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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Weekend minipost: why MBC can't last

Don't worry, I'm not considering returning, but I guess I play some EVE Offline until I find a new project (I have two in mind, you saw one of them yesterday). One rarely finds philosophical depth in reddit, but this one delivers:
There seems to be two MBC/reddit schools of thought at odds with each other, the group that wants to make EVE less boring (even if it means more telling people to kill themselves) and the group that wants to make GSF leadership answer for their perceived crimes (telling people to kill themselves)
The Mittani and Sion type Goons were the worst of both worlds: they kept the "edgy" Goon image while in actions they were cliche carebears.

Just as our philosopher said, the half of MBC were after them for the first thing, the other half for the second. As soon as Mittani and Sion are off the scene (a couple of weeks tops) and Goons break into "ratter" and "True Goon" factions, so will MBC: half of them will shoot the ratters (not just ex-Goons) and farm their tears, the other half will shoot those who farm tears. Which will mean that the two halves of MBC will shoot each other. Update: this will happen much faster than I thought.

That will be the true war of ideas. And both groups are native redditors.
The popcorn industry is not prepared.


Anonymous said...

You think mittens will quit in 2 weeks?

Gevlon said...

Quit for "full focus as reporter on TMC" or simply become irrelevant as everyone quit Goonswarm to join
- "True Goonswarm" under Darius or whoerver
- Rent ratting space somewhere

Maybe not 2 weeks but "a few weeks". The Mittani has nothing left to offer. He is (or has) no FCs to PvP and cannot metagame his people into PvE either. Staying under him equals docking in Saranen with no hope.

Anonymous said...

The MBC is not intended to last. No one expected it to become the "New Imperium", nor does anyone really want another static, no-all-out-war-in-null coalition to just replace the CFC. Lesson learned from the last several years of null boredom -> everyone *wants* war - this is what makes the game fun; and not the meta-gaming BS of Mittens, which turned null-sec into another high-sec for RMT bots.

So, once the "goals" of the MBC are met, more or less, the coalition will fall apart and everyone will go back to the alliance-vs-alliance days. Yay, daily PVP in null-sec again!

As for Mittens, the bankers will pay various mercs to keep his group of Goons pinned down indefinitely in their low-sec station (not much else you can really do in-game with trillions of ISK, after all, particularly if you are not interested in building your own alliance and holding sov - you should know this better than most). Mittens says he wants "hellwar" and the bankers can afford to give it to him, until he quits or the EVE servers finally are turned off. After a year or two of nothing but station camping, most of his Goons will get bored and leave.

The separatist Goons, or True Goons (as you call them), will probably be allowed to go out and seek sov again. Mittens. ofc, will still claim that they are "his" Goons, too.

Anonymous said...

" Mittens says he wants "hellwar" and the bankers can afford to give it to him"

You sure about that?

1T/week is pushing it, and even the bankers say they cant afford that for too long

LittleSNOOObie said...

@ Gevlon:

Totally besides the point of this discussion but I don't think its important eenough to send you an email.

Provi Miner said...

you read the reports right? MBC been shooting each other nearly constantly since it started. They just work together on ops when not on ops its shoot on sight.

Anonymous said...

@Anon1428 - "You sure about that?"

Absolutely. It is not going to cost 1T per week to keep Mittens' Goons bottled up.

The bankers won't need to pay anyone to keep the sov that was taken from the Goons; the new sov owners will protect their new gains. And, without access to the supercap fleets, now all trapped in logoff space, there isn't much the Goons can do to take it back. The upcoming Citadels and changes to supercaps will pretty much guarantee this. Swordfleets? Yeah,right.

Retreating the Goons to a single system was also a big mistake. It is much cheaper to keep a group, no matter how large, pinned in a single system, vs fighting across a broad front. Pipe bombs on the gates can pretty much put an end to any excursions in the small, cheap ships that the Goons have resorted to fly now.

Freighters won't be able to get into the system to resupply. So, once some smart market traders realize this, they can start pushing up the prices at the Goons' NPC stations to ridiculous new highs. It won't be too long before most of the rank-and-file Goons are broke. That will happen far sooner than the bankers running out of ISK.

True, the Goons will live on, in some form or another, but The Imperium is already dead - not because of the MBC, but because of Mittens' bad decisions. It won't be coming back.

Anonymous said...

Aaaand Darius indeed formed his own, true Goonswarm corp. Priceless.