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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Table of contents for lasting posts (and BDO update)

I finally started what I always promised but didn't want due to the size of the task: table of contents. I have over 2500 posts on my blog and most of them are full pages. Simply indexing them all with a script would provide a very long useless list. Instead I check every post I once marked as "idea" to verify if it still valid and worthy. I'm done with 2015 and 2013 and some 2016. For most 2016 I didn't do the marking at all, so to index them, I must read all posts. Previous posts are marked, but over 500 posts are, so I'm up to some serious reading to index them. I'll finish some time. I realized that there is no point for a separate page, so I merged it into the about page.

Enjoy finding old, but still worthy posts!

About Black Desert Online: I already know that I probably will never get close to the no life players at this point. Even if like some people say I can manage to get to full Tri in 1 month, the no lifers will be already with some + 19 which still gives a gigantic advantage over tri, at this point I really thinking of quitting the game (add to this the class balance, good luck catching those wizards/rangers with +19 grinding in Valencia if your are playing a different class).

Sorry, I've been reading too much /r/blackdesertonline and the crying and whining is overwhelming (the above paragraph is a quote, translated from M&S speak). Due to the non-toxicity of BDO community, the whiners feel safe to express their frustration as no one will ridicule them. I'm not for ridiculing them, but they must be informed that they are dead wrong about the chances of a latecomer with a job (I started on April 30, so those who started on day 1 played 2x more days). If I want to be modest and nice and understanding, I'd say I have no problem catching up with the "no lifers". But I'm not in a modest mood:

I'm aware that the ranking doesn't show offline players (why???), so I'm probably not #1. But I'm rich enough. And still 54, so not from grinding Sausans 10 hours a day. Guide will come on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Are you going to remove any old posts after the table of contents is finished?

Gevlon said...

No. The about page describes the tags posts can get:

The "Ideas" posts get to the table of contents. The rest are still on the blog, can be reached with their tags, but I don't really expect them anyone to want to seek them.

Anonymous said...

Can we get a link to Table of Contents on the permament pages link list?

Anonymous said...

Great! this makes navigating older posts much easier! thank you!

Samus said...

"I'm aware that the ranking doesn't show offline players (why???)"

So that every player with decent wealth will feel like a special flower when they log on. I thought you already learned this from WoW. The best way to attract casuals is to trick them into feeling skilled for fairly easy accomplishments.