Greedy Goblin

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Minipost: This was fast

I'm happy to announce that I stay in BDO, though creating a project will be delayed by the return of nameplates.

One question: I set a buy order (Pre-Order Bid), but items still appear on the marketplace and I could actually camp-buy some, way under my pre-order bid. Shouldn't items instantly go to the highest bidder in mail and not appear on the market?


Trenjeska Schutte said...

So you did get the pearls back and dont have a ghillie anymore or did you even keep the item ?

Gevlon said...

Pearls are back and Ghillie is gone.

Smokeman said...

Is the 35% tax accounted for in your buy order? Perhaps the selected sale price has to be your bid minus the tax automatically removed at sales time to connect the two together.

So if you say "I'll buy X for 100" and someone says "I'll sell X for 80" you can't buy it because your 100 includes the tax on the sale, and 100 isn't enough.

seanas said...

lots of comments on the forums and on reddit that the pre-order system isn't working properly, if at all.

Either, like the Imperial trading system, it's undescribed and unclear how it works, or it's just bugged on launch.

Smokeman said...

Savage Punk explains it a few posts down. apparently, a "Pre-Order Bid" is not a buy order but a silent auction bid. When the item goes to RNG, it's sold to the highest bidder.

I expect the seller only gets the "Market price" and the rest of the silvers go to the great silver sink in the sky.

Manserk said...

Just wondering if you caught this, they added a way to convert money into silver (kind of like plex). Where you buy pearls, to get dyes, and then you can sell the dye on the market.

Kurtizzle said...

Gevlon, poke Kainizzle in game, I might be able to help you out with a project idea.

Family name is Izzle

Liam Patrick said...

Pre Orders are by Region, so take that in to account too. If you pre order in on region and it's listed in another you won't get it.

But the first few weeks it was out, it wasn't functioning properly but seems to work now.