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Thursday, November 3, 2016

The feeder is a social (and not M&S)

Feeding in League of Legends is repeatedly attacking a superior player, dying to him, giving XP and gold to him. Common sense would say that the lowest of people, the morons and slackers do that. Common sense is - as usually - wrong.

M&S cause lots of problems in your team like trollpicking, childish chat, ragequit, being second mid and the least severe but most common activity: leaving their lane for ganks, losing their tower and getting behind in minions. But M&S don't feed, as feeding is not fun. While the M&S isn't known for its strategic insight, they are capable of "plate is hot, me not touching it again" level of decision making. So when they died a few times to Katarina, they avoid Katarina and go where the "fun" is: being fifth wheel on bottom lane.

The proper action when the lane opponent is winning is playing defensively. But that needs you to acknowledge that the enemy is superior and you need the protection of a tower and defensive items. Socials don't want peers to think that they are inferior. For them sitting under tower stacking HP and resistance to the damage type of their opponent is accepting being inferior. If they fight, they might get lucky. The point is that for a social repeatedly losing isn't worse than sitting under tower. Both means that peers perceive them inferior. In their bizarre thinking, they might see feeding the better option: in the real world, socials often give out recognition to each other for trying and participating. By that thinking, "trying again" to defeat a 3 levels higher Katarina, isn't that bad option.

The only thing you can do about it is not saying anything in chat. No helpful comment. No nothing. Any kind of human communication just increases his sociality and prompt him to prove him to peers the only way he can: taking his chances against the enemy. If you say nothing, he might hope that no one noticed his fail and don't feed again.


Anonymous said...

I feel like these terms have some overlap, but really the situation is the feeder is a person who doesn't use common sense to realise what he is doing is wrong in some way.

The problem I see more though, is when the feeder is a social who is convincing his teammates to 'come help him gank kat', and leads to the kat getting more fed, because of a half gank, or the social start saying 'damnit team, if you had come with me we would have won that fight, its your fault'

The social is a 'blame others', 'the jungler didn't gank kat enough'

Anonymous said...

Stacking multiple non-dmg HP/RES items is the wrong call for ADCs/mages, you effectivly remove yourself from the game as opposed to beeing late to it.

Mids beeing behind should gank other lanes after pushing in theirs.

Correct is negatron and/or belt for mid (abyssal/rylais), cull for adcs.

This is for non extreme feed if it is looking like you will end 0/12 (enemy can towerdive at will) ask for a laneswap.

Manuel Francisco Gómez Gómez said...
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