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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Weekend minipost: this escalated quickly

Yesterday I posted a Black Desert Online moneymaking guide. It had only one reference to EVE:
BDO isn't WoW, it's economy is more like EVE: you don't get upgrades from killing big bad bosses, you get them from a crafting method called "enchanting" and for that you need materials that cost lot of money. If you have no money, you have no gear. If you have no gear, you will grind very slowly.
Not really something that would draw any attention from EVE players.

A reader linked it on r/blackdesertonline. Most comments are from r/eve people coming to troll, hate and of course downvote to oblivion. Highest post count: Lenny_Kravitz2. Why does he bother? Shouldn't he be happy that I'm not in EVE?

Think about his motivations for a minute!

It seems I don't even have to find a project, any random project will do as Lenny and his RMT crew will come after me and provide an antagonist.


Phelps said...

Playing Eve looks like about as good an idea as herpes. Both of them are impossible to get rid of once you've been there. Morons won't even leave you alone after you quit.

nightgerbil said...

Idk if the threads been cleaned up by moderaters, but the eve crowd and lenny don't seem to be trolling? the down votes are coming from the BDO guys who are claiming the title of the thread is fantasical and obvious click bait. Which to be fair it is(the title), but your not claiming a magical method to get millons in 30 mins, you wrote a set up guide that reads like eves PI.

anyway I don't see why you care one way or the other about reddit. What about mmo champion or dulfy? have you thought about sending your guides to dulfy?

Anonymous said...

Seems Lenny actually defended you

Gevlon said...

Of course he did, silly! He sent his minions to be "bad cops" so he can be "good cop". After all it's normal that you go to a thread of another game to defend someone who isn't your friend.

maxim said...

People on the thread seem to be saying that you can get more by farming in the same time it takes you to set up the economy.
"Meanwhile, after a week setting up 5+ level 15 alts and node management for couple thausands silver, there is the other guy who farmed his way to 50 in a day, farmed catfish or the like for another day or 2, and is now grinding manes and helms for couple millions/hour with +12/+14 weapon from the 40-45-50 levels gold bars and farming his dailies for boss scrolls and hunter seals for another incidental easy million or two a day, all of this while you are still afk waiting for those 10 potatoes to be ready."

Gevlon said...

@maxim: which is trivial, if you farm, you get money NOW, while this setup will provide continuously. I'm just surprised that they are unable to plan for more than a day.

maxim said...

How does your current income compare with the "is now grinding manes and helms for couple millions/hour" described?

Gevlon said...

I make 12-13M from workers for half an hour maintenance, another 10M from calpheon crates which is about 40 mins maintenance and another 15-20 from alchemy and cooking with 1-1.5 hours (and I plan to stop doing that as soon as I have a project)