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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rewriting history: Wilhelm, the genius

What makes me mad is if I don't understand something. If something don't go as I wanted but understand why, I simply do better next time. I was completely lost how the hell could Lenny claim credit for the fall of Goons. I was posting my plans years ago. I was paying for the top CFC killer for a year. Everyone knew that (and laughed on it as it was clearly impossible). And after everything I predicted came true, just as I wrote it ... a guy comes out of nowhere, claiming that he and alliances I haven't seen on the Goon killboard did it and everyone believes that it was him. This simply did not compute for me.

Then came a very unlikely genius and made it all clear: "My understanding is that the article will form the basis of a novelization of the war, to be funded via a Kickstarter, just to completely close the circle on events."

While it's obviously a parody, the parallel is perfect. The Fountain War Kickstarter was received with outrage because it was a shameless rewrite of history. It pictured Goons as great warriors who won in an epic battle against the odds, while the truth was well-known: TEST had no functioning leadership, barely any FCs and no reliable allies. I was there and we all gave our best and indeed put up a huge fight, but all was in vain and TEST was doomed to fail from the moment Booda unblued HBC. Goons merely jumped on the easy prey. Them being unable to mop TEST up in a week was rather a foreshadow of their current defeat than because TEST had a shot.

The reason people believe Lenny is that his story is much more "Kickstarter-worthy" than mine. In his narrative a hidden mastermind united various groups to stand together in an epic war against a terrible enemy. Everyone - from alliance leaders to line members - can see himself a hero in Lenny's story. He was there when the Evil Goons were finally slain. He has screenshots enthosising LAWN space. He has the combat log to prove that he was part of the pivotal battle of M-OEE8. Even if he was a line member, he mattered. If he was a leader, he was writing history: Gobbins, Vince, Grath, Progod are all heroes to be remembered still the server runs. Of course they happily play the roles of lieutenants for Lenny. If they did half the effort in destroying Goons, Goons would have lost the Fountain War.

The only problem is that Goons didn't even put up a fight. They moved to lowsec the minute they had a hunch that something is happening. They didn't even attempt to protect Vale. For M-O they brought mere 519 people, TEST had more for a moon timer. After M-O, they ran away and their combat activity was limited to interceptor trolling. Their allies - besides CO2 who left when realized that they are mere meatshield - were useless. Hell, "where is RAZOR" was a meme on r/eve. They tried to doublespeak their uselessness as "Fabian Strategy", but everyone laughed on it.

I have no chance to convince significant amount of people about the effects of GRR, because to believe me, one has to also believe the objective truth: Goons were just a bunch of ratters and miners who abandoned their allies and gave up Deklein without a fight. Therefore he - from line member to leader - wasn't an epic fighter, just a glorified ratter ganker... after years of whining how Goons already won EVE. The hate for MoA was exactly because MoA wasn't delusional: they were openly ratter gankers and because MoA fought while everyone else were whining.

Lenny isn't telling a true story only to replace my name with his. Lenny is telling a heroic epic worthy of a Kickstarter novel featuring you as a hero flying against the Big Evil Goons - financed by him. I'm telling a true story and claiming credit for a mere snowball. In this story, you are a simple bandwagoner who jumped on the snowball. No wonder which version people pick.

Of course it also means that I didn't kill them either, even if it was indeed my snowball. Since they were weak, it was only a matter of time before someone start a snowball. Hell, it could even be Lenny. If it was me, I was merely lucky and not Napoleon. My only real result (and no one questioned that) was my killboard analysis predicting and showing the weakness of Goons years before it happened. The only real result of MoA (and no one questioned that) was killing stupid amount of Goons as proof of their lack of PvP ability.

I rest my case. I now fully understand what happened. For you to see the truth only one thing is needed: to read your own posts made between Jan and March. Count how many times have you laughed on docking, SMA-abandoning, Asher-fitting, interceptor trolling Goons! Now ask the question: can anyone be a hero for defeating this crap?! Does kicking this crap really need a huge coalition with a mastermind behind it? Then you realize: you didn't take part in the Invasion of Okinava, but in the Invasion of Kiska. Sucks? Well, find comfort in the fact that I spent two years of proving it's possible, having everyone mocking me for it, and then Lenny taking credit when it turned out that I was right.

Finally: this incident only reinforces that EVE is beyond help without complete management shakeup. Lenny didn't do whatever he did to get fame or prove a point. Otherwise he had a long history of projects, successful and not. He jumped to the spotlight now to become the new Mittani: a monetizer/RMT-er who is too space-important to be banned. This is why he is paying all these opinion leaders to praise his name, this is why he is rewriting the mop-up of the Deklein ratting crap into the war of the century and above all: this is why he goes out of his way to erase me from history while he is giving out credit to every Tom, Dick and Harriett: those guys - like Bobmon - will protect him from Bugartist. I would never do that, even if he'd offer me all the credit and all his trillions. I was always fighting the dev-corrupting monetizers, therefore I'm a threat to him even when I left the game months ago. He does not need to worry now. As long as Falcon is working there, I'm not coming back.

PS: Lenny, IWI and the rest of the filthy RMTing scum shall pray every day that the tenure of Falcon will be long. Because if he is finally fired for lying to media and customers to protect criminals and running a cyberbully campaign against a customer, I might be back. And then I won't care who'll take credit for destroying the I Want ISK "business".


Wilhelm Arcturus said...

Out of the mouths of babes and fools...

Axel Stenmark said...

Begin Copy Pasta:

In 1860, an Italian named Antonio Meucci first demonstrated his working telephone, (though he called it the "teletrofono," mostly because Italians are wacky). Eleven years later, (still five years before Bell's phone came out), he filed a temporary patent on his invention. In 1874, Meucci failed to send in the $10 necessary to renew his patent, because he was sick and poor and Italian.

Two years after that, Bell registered his telephone patent. Meucci attempted to sue, of course, by retrieving the original sketches and plans he sent to a lab at Western Union, but these records, quite amazingly, disappeared. Where was Bell working at this time? Why, the very same Western Union lab where Meucci swore he sent his original sketches. Eventually, Meucci died penniless and faded away into obscurity.

:End Copy Pasta

History doesn't remember people who had an idea first. It remembers people who are successful, whether they achieved that success through moral or immoral means is moot. Lenny and Eep Eep will be remembered because they successfully bankrolled PvP groups to take down Imperium alliances. You and MOA are just a footnote. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that the whole point of the Winet stunt was to find enough elements to provide US C&R reasons to act against those unlicensed casinos (taking down CCP btw).

Since you seem to have a lot to say about this, what do you think : isn't this the next move ? Mittani prolly has access to whatever Winet got (this explaining why GS didn't let SMA down, since you were wondering about it)

Provi Miner said...

I look forward to the day you come back, I have at least two I told you so's read to go. the most neat thing is when you come back I guarantee you will only have to look to the east to find your next project the last major sov holding empires. Stain wagon. However bad they may appear to be they do fight even if badly.

Jim L said...

You will never understand why Lenny succeeded where you failed because you will never grasp the power of social behavior. It takes more than just a good idea. A good idea is just half the battle. That good idea needs to be placed in the hands of a person who knows how to communicate with others. Someone who can sell the idea and work with others to help it grow and become more.

For over a year you funded MOA as the top rated Goon killer, but you never made substantial progress into taking their SOV. Lenny came along and within weeks the Goon empire fell. Why could he do in weeks what you failed to do in over a year?

Gevlon said...

@Jim L: you are wrong in every point.

- Lenny came along weeks AFTER the Goon empire fell to take credit. No one even heard of him before.
- He don't even claim that his "social behavior" or "can sell the idea" played a part. According to his narrative, his 7T made it.
- MOA took CFC systems in August, when Lenny wasn't around even according to himself. Goons couldn't do shit, because every time they formed, they either got massacred or when they blobbed, they got no fight and MoA simply took another system. They had to blow their ultimate: Falcon.

His social skills help him in one thing: stealing credit. I admit that creating an alternative narrative where the "Fabian Defense" Goons were actually a terrible enemy, so everyone participating was a hero is a great move. Of course people jump on his train as he is offering them hero status and I can't.

However he still considered me enough of a threat to send EN24 after me after I was gone from EVE for more than a month with no signs of ever coming back.

Anonymous said...

I jumped into the war as soon as the shooting started. First with Spectre Fleet and then moved to Horde to get a recognizable banner on the field.

Your snowball theory makes makes much more sense to me than the article you referenced yesterday in Crossing Zebras. That article looks like a rationalization and after-construction. Plans are usually useless as soon as your enemy shows up. That all tactics, and a secret master plan, works out just as intended just never happens.

You seem to have some problems with Lenny for some reason. Being a F1 pusher in the war, his role seems overstated on reddit and in articles. I planned on losing a lot of ISK in the war. Killing goons was worth that. But in the end I did not. I don't think I have seen much of Lennys ISK unless our FCs or CEOs is getting payed. The difference is that goons didn't fight.

One comment though. You, like goons, focus too much on measurable things like killboard ISK ratios. There is a difference between efficient and effective.
I was a part of the cloaky camping of SMA. What I saw there was monkeys evacuating. I targeted a hauler from time to time. I don't think I got any killmails.
Now goons are cloaky camping. We slap on a point or some extra tank hoping to get a killmail.

If you don't get the intended reaction, you need to change tactics.

Maegrim said...

The difference is that you focused on paying MOA to kill ratters, killing ratters never cut into the muscle of goons or the cfc. Most ratters are random alts that are used to farm outside ops - the predation of MOA was not enough to individually prevent those alts from making enough money to continue being worthwhile.
Lenny arranged an assault of sov - and not random dropped systems or examples of failure to defend random backwater sysytems. If you had funded MC, reached out to entities such as PL and NC. you could have done this.
Ultimately you were on a crusade to prove you were right and everythign had to be framed in that context - no entity of qulaity is going to want to be your hireling. Lenny allowed those entities to create their plan and execute it using their expert knowledge of sov warfare - I can't see that you would have allowed that, you would have set your own metrics and goalposts and threatened to stop the funding if they didn't do as you said.

Gevlon said...

@Maegrim: MoA killing ratters is pointless. TISHU killing ratters (using the very same tactics and ships) is breaking SMA.
Taking systems in Tribute is "arranged assault of sov". Taking systems in Pure Blind is "random dropped systems".

If I had funded MC, PL and NC, I'd lose a bunch of money for nothing. They only did anything when Goons were on fire. Same for Voltron. The ones who moved in before others did (besides MoA and OOS) were TISHU, Culture, Project Mayhem. It's both funny and sad that Lenny is not just erasing me and MoA from history but also TISHU who - while performed worse than MoA - still hit SMA hard while everyone else were still whining "Goons won EVE"

Manserk said...

I don't know what somebody could do against IWI business, CCP obviously don't care about them or even support them. They don't have ingame asset or don't need any to run their scheme (obviously they have assets but nothing that could be targeted, like sov) And they generate massive amount of ISK from their gambling website

Gevlon said...

Their "gambling website" is merely an RMT clearing house. The "winners" are the RMT buyers, the "losers" are the farmers. This is what SMA spies proved. To take them down, you need to repeat what SMA did (if you can't do better than SMA then probably you should file for mental disability). What SMA didn't do is naming and shaming THE BUYERS. While CCP higher ups can reverse the bans of IWI RMT-ers, if the names, transaction dates and "battery buying" soundclouds of buyers is on Reddit, they cannot avoid negwalleting them. You just have to pull it once and the buyers lose trust and move to another sellers (not like there is a lack of options), while IWI gets paranoid about the spy and burn at least a dozen "innocent" bankers. I'm surprised Mittani didn't do that, but probably his spy network was in ruins due to years of negligence.

Rob Kaichin said...

I used to think you were someone who based their opinions on facts and reality: I often defended you on Reddit because of that.

It's a shame to see your critics proven so utterly right, and in such fashion.

Check these battles: M-0, D2- UQ9, Hakonen 1, 2 and 3, Taisy 1 and 2.

To see you parroting the nonsensical lines of your previous enemies to salve your wounded ego, well, is a disappointment.

(Considering that you were almost entirely un-involved in fighting, [Wilhelm's favourite line] it's understandable to see how you could fail to recognise the sides involved: The Imperium had 1,200 at M-0, not 520.)

Gevlon said...

@Rob: read before comment. GOONS were 520, the rest were their allies. The point was that Goons abandoned them to fend for themselves which they couldn't do. That's why CO2 flipped, because they were left to die as a meatshield.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon isn't telling a true story only to replace Marmites name with MOA. Gevlon is telling a heroic epic worthy of a Kickstarter novel featuring you as a hero flying against the Big Evil Goons - financed by him. I'm telling a true story and claiming credit for a mere snowball. In this story, you are a simple band wagoner who jumped on the snowball.

Tora Bushido - The Marmite Collective aka General Lemming - Darwins Lemmings

Snowball Experts

Gevlon said...

@Tora: I never skipped Marmites from any of my reports. My yesterday post also mentioned the POCO wars and the stupid amount of Goons killed in highsec. I'd also remind you that it wasn't me who stopped our cooperation in a fit of rage.

Anonymous said...

I didn't read the other posts. And if you had the vision to think bigger, like Lenny did (if you could afford it of course), you might have succeeded too. Marmites didnt want to work for free. Lenny understood that and paid the people well. Aka Ops Success.


Lenny Kravitz2 said...

I could write a long essay to counter pretty much everything you said but I don't really think it is necessary.

I will point out a few points though.

1). About 18 Trillion isk was spent on this war. Most in contracts but a lot was spent on assets, capital ship caches, and stuff like that.

2). I have no plans on writing a book or kickstarting anything. Actually, I plan on getting people from both sides to sit down and write up as accurate an account of the war from both side's perspective. This will be presented to CCP and the public so everyone can have easy, free access to it.

3). I hate RMT and those that do it. It ruins the game because it turns Eve Online (a game/hobby) into a job. I 100% am against RMT and if anyone in IWI is RMTing and I find out, they will be commissar'ed (yes that is a pun on you calling me the next Mittani).

Gevlon said...

@Lenny: you are amazing

1: the figure is just going up, up, up.
2: you have no plans writing a book, you just plan to ... write an "accurate account".
3: those bankers who were temp-banned after the SMA spying were RMTing. Source: CCP Bugartist himself. Please commissar them!

When I said "you are the newt Mittani" I meant to exaggerate. But in a day you made it literal. And I thought Wilhelm was also exaggerating.

Lenny Kravitz2 said...

Oh mercy....

1). If you are referring to what Sabre A said in an interview, that sum was thrown out there back in October as a "This is going to cost you a rediculous amount of isk". By my estimation, I paid roughly 18 Trillion isk from December to last Saturday (which is when the contracts have ended).

2). I plan on getting people together and incentivising them to write an accurate account. I won't even see the product until they publish it. I did this for the community, not for myself.

3). SMA never provided proof of their claims and it was later released that the temp bannings were not the result of SMA putting in a petition. The problem was that a big banker (who pays smaller bankers their wages) was RMTing and all of his payouts then became suspect. So everyone that got paid by him were under suspicion (which is 100% understandable). The bans were lifted when IWI sent our own logs to CCP which verified that the small bankers were not RMTing and the big banker WAS RMTing. That whole mess is one of the reasons why I am against RMTing. It is stupid, causes innocent people a lot of stress, and there is no reason to bring RL business into a video game.

On that subject, SMA did not spy on IWI. They hacked the IWI server (illegally) and made a lot of claims. On top of that they modified data on the server to pay themselves out. I personally wouldn't trust the authenticity of their evidence (which they never showed to the public at all), because they tampered with the data.

There is a lot more that I can talk about but again, I would be writing an essay if I were to do so. If you honestly want to more and want proof of what I did, hit me up on Skype (Gen Eve has my contact info). I don't mind talking to you about it bro. Most people know that I am an open book on this subject.

Anonymous said...

For someone who eschews all "social" values, Gevlon, you sure seem to be bothered that you're not getting the recognition from the masses that you think you deserve. Shouldn't you be content that "rational" beings recognize your contribution (to whatever extent is appropriate)?

Gevlon said...

@Anon: The post today is exactly about him not simply replacing my name with his, but also rewriting the story into something completely false epic Kickstarter Book

@Lenny: 1: I don't really care how much you paid for "content creators" to make you important enough to avoid bans.

2: The Mittani planned on getting people together and incentivising them to send their stories to Jeff Edwards. He won't even see the product until Jeff publishes it. He did this for the community, not for himself.

3: Keep parroting the IWI damage control line. Too bad that CCP Bugartist said (Reported by nozy) "the banning of the bankers involved an inadequate investigation, CCP Bugartist revealed that two members of his staff looked into the matter before any bans occurred. The head of security also revealed that the activities the twelve engaged in were serious and if he had his way, they would still be banned."

Talking on Skype was BEFORE you sent Seraph to write that smear post. BEFORE you ordered Melos Exelion to write the "the strategy of world war bee – part 1 – preparations" without even a nod to MoA and me.

NOW you want to talk because you see it can get ugly. You have no idea, RMT-ing scum!

Lenny Kravitz2 said...


1). Umm...what?

2). I think you completely miss the point of what Mittani did (get people to pay for the book to be written and then pay for it again to read it), and miss the point of what I am trying to do (get the community (CFC and MBC alike) to write what happened and give it to the community for free).

3). What I said was exactly what happened. Yeah if you look at the data from just the CCP side it looks incredibly suspicious and I would have reached the same conclusion as CCP Bugartist. However, when you add in the data from the IWI server, you get the full picture.

I don't think you understand my role in this (which I am sure you will try to come up with something in response to this comment). I never asked Seraph to write anything about you, nor did I know he was going to. I do not have ANY control over what Saraph writes. Melos Exelion decided to write the article on his own accord and I did answer any and all questions he asked me to the best of my ability. Outside of my responses, I had no idea what he was going to write.

I have given both you and MOA kudos for doing what you both have done. Your analysis on the damages done to the CFC during the war was amazing and it made me very happy with Vendetta Mercenary Group and Complaints Department. MOA is and will forever be known as a member of the MBC and the alliance that took the last Goon system. No one can take that away from them and they should be proud of that. Hell, you should be proud that you kept them going for as long as you did because that led to them eventually taking that last system.

The last time I asked someone to contact you, you told her to *&^% off (Ms. Swan in game) and that was months ago. I would like to talk to you because I think you don't have the entire picture and I would be more than happy to explain whatever you want me to. Doing so here is tedious and literally akin to writing a book, which I really do not want to do.

I hope that clarifies things a bit for you.

Gevlon said...

1: Even if everything you claim (in the Melos article) is true, you started your "big plan" after Goons were already a living dead. Their ridiculous losses to MoA, their complete inability to fight in highsec against Marmite YET attempting to control POCOs, their complete failure in Provi and the fact that MoA took several systems all by itself shown that Goons are a hollow shell, a bunch of ratters with no serious PvP ability. Even if everything Melos wrote is true, you merely trumpeted a bunch of people together to mop this shit up. Considering that you are a smart fellow, you probably knew it. You also probably knew it that random anybodies will finish Goons in 2016 for free. So you paid for only one thing: fame.

2: The community already paid you. Via RMT. The book serves as an advertisement to make you and IWI unbannable for it.

3: I believe Bugartist. But even if he is wrong, the fact that you could get him overruled by [I need one guess who] shows that you already corrupted CCP

Claiming that you never asked Seraph is laughable.
- His article was under a huge IWI banner
- The head editor of the site, Bobmon was intervening by his own words for your RMT-ers
- Seraph is a diplomat of an alliance that received "gorillons" from IWI/you

Considering Melos wrote a praise for you, it is just as believe that it's not dictated by you as RT praising Putin is a free piece.

I never seen that credit you mention. MOA had to demand for days to even be listed on the EN24 war map. It's great that you liked my damage reports, I just wonder where did you see them since "in all honesty, I had only read your blog a few times"

I don't remember Ms Swan, because I received way too many "gimme ISK, I kill goons but without any metrics or standards." She clearly didn't get above that level.

You would like to talk to me because someone with a 5K/day visit blog and nothing to lose can be dangerous to your plans to canonise yourself and your RMT site as a major content driver. Now you want to throw me peanuts to shut up. I might even accepted them before Seraph and Melos. Now I can only tell you what I allegedly told Ms Swan.

Lenny Kravitz2 said...

1). Goons became that way when they lost their good FC's in the fall. Sure they had a bunch of carebears but they also had good FC's that could round them up into an 1800 man fleet and stomp on a major threat. To Goons, MOA was not a major threat and if they had been able to kick MOA out of the area (which I am not sure they could have), they would have lost what little content they could get.

2). This comment doesn't even make any sense. The entire community certainly isn't RMTing (at least I hope not), and IWI has a tendancy to publically shame a banker for RMTing and we catch who it is. (Ironbank made a wonderful post about one that was trying to do just that).

3). I believe CCP Bugartist as well. It probably looked shady as hell and I don't blame him at all. But thankfully CCP has checks within their company that allows any player to escalate a ticket for review. IWI pushed up our logs and most of our bankers got a temp ban. The one big banker however did not so we believe he was the one RMTing.

About Sareph: IWI and Ironbank pay EN24 (which Seraph does not own), for ad space in the form of isk. So making that claim is kinda....out there bro.

Actually Reddit had them on there and I read the March, April, and May reports. Prior to that I only looked at your blog about 2-3 times.

As for Ms. Swan, she never asked you for isk because I wanted to talk to you first.

Honestly, I don't particularly care about how many people you get per day to your blog and I don't consider you dangerous at all. You voice your opinion and though you may not have all the facts, it is still a good contrast to what is out there. Also, IWI isn't my site. I work there sure but I don't have any say on how it is run.

Well, if you do end up changing your mind, hit me up. I am sure you would be surprised (in a good way) on how much work went into this war and I hope that you can take some comfort in the CFC being defunct now.

Gevlon said...

Of course the whole community don't RMT. But enough of them do to keep your filthy business afloat. It's just that Bugartist is after you, so you need enough community support to be unbannable.

Yes, CCP has "checks" to escalate over those who do security checks to those who have no clue how to read a log. That's called corruption.

If you aren't considering me dangerous, why are you wasting your time here? What the hell do you want if not talk me out of what I'm going to do anyway. I'm irrelevant. Go away and laugh like the rest of the Reddit clowns!

Lenny Kravitz2 said...

If CCP Bugartist finds someone in IWI that is legitimately RMTing, ban them. We will gladly hand over any information that he requests to help. It is monumentally bad for business and incredibly bad for the game for RMTing to happen.

CCP has checks so players (who pay a subscription) are not screwed over. If one CCP employee makes a mistake and their word is final, you have a bad situation for the game.

I don't feel like I am wasting my time here. I honestly believe that you actually care about the game and about what goes on in it. Because of that, I thought you should have additional information that I can provide. You may not like me or believe me and that is fine. But I still felt like you should still have it.

Gevlon said...

- He found a dozen of you and banned them. And was overruled by someone you could corrupt.
- You have no other "business" but RMT. Without it, the whole IWI site makes no sense (unless you claim it's a for fun project for everyone involved). You have no other ISK or $ income than the margin between farmer rate (those who "lose" trillions on your site) and buyers rate (those who win the same money)
- I doubt any of your bankers ever paid a subscription. Also, Bugartist clearly said that he still stands by his decision and no mistake was found. He was simply overruled for "political" reasons.
- There are awful lot of players who actually care about the game. Do you spend so much time with each of them? Or only me because you realized that someone yelling about your filthy business would might be less than beneficial and want to talk me out of it.

PS: I'm slow. I just realized that "talking on Skype" meant multi-dollar bribe offer. Get lost, while everyone has a price, mine is higher than what a lowly goldseller could pay.

Lenny Kravitz2 said...

What CCP Bugartist found was one RMTing big banker, who due to is actual role pays the smaller bankers their wages (in isk). They in turn send out winnings to the players. So it looks pretty terrible if you have the evidence that that one banker is RMTing. But when you look at the IWI logs, it shows the players putting in withdrawl orders and whichever banker is in queue send them the isk (from the bankers personal wallet, which is to prevent corp theft). Then you will see those bankers putting in wage request and a big banker claims those and pay them out (again from their personal wallet for the same reason).

The system is designed to protect the corp wallet which has trillions moving in and out of it every day.

The site owner and us bankers don't care who wins or who loses. In order to maintain a solid business we have to be completely impartial. So that means that there is no predetermined winner or loser. An example of this is one of our big bankers a couple years ago lost a few expensive raffles to randome people in what we call a hero ticket (which is when a person only buys 1 ticket and wins). He got very upset and rage gambled (and lost) 2 trillion isk in 3-4 days. He didn't get the isk back and he obviously didn't win. We tried to get him to stop but he wouldn't listen to us.

So...yeah, we don't give anyone preferential treatment.

IWI is for fun. Many of our banker drop our isk on various projects. Ironbank and bewzee support Care 4 Kids, I support various groups that bring newbies into the game (like Brave Newbies and Pandemic Horde) and others like Eve Scout. Others help out their alliances.

I don't know about the others but I pay subscriptions on all of my accounts. I have a really good job working as a contractor and don't see the need to plex them when I can keep making isk and helping out others.

I do talk to a lot of players that care about the game. I debate with them on Reddit all the time.

PS Response: I am not sure where you got that but seriously bro....why would I pay you RL money over a video game?? Also, I talk to everyone on Skype, even Gen Eve from MOA.

I am starting to think that you have no desire to have a real discussion, which is incredibly disappointing =(

Anonymous said...

As a PL line member I remember one thing Killah Bee told us over mumble, that MoA was grumbling that they fought goons for years but PL took all the good moons in Pure Blind for only a month of work. He laughed and asked them how many goon regions MoA folded over the years then asked them how many folded in the past month. He promptly told MoA to fuck off and be happy with what they got.

Its not about how long you've been fighting them its about the impact of your presence. There are so many memes cuz "PL will leave they must leave" and the coming "reconquista" once the "threat" i.e. PL is gone. Even when we showed up just to back Horde in Fade a bunch of goons started spamming "When PL comes we leave" in local chat. Its highly likely goons would have put up a better fight had the threat of the "PL Supers" that mittens keeps citing as a reason for not fighting was not there.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon, why do you try and push everyone away? You're pushing away the person who actually achieved exactly what you wanted, in the way you wanted it to be done.

A rich person uses their money to rally the barbarians and force evil out, and you come up with crazy conspiracies about why it didn't happen, doesn't count, or was done for ulterior motives.

What happened to the Gevlon that only cared about the objectives, the one that wasn't driven by emotion, but logic and achieving goals?

Gevlon said...

@Lenny: cool story bro, but it's NOT what Bugartist said. He didn't say "yes, they looked suspicious but then we received logs and I see now that they are innocent". He said, "they are guilty and banned and they would still be banned if I had my way".

The corp wallet has trillions moving in and out from WHAT? Joe Idiot gambling 1 hour of ratting away or Jane Retard finally winning a Hurricane? If you'd just gamble with the portion of the EVE playerbase who is stupid enough to do so, you'd have incomings and outgoings in the range of 10B a day. Trillions come only if we add mass botters "losing" a trillion a day (and get paid $2-3/billion for it) and hundreds of buyers "win" 10B a day (and pay $6-8 per billion). Without RMT, your whole site makes absolutely no sense.

Yes, cool story that someone who is capable of making 2T is dumb enough to "rage gamble". People sit on a channel and make payments coming in and out and NEVER EVER scam just for fun. Jesus, you listen to what you claim?

Why would you pay me RL money over a video game? Because that's what you do for a living: exchanging RL money over video game ISK.

You are starting to think the truth: I have no desire to have a real discussion with an RMT-er, especially after he sent a bunch of "journalists" to erase my work from history.

@Anon: strange, PL shown up in B-R and goons put up some fight. You took the money moons because you are stronger than MoA, not because you earned it. Which is fine in EVE of course and if I was Gen EVE I wouldn't even try to take those moons as they present a target.

@Last anon: it's not me starting the pushing. He ordered a bunch of "reports" that would make TMC look objective in order to completely erase everything I did, rewrite history from the objective "goons abandoned metrics and became weak" to "Goons were a strong empire but were took down with heroic effort".

Anonymous said...

I meant pushing people away, as in you're acting so abrasive that it will make people not want to associate with you in any way.

Nobody is erasing anything you did, it's just that you didn't do much, you gave a couple trillion to various, small terrorist groups that never would have had an impact on their own. It's like IRL (now I don't meant to associate anyone with real life terrorists, because they are so far removed that I probably shouldn't even make the analogy, but I will anyway...) where there were multiple terrorist groups have hundreds of cells operating in the Middle East, they did a lot of damage in their own countries, they mad a few attacks on western countries, but on the whole they didn't make a huge impact until now, when many more gathered under a single banner.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could flash forward a year and see if Gavlon is hiring mercs and waging a campaign against IWI like he did against goons because of this.