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Monday, October 17, 2016

Sion being Sion (Same for KyleAparthos)

Sion "book deal" Kumitomo "leaked" a disgusting piece of harmful propaganda. Harmful to Goons mostly and evidence that Goons learned nothing from their defeat.

In this bizarre post he describes a botched threesome between Eep (leader of IWI, now banned for RMT, his site banned too), an SMA director and her boyfriend as a reason for the downfall of the CFC. Seriously. And the pathetic loser social "Goons" believe it otherwise they'd fire him long ago.

I'm not saying it's not true. It's just horribly irrelevant. Goons were defeated because they were weaker than their enemies. That's the one and only reason of their defeat. They had few PvP-ers, they fed killers very hard, they were poor as dirt and they had no respect for their allies. Why they were attacked is irrelevant. Yet Sion focuses on this and literally says "Had SMA been open with us in the beginning, we could have headed the whole thing off easily, and would likely still be burbling along happily in Dek."

No you obviously wouldn't you morons! Even if you believe that IWI had significant part in your defeat, you must see that someone else would have done it if he didn't. You had lucrative space, you were hated by everyone who wasn't you and you were weak!

But socials fall for this nonsense, since it means "it wasn't our fault" and also "human relations matter". Neither is true. CODE made miners very mad. They really-really want CODE be defeated. But they couldn't do anything except hateposting. Similarly, the story - if true - could only explain why an RMTing nobody hated the CFC. It cannot explain how could an RMTing nobody do anything more than hateposting.

Then KyleAparthos came along and gave his criticism to the story: "The TLDR of it is "IWI banker gets kicked, IWI tries to lean on SMA to get his shit back, Widget/Winet totally think they can handle this, turns out the situation is much bigger than anyone realizes." Which is just as pathetic and wrong as the Sion version. Widget/Winet totally supposed to be right that they can handle it. If the same happened with anyone else, they would have done the same thing as Winet. Can you imagine Vince, Grath, UaXDeath, Sapporo or even Sion himself reimburse a neutral who was scammed by their member for couple hundred of billions?! It's a bizarre idea! The difference is that Winet had no guns to support his attitude, nor loyal members who'd wither a storm in an NPC stations, undocking in kitchen sink to harass the intruders.

The reason of defeat is always weakness. If CCP Falcon wasn't around, I'd evict Goons from Delve just to prove this point. Imagine how much content would that be for pilots involved.


Zyrus said...

Hard to separate socials and their "Bad luck" claims.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Sion went too long without attention, remembered this piece of gossip while doing the dishes or something, then rushed to post it. At this point this "information" has literally no bearing on anything or anyone.

Anonymous said...

" If CCP Falcon wasn't around, I'd evict Goons from Delve just to prove this point."

Put your money where your mouth is and do it. Talk is easy, and cheap, and boasts are easy to make, especially from the sidelines.

You can't use your old excuses now, IWI are gone, trillions are removed from wallets.

You personally hate falcon so much it stops you sleeping. You assume he spends as much time caring about you as you do about him.

Anonymous said...

You're coming at it wrong.

In light of the recent events, there's an entirely new narrative of the war and how it went down that's going to emerge. Goonswarm and the MBC are both going to try to define this new narrative in the next couple weeks, much like Lenny and IWI were defining that narrative up to this point.

I'm sure you're very much aware of how Lenny was defining that narrative, but the important detail for now is to note that separation of his efforts and yours that he maintained. I think it's best to let that separation stand under slightly different terms: It should no longer be this idea of their grandiose clash of titans overshadowing your smaller operation, but your honest endeavors in spite of their dishonest enterprise. Stuff like this Sion post really has nothing to do with what you or MOA did because you were honest and IWI weren't.

So with that gap between what you guys were doing and the downfall, there's this piece of the narrative that Lenny and IWI have been largely defining, which is what happened with SMA and how IWI came into the picture. It's very much the backbone of IWI's entire narrative the last year, which is that SMA had a disagreement with IWI, SMA tried to get them banned for RMT and IWI was eventually cleared of wrongdoing, so they rightfully retaliated. What Sion is doing with this post is redefining and adding new details to the narrative. Whether that's clarifying it and getting everyone up to speed, or him adding tawdry details to spice it up and make it more presentable is up to you.

The point is that thinking about Sion's post as being about why the goons lost the war, the factors behind the war or even what lead to the downfall is the wrong idea. This post was purely about IWI, what their problem was and why they got into this whole war. Its Sion's attempt to take control of this one part of the narrative now that Lenny and the IWI crew have been revealed for what they were all along and can no longer effectively control how these events are seen. At the end of the day, this piece of the narrative doesn't change that it's still overall a story about GSF losing Deklein. IWI is forever a part of that story, for better or worse.

Gevlon said...

How am I supposed to play while Falcon is around?! Don't you think he'd keep sabotating everything I do? Don't you think that him being employed is a sign that CCP tolerates corruption, which means other devs also have their agendas (just smart enough to not make hateposts about them)?

@Last anon: what's the point of telling anything about IWI? They are gone and will stay gone.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually a bit curious here. What exactly has Falcon done to you in-game that's hampered your in-game activities? And sure, if you had as much isk as the casinos did you could pay a bunch of people to evict goons again, but didn't you kind of give most of it away when you left?

Gevlon said...

How about saving the monument vandals who libeled their act on me from both justice and community backslash?

maxim said...

Why even have diplomacy if relationships are not important?
What matters is a function of both relationships and power. Obviously, if your power is zero then your relationships likely won't affect a whole lot. On another hand, if your relationships are zero, then you can have massive amounts of power and simply be irrelevant.

The "why" of attack is very important in real-life space, because attacks IRL can and do carry significant emotional weight and therefore directly affect relationships.
not important in gamespace, because attacks in games carry comparatively little emotional weight. This is the big issue that goon propagandists can't seem to wrap their heads around - they try to appeal to emotions that are simply not there.

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to play Eve anymore that's fair enough, but this whole excuse that you can't come back because Falcon will sabotage you any time he can is getting pretty old. And as many people have already said, it is quite unfounded for a variety of reasons. least it was until you sabotaged yourself and published GM logs. You basically gave Falcon a valid excuse to ban your account if he wants to.

Gevlon said...

It is "old", but never even questioned. Do YOU question that Falcon was cooperating with Goons during the Propaganda Book? Sure, Goons are old news and Falcon ditched them for IWI and now IWI is old news too. But he is always with the power holders and never shy of doing whatever he can.

He is also not just one guy. Some dev made the citadel broker fee changes for IWI. Some dev doubled the anom count for Goons. Some dev rebalanced titans for PL. He is a problem, but even more he is a sign of a problem: devs rigging the game.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon: Its a good story.

The organization might be gone, but the influence they've had over this game leaves an impression. Its a powerful but ultimately dirty empire who basically took over this game for the last ten months. There aren't many events that took place in 2016 that IWI didn't have a hand in.

The rise and fall of powerful empires make for compelling stories. People want to know who they were, what they did and why they're gone. People are going to tell those stories.

Though, if you're wondering why Sion specifically is talking about it, its schadenfreude. Believe it or not, I'd actually say its not because of the war. In the months since major hostilities ended, the big thing that really irked me was way they treated people. I really noticed it during the whole Care 4 Kids thing. I'm not sure if anyone actually believes that Care 4 Kids isn't just a front, but if you questioned it you'd get Lenny and the IWI crew jumping down your throat followed swiftly their brigade of loyal followers. Large or small, they'd take the time out of their day to step on somebody. I think that behavior, more then anything else, is whats really driving the enjoyment the GSF guys are getting out of this whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I think the Falcon thing is more a result of a lack of oversight by CCP management. With them paying more attention to projects like this new VR game, or older projects like Dust 514, they neglected bad behaviors by devs like Falcon to the point where employees of CCP see these things as acceptable practice.

Doing favors for players is seen as acceptable. Siding with one set of players over another is seen as acceptable. That's management not managing, not necessarily rigging.

I think there is at least one actual coder/designer who is participating in rigging though. Actual changes to the game that are either suggested or supplied by players. That, if/when it is found out, is something that management would not find acceptable. The difficulty is in proving it though, because they can claim they came up with on their own unless there is actual proof of it.

My money was on fozzie, but also Foxfour was suspect until his departure.

Anonymous said...

Falcon and Fozzie are damn near the "faces" of Eve. (Seagull, too)

If they are doing anything, especially long term, it's with the tacit (Tacit: Understood without being stated)) approval of management, and to a lesser extent, shareholders, creditors, and even players.

Or not, judging by the graphs.

I'll say one thing about Mittens, he was 100% right talking about Valkyrie. "It's critical that CCP doesn't screw this up"

It got a 6/10 from PC gamer.

And as I understand, the woman who did the Voiceovers for it (And was SO Excitied to do so) didn't tweet about the launch once.

Unknown said...

Valkyrie has been launched? Oh... Oh... That is bad. The news didn't reach me and I usually get all the information about major game launches...

And I see that it has been launched end of March... RIP CCP!

VR headsets are not that widespread yet and being the best vr experience for VR hardware "so far" is not big praise...

Anonymous said...

Shall we go get Falcon to ask you back?

He only wants to buy you a drink, not marry you. If he can tolerate you asking for him to be fired, I'm sure you can tolerate him calling you names and trying to chat you up/offer you drinks.

You should come back of the Evil Ones will have no nemesis. Cos tbh nobody really pays them any attention anyway.

Anonymous said...

Since CCP is protecting their brand, Eve Online, and all its IP, when are they going to make a core image "Free Use" and "Paid Use" comment? I ask because there are blatant violations of Eve Online IP theft through, and eve Ebay

I am shocked that there is not a outcry about this also as this is blatant, even one person went so far as ask have the Eve Community significantly invest in a laptop computer (approximately 3k), pay their alimony (approximately 9k/GOFUNDME) and kept them on retainer for alliance propaganda, t-shirts and fan art(PATREON).

If CCP wants to keep their till full, they need to create a "Fair Use" and a "Paid Use" system to protect themselves, with anyone found in violation sued.

Anonymous said...

" Some dev made the citadel broker fee changes for IWI"

And yet the most powerful citadels in HS are nothing to do with IWI (and are really not that powerful), Lenny tried, and failed to take them out, so then he tried to buy people to trade in LS.

0% buy order fees are hardly an isk attraction for an organisation that makes 200b/day (unless your article was wrong)