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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Doing the same thing again and expecting different result is madness

I don't get it. Goons had absolutely no reason to request an article from me to Yet they did and accepted one about what I see as reasons for their defeat and how to fix their structure. They won nothing by publishing it. Let's face it, I'm not too popular among Goons, probably even less among redditors and associating with me will get you bad blood with Falcon (just ask Stunt Flores). So I couldn't imagine any other reason for the publication than genuine interest in how to fix what's horribly broken. I helped gladly.

Well, they clearly didn't listen. Not to me, not to anyone else. The recent "marching orders" can be summarised as "steady as she goes". Which is a strange decision considering their utter defeat. Every single item in that order was tried and failed:
  • Raising ADMs: I believed that Goons already learned that ADM is good for only one thing: deterring solo or small-gang trolls who entosis just to be an ass. It does absolutely nothing against an enemy that is able to commit a fleet until the elongated entosis timer is complete - and as the Sort Dragon keepstar proved, such enemies are aplenty.
  • Hard-to-hit doctrines like "Swords" worked like a charm during the war and brought victory to Goons and so will do again! Oh wait!
  • Corps Diplomatique will look out for allies! Which worked in 2012. In 2016 "diplomacy" means money. Lenny has it, you don't!
  • Attacking Pure Blind: because evicting MoA - if possible at all - will just make them return what they were doing for years: killing Goon ratters. Hint: evict someone who will just run to the other end of the galaxy like Darkness!
  • Absolutely nothing about fixing the problems: alliances ignoring their allies and rat while they burn, terrible attendance, poverty, non-existent small-gang PvP.
Finally the worst part: one more try on a gambling site. Jesus, you are dumb! Not only you legitimize IWI, but you have zero chance against it. Let me explain: IWI is an RMT front. Not just CCP Bugartist says so, but common sense: there is absolutely no point for IWI (and before that, Somer) to exist without RMT. Do you really think that Eep programmed that huge site as a form of self-expression?! Or the "bankers" sit on a channel and do transfers for hours because it's huge fun?! Let's be real: the "losers" on IWI are botters selling their ISK for $2-3/B and the winners are ISK buyers.

If the Goon casino attempts to not RMT, just be a honest casino, it will fail, simply because it won't have income. Without botters to sell their hundred billions, who will fill it with money? Joe Nobody with his 50M gamble? Even worse, IWI can always offer better odds for genuine gamblers, even can operate at loss for small-time gamblers. If Joe Nobody wins 100M/month on IWI consistently, it won't kill Lenny. It will definitely kill the Goon site.

If the Goon casino tries to RMT then not only it gets banned as Goons are no longer cool with Falcon (just look at the "no Sions" rule), but it won't have ISK to sell. As most botters now are working for IWI, if some of them would magically disappear from "losing" on IWI, all Lenny has to do is report them and get them banned. If he has the nerve (he has), he can flat out link the IWI logs proving that AlekseiBot was steadily selling 250B/month to IWI and he stopped, despite he is still running 64 Chimeras 23/7 in Esoteria and CCP should look at where he sends his money now. Even if Goons had enough influence left on CCP (they don't) to protect their botters from bans, Lenny can simply send some merc to evict the the botter from Esoteria and the botter can't go to Goon space as there is no such thing.

I was wrong assuming that it's simple corruption that Falcon protected Goons from the monument vandalism backslash, tried to destroy my anti-Goon project and "someone" is protecting IWI against Bugartist. These cases got enough publicity, so CCP higher ups surely know about them. If Falcon/someone just did them for a bribe, he'd be fired already. No, these actions happened because CCP as a whole decided that certain content creators are too valuable to be lost. Lenny made huge publicity to EVE, he wouldn't be touched if he'd sell "batteries" on stage in Fanfest. The only way to make CCP release the hand of Lenny if Goons offer an alternative: content creation without RMT. So starting a "casino" is probably the worst thing they can do now.

Aaand I'm done helping Goons. They are beyond help. Tomorrow back to BDO!


Anonymous said...

I always thought EVE was pretty cutting edge with its RMT, but did you see the recent Nosy article? MOBA skin gambling is a 7,400 million dollar a year business?

I just don't see how any MMO can allow gambling sites. How can they know whether Whale17 won due to RNG or a payment to/from another site.

Anonymous said...

"So I couldn't imagine any other reason for the publication than genuine interest in how to fix what's horribly broken. I helped gladly."

How many page views do you think they got from posting your article?

Controversial posters = hit "Oh god....Gevlon wrote for TMC...quick, come see it"

Gevlon said...

@Anon: if they want hits even from me, why didn't they request articles earlier? Actually, when TMC started (a year before GRR project), I offered them guest articles and they - politely - rejected.

Anonymous said...

You had not established a (box-of-frogs?) reputation to them at that point yet. Having articles from some random enemy goblin is different to having articles from That Goblin.

Doesn't mean they can be helped, though.

Anonymous said...

Evicting MoA might not be the best strategy but would let them claim that they lost some battles but won the war because they are back in their home. They have learnt some lessons about money-power and RMT lottery sites are the way to both easy ISK and monetisation. It might not work, but copying the winners is less stupid than ignoring everything and just carry on regardless.

Gevlon said...

@dobablo: evicting anyone else would have the same result with actual decrease of pressure, instead of increase.

Building their RMT site had been a good idea 2 years ago, now they have no chance to succeed and only help IWI being more accepted by CCP.

Anonymous said...

If you assume for a second that a gambling site is not going to be used for rmt, it's actually awful close to your donation board idea. A place you can go to give money to a cause/alliance as a way of supporting them. It then incentivises dumb people who think they can win it big so preys on the m+s.

Yes it's less efficient than a donation board (a percentage of the take has to go back to winnings) but it's probably more effective because of the chance of a win dragging people in for a chance to strike it lucky. (Incidentally this is how the national lottery works in my country. It pays money into charities and makes a killing out of dumb people who think they have a one in a million chance to be rich)

Anonymous said...

do you have any comments on this?

Smokeman said...

First Anon says:
"I just don't see how any MMO can allow gambling sites. How can they know whether Whale17 won due to RNG or a payment to/from another site."

That's just it, they can't. ALL unregulated gambling is virtually guaranteed to be crooked. It may not be crooked for the first week, or the first month, but eventually the people running it will be bought out by crooks or become crooks themselves.

All of them. Even things that might not look like gambling, like those penny auction sites (Where you buy bids that increase the "price" of the item by a penny.)Without brutal regulation, all of these things will eventually acquiesce to market forces and become crooked.

As such, any MMO that allows gambling with it's currency is begging for RMT and should be avoided like the plague.

Anonymous said...

"No, these actions happened because CCP as a whole decided that certain content creators are too valuable to be lost"

So, you will be sending an article to the gaming press about how CCP Seagull, and all CCP executive producers, management etc, are wilfully contributing to RMT and doing these things to their playerbase?

Gevlon said...

I guess they know it. But they don't want bad blood with ANY publisher. Valve was openly allowed RMT, providing steam marketplace for it and weren't eaten. While I feel that CCP lied to and scammed me, it's likely that I was naive and EVERYONE does what they do.

jedi2015 said...

Pure blind is the entry nullsec region to the North or better to the fade and deklein Regions. It's the Same reason saranen was chosen as lowsec system, by goons, because It's the lowsec entry to pure blind. It's also the reason moa were operating from pure blind. And as moa together with splitoff from moa, but still sharing comms, pure blind cartel Alliance have taken All sov in pureblind, that are the alliances goons need to take sov away from First. Will goons succeed. Will Be difficult for the. Nc. Has still a large presence in npc null pure blind system x-7O. Pl went East. Goons still doesnt seem to Be willing to use supercaps/titans. While the Whole North had pretty much reset each other goons and there allies are still very much hated.