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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Minipost: If the controls weren't bad already

So, I was grinding Elrics for level 53. Doing it wasn't slow, the whole level 53 grind took 5 hours, I'm sure that gaining level 98 in WoW took more time. It was just horribly repetitive, even with sound off and music in the background. Anyway, in my infinite boredom I watched the animations of the hits and realized that I'm not seeing the "bleeding" animation of "Ultimate: Sword of Judgement", just the usual dust effect of "Sword of Judgement". So I checked the skill again, but I was doing it right. You might ask how can someone cast a spell "wrong", but BDO has atrocious controls: you should cast the dozens of spells using only two mouse buttons, 3 function buttons and the 4 movement buttons by various stupid combinations. While you can put some (not all) spells to other keys, it's still the worst PC porting of console controls ever made.

Anyway, I still didn't see the spell and even worse, I've counted the swing animations and there were only the 3 swings of the normal spell and not 4 with the Ultimate. So this time I checked the spell guide video (because making guide videos is easier than decent controls):
This was the problem: the description said "backward movement button + right mouse button after final hit of Sword of Judgement", while the video clearly shown only right mouse button. I tried that and bang, there was the Ultimate that I believed to be using since I learned it, but actually didn't.

After that, the Elrics died significantly faster:

I really hope that sooner or later the devs realize that there are 101 buttons on the PC keyboard and patch this nonsense into "one button, one spell". Actually, there shouldn't be a button for Ultimate at the first place: it should be automatically arrive after the third hit. In the rare occasion of someone doesn't want to cast it, he can always just release the mouse button, like when someone doesn't want to cast the third hit.

I really like BDO, and recommend it to everyone despite the atrocious controls. But I'm not a mindless fanboy who makes up excuses for it either. It's horrible and needs to be fixed. And not just the description on the Ultimate spell.


Esteban said...

I hope you don't take it as a slight when I say that reading about your gameplay in BDO has led me firmly into the 'nope' camp on this game. Maybe it is some weird Uncanny Valley effect, but it actually seems more counter-intuitive and tedious than EVE at its most spreadsheet-y. And then there is stuff like these controls.

It has made me wonder, though, whether you have ever considered writing a post on the general strategy of currency acquisition when approaching any new game. Particularly under time pressure, that mother of sub-optimal decisions.

Anonymous said...

I am similar to Esteban: I just have no interest in BDO itself (those controls!)

But a discussion on how you approach a new game, how you find and analyse strategies, that sort of meta is interesting and relevant for me.

FYI, the WoWhead article powerleveling-90-100 is saying that with flying 90-100 takes about two hours.

Gevlon said...

@Esteban: my "general strategy" is written in every post. The one-line summary is "get money first, everything else can wait".

@Anon: you can't fly when you level first time, flying is rewarded for practically completing all outworld content.

Hanura H'arasch said...

Stupid controls, terrible tutorials and stripper armor are annoyances that I could live with, after all no game is perfect. However at the moment at least I've found nothing that would make BDO compelling to play (semi-)long term.

I mean the only meaningful endgame seems to be PVP based, but from what I've gathered so far it won't be anything like EVE alliances fighting for territory. Lacking meaningful death penalties as well I can only assume that BDO PVP will look much like WoW PVP, and we all know how well that works. Not to mention that if I wanted WoW PVP I could just play that and not have to deal with terrible controls, etc.

Am I missing something, or am I not giving BDO a fair chance?

PS: Almost all keyboard these days have at least 104 keys (US standard layout).

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon: Surely you could pay gold to someone with a 2-person flying mount to fly you around for two hours and assist in the speed leveling from 90-100.

Gevlon said...

@Hanura: no, you aren't missing anything. The game is missing the siege endgame implemented. We don't know how it'll look. This is why I didn't create a guild or announced a project. I hope, but I can't be sure.

The big difference between BDO and WoW is BDO gear upgrade is coming from economy. You can have a max-geared character on lvl 20.

Hanura H'arasch said...

"The big difference between BDO and WoW is BDO gear upgrade is coming from economy. You can have a max-geared character on lvl 20."

In how far is that difference significant though? You just replaced farming conquest points with crafting/trading/whatever. Arguably an improvement, but it matters little as long as you get to keep your equipment on death.

Gevlon said...

The question is that how big percentage of the playerbase reaches the gear level you can with trading. If everyone, than it's irrelevant. If only the top grinders, then being able to trade depends. Also, the consumables seem pretty strong and you lose them on consume.

But above all: you grossly overestimate "gear loss" in EVE. Most people flied cheap crap that can easily be called "consumables". We didn't see a single Goon capital ship in WWB.

Anonymous said...

I'm also playing a Valk. I'm getting blood with or without SOJ ultimate. I really can't tell if the extra hit gets autocast or not. but now that you mention it, the guide video shows an explicit right click at the end of the whole cast.

I don't like the combo system. It feels worse than a console port. and it wasn't made for console in the first place. So whoever thought this might be good hadn't their brightest day.

Anonymous said...

Tested SOJ ultimate, holding down S+RMB does the extra hit. I tried the specific RMB at the end of the chain. did it full animation and cancled with ultimate spear. it always consumes 88SP whatever I do .. and it also does the same dmg.

Gevlon said...

Are you sure it's an extra hit and not the first hit of the next SoJ series? If I hold both down, I'm keep getting SoJs until I'm out of SP

Anonymous said...

thought so too, I'm very sure. I didn't invest in ultimate SOJ and kept it that way for a week. until I got the spare skillpoints. I immediately noticed the dmg increase and just hold it down. also it didn't tick 3 times the SP but 4 times the last two rather quickly. And I didn't change anything I just kept holding S+RMB.
the guide videos are maybe old and reflect an older system where you had to manually cast the last hit. witch would be just ugly and stupid.
to bad char deletion takes 24h I don't have a spare low level valkyrie laying around. I'm very sure and can't see any difference between holding and forcing it with a specific RMB.