trump actually won because the liberals are where the real value in this country is.

And if that's not the case, why did the Republicans put up Donald Trump for President? Donald Trump the billionaire and Life long New York Liberal. The guy who was pretty much the only non-conservative on the republican ticket. He beat out Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and John Kasich. Conservative Ideals and Theory didn't put Romney or McCain in the white house, and it certainly not what put Trump there in this election.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that both Germany and Japan had developed their own democratic tradition way before american occupation. What US did was de-militarize the political establishment, cutting off the radical and left wing, while relying on the center-right to achieve long term stability of the centrist governments.

After Meiji restoration Japan developed a very sophisticated parlamentary system with highly structured political hierarchy that ensured high level of competence of elected officials. Even more so in Germany, which with the HRE and Confederation had one of the oldest democratic traditions ever, so that when US came, all they had to do was trim the edges of the already functional system that had excellent safeguards against incompetent populism.

Wherever local party institutionalisation was weak, like Korea, Greece, Rhodesia, Iraq, Lybia, you name it, popular vote naturally created military huntas or populist chaos as people are generally incapable, unless their choice is limited by proper institutionalisation, of rational voting due to the mob effect.