Greedy Goblin

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Black Desert Online, round 2.

As I've said, I've hated BDO first time. But I got awful lot of good advices (advantage of being high-traffic blogger) and now can start again. It's still not my favorite, but I can manage now.

I'll write detailed guides of what I've learned, so if there is a project after all, you can start the game much more smoothly than I did.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...


Drop me an email if you want further help. I play with two guys who played the game extensively on the Korean release so they could be all over the game when it launched.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I've been playing since we got stomped in SMA. It's a unique game, I had hoped you would pick it up.
Stay with it; I would love to hear insights, especially on the economy.

I have to say the 30% tax at the AH is hampering my cashflow atm.

Vincent said...

Thanks for not giving up on the first try ! Good luck with that game

Anonymous said...

hey greedy goblin, have you heard of a game in the works called "crossout"? its a vehicle combat game kind of like robocraft. i managed to get into the beta for free and golly its a mess, but its a mess you might find interesting. see, the devs are building their fast-paced car combat game around a market where players can buy and sell whatever weapons and car parts and crafting items they want with one another, with an ingame currency which also seems buyable for irl money. and that currency is also necessary to craft new parts, which is also necessary because your parts lose durability on a lost match. its still in beta though, so who knows if they'll change it, but this kind of market environment seems like the sort of thing you like to sink your teeth into. i dont think its really worth spending real money on, but maybe you could get a free beta key like i did

if you do get in, please bend this stupid market over your knee for me

Kurtizzle said...

What server did you set up on?

On the JORDINE Server there is a group of players in a guild called , they're all pretty much conquest pack players, so they got a head two week head start.

From the 'rumours' that I can gather they're regarded as an unbeatable group of hard core elitist players, most having been banned from the Russian servers for exploiting.

If you're on our server and you go to a world boss event you're happily able to whelp/zerg on the boss unless you come across a guild that you're at war with.....

UNLESS on your channel are there, then it I pretty much a GTFO agenda and they Player Kill anyone on sight.

The DAUM games had to patch an exploit on bosses, where you could shoot a boss with a hunting musket, used for gathering (it does no damage) and it would stun the bosses for a fraction of a second. Their combined numbers and exclusiveness meant they were the only people on the server killing bosses, abusing this method for sometime. It only got patched because it'll have reported on NA/EU by 'fair play' groups.

These guys fought hard to keep it secret and they'd kill the bosses on every channel and player kill anyone nearby to avoid detection.

If only player trading was possible, you'd be able to fund and elite PvP group to power up and perma war dec.

Anyways when the siege content comes, you can expect on Jordine that will own everything and form some out of game alliance with the only threats and use them as pets.

The following YouTube channels are quite useful:

Samus said...

I am glad you are sticking with it, but mostly because I think making significant money on the AH in BDO is a worthy project. With the 30% tax rate, price limits, and 30 max item listings, I think the general consensus is that playing the AH is literally impossible. If you can prove everyone wrong by doing so successfully, that would be a very significant achievement.

Kurtizzle said...

The Guild was called GRIND!

I used some arrow symbols and the html coding cut the word out :(

Anonymous said...

A game like BDO shows alot of potential. and yes with all the fail and rough corners these games need to grow onto someone. glad to see you not throwing it away on first glance.