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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Weekend minipost: and this is why you shouldn't hate people over the internet

We shall debate over issues. We shall stand up to our beliefs. We shall criticize the mistakes of others. But we shall not go personal, we shouldn't reject the other man instead of his bad ideas. It's easy to spew hate over the internet, but imagine that the other man would be sitting front of you! Would you tell such hate into his face?! You sure wouldn't.

So be nice people, or you might end up like these nasty internet haters:


Anonymous said...

> we shouldn't reject the other man instead of his bad ideas

Trump spent five years insisting that Barack Obama wasn't a citizen of the United States. We're entitled to spend the same amount of time making silly jokes about Trump's tiny hands.

Gevlon said...

Yes you are entitled. You are also entitled to plug a feather to your butt and march on the Pride Parade. It's just damn stupid to do it.

Rob Thompson said...

The voting masses don't seem to want informed debate, with Content over Presentation.

Every election I've witnessed here in the UK has been a sort of Celebrity Big Brother, with the winner being the one left standing, after the others had been eliminated for various breaches of popular etiquette.

Increasingly, it doesn't actually matter what their policies are; the real questions are: Do they look youthful for their age? Can they speak in soundbites and come across well on TV? Can they call killing civilians 'collateral damage' and get away with it?

Modern politics is a dirty game, everywhere in the 'civilised' world. The trivialisation of serious matters is just one of its spawns.

Anonymous said...

You really can't transfer what they do, to us the common people. it is a choreographed event designed as a symbol, it does not matter if deep down they hate each other or not. I can't even assess if they really hate each other, because they are politicians and to lie is their job!
It's like saying to my son watch pr0n for love- and sex-education. He will learn what looks good on camera and that it.

Here is the thing. If I state facts and some SJW snowflake gets triggered and breaks down in tears. is this hate? Or is drawing a picture so hateful that muslims trigger into rioting? obviously not. grow up and don't see everything that is said and done as a personal attack. Do I hate when I have questions for muslims based on their sources and their own polls? people shutdown and call me hateful things without engaging my points.

Would you tell such hate into his face?!
freedom of expression is a double edged sword. I can't possibly change my speech towards 7b other people in a way that no one gets triggered.
So yes .. if what I say and point out seems hateful. ok, so be it.

tweell said...

This is history in the making! It will be the first ever for a billionaire to move into public housing, replacing the black family that previously lived there.

Samus said...

Is this the dawn of a new Gevlon, one that doesn't call people morons & slackers, but instead respects them as people?

Gevlon said...

I never argued WITH morons and slackers. I put them on display for you.

Vince Snetterton said...

Some of use do actually tell people they are stupid and evil to their face. There have been events that have occurred throughout human history when people or even groups have strong opinions that run counter to each other. These events are called wars.

Anonymous said...

They've won literally everything. They now control everything, for the next 2 years at least. But still consider themselves "oppressed by the SJW".

What you mean to say is "I want to say anything I like, but I do not want anyone to reply to me".