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Friday, April 15, 2016

The long march to Deklein: too long endgame

We left the story with MoA starting to evict Imperium members 8 months ago, and me being sure that soon everyone and his mother will come to "twist the knife" in the famous but powerless Imperium. But this wasn't meant to be, because of the "metagaming" power of the Goons, their self-proclaimed source of power. It's not a buzzword, it is a politically correct term for corrupting leading players and developers to betray their group or EVE itself. The completely corrupted community manager of EVE, CCP Falcon leaped in and started to parrot the Goon propaganda that I'm mad and my blog is not worth reading:

He was careful not to provide any factual points for debate, just blanket slander and hate to protect his group from anyone pointing at the MoA conquest and shout "blood in the water". Goons celebrated: "CCP Falcon knocks Gevlon out". MoA members lost their faith in the campaign since their plan must be stupid if the Community Manager says so and went back to just killing Goons for fun.

Fortunately, the story didn't end here, because - as always if people don't give up - meritocracy wins over corruption. Instead of ragequitting or replying with empty insults (classified as "tears"), I started looking for material in the least expected place: the Goon propaganda site. Knowing that Goons are not shy celebrating their "metagaming" skills, I was sure that I'll find something damning for this corruption. Well, what I've found was beyond my wildest dreams. Sion, the second highest ranking Goon bragged that after Goons vandalized the EVE monument "to be edgy and act like us" and tried to frame it on me, Falcon covered this crime up, lying to journalists and the community, saving the criminals from justice and even letting them back to the game. This post was to brag about "look, we can do absolutely anything and get away with it". By doing so, he burned Falcon as their man and made whole CCP look bad.

Soon after this, Falcon ended his cyberbully campaign, noticing that he won't come out of it on top, but I kept looking for future acts of corruption. I didn't have to wait for long: Goons started a kickstarter project to bank $150000 using the intellectual property of CCP for free. The top cheerleader for the project - you guessed it - was CCP Falcon, appearing in streams and posts left and right. This time I was prepared and just before the launch of the project, I necromanced the old story of The Mittani rallying his troops to bully someone into suicide on stage. This not only got me record visitors, but Reddit - for the first time ever - upvoted something from me. The Goon propagandist who created the link as comedy had to delete his account to somehow get rid of it. In days voices on Reddit emerged against the book (Dertydan deserves lots of credit), a bit later they turned into a loud protest against this attempt to leech on the community. The rest is history, the Kickstarter failed without reaching 1/4 of the goal. I watched the final desperate attempt of Falcon to salvage the project with smug. After this fiasco, Falcon was effectively demoted by placing a new boss above him and in a misguided attempt to distance himself from his former buddies, he went on publicly insulting them and implementing "no Sions in CSM" rule, forgetting that anti-Goon bias is just as bad for a dev as pro-Goon. Pathetic.

Then in December, SMA robbed 300B from the IWantISK group. This is EVE. What's not usual is that the leader of IWI demanded the money back. Why did he do that? Didn't he know that demanding from scammers is "tears"?! Minerbumping is full of miners demanding reimbursement for lost ISK and everyone laughs. He probably knew it. But he also knew that he is stronger than SMA, because he has money for mercenaries and SMA has no PvP wing. Where did he get these I wonder? I mean "everyone knew" that the Imperium is invincible and money worth nothing in EVE. He went on hiring - no, not PL or NC. but - blops dropping, camping and roaming "NPC null trash". Didn't he know that such approach is mad as a box of frogs?!

Yes, Eep woke up one day and without any previous work on the field, figured out the perfect way to break the Imperium. This plan by coincidence was identical with my well publicized two years old plan: give money to high ISK ratio pirate groups to hit the line members until they run away or log off.

On contract from IWI, TISHU was "being irrelevant" in Fade "killing their dumbs" and "trimming the fat". They took SMA systems in Cloud Ring which were "not Imperium region, just content ring". Ratting plummeted, crying monkies filled the forums. While TISHU had less damage and less prominent system grabs than MoA had four months before, they were allowed to celebrate and publicize their victories. The "metagaming power" of Goons, CCP Falcon was already beaten. TISHU victory reports didn't get "dev roast" tags, so they could keep on inspiring people to join them. One by one they arrived, just as I hoped in August. Since everyone hated the Imperium and everyone loved easy kills, soon everyone and his mother were killing Goons and their minions.

So the goal I set four years ago were met: now everyone in EVE accepts that "money = power" and "high stats groups are the useful ones, not the ones with lots of friends or media coverage". Am I happy? Of course I am.

Am I also bitter and "salty"? Yes I am. No, not to IWI and TISHU, I'm grateful to them for proving my point. But I'm not a perfect rational who needs nothing but his ideas to complete. I have enough competitive in me to wish this victory to be mine. My money, my group. Goons should have fallen in September after the MoA push, people should celebrate MoA and post silly Godfather images about me and not TISHU and IWI. But this was taken from us by the corrupted Falcon. Some other corrupted devs killed the sandbox with New Jita, so I won't even have another chance to bring a new project to victory (you neither). So in the previous days I've liquidated all my assets, and yesterday I sent them all away:

Goodbye EVE! It was fun until Falcon and interesting until New Jita.


Anonymous said...

I understand why you gave some of your money to the MoA executor corp and Chribba, but what's the connection with MLP industries?

Anonymous said...

'So the goal I set four years ago were met: now everyone in EVE accepts that "money = power" and "high stats groups are the useful ones, not the ones with lots of friends or media coverage". Am I happy? Of course I am.'

This won't last though. Socials will never accept that "money = power" because that kind of thinking would force them to face reality, which would make them unhappy. And the overarching goal of every Social is to be happy, at any cost.

Good read either way. Hope you'll find another MMORPG to Greed soon.

EveHermit said...

Goodbye and thank you for all the content. I think the game has been better for it.

Zax said...

"He was careful not to provide any factual points for debate, just blanket slander and hate to protect his group from anyone pointing at the MoA conquest "

Only you Gevlon could read "I like Gevlon, I think he provides a super interesting viewpoint, I would like to buy him a beer, The content he creates is fantastic, and I think he is as mad as a box of frogs" to be blanket slander and hate.

Anyone else would have put "CCP Falcon Approved, mad as a box of frogs" on their blog header.

Levon said...

Hi gevlon, I'm a long time reader of your blog. I started reading your blog when i first started in eve back in 2014 and your ISK tips and guide has helped me immensely in my eve career. I'm sad to see you go and I wished you would reconsider leaving eve. That said, I wish you all the best!

Parthannun Solette said...

Bye bye dont know you that much personally but always sad to loose an eve player. Good luck have fun

RedHand said...

You don't sound that happy that Eep was more successful at something you tried to do for years...

Perhaps you needed to throw more isk at it.

Regardless, good luck in your future ventures Gevlon, I'll miss the good laughs at your odd view of eve.

Provi Miner said...

you don't get it you just miss the whole point of people, I am not talking about burn jita, I am talking the summer of rage with players with no real tie binding held grid for days as they melted jita IV. you should stick around and what happens when new jita hits grid I gurantee it will be the same thing only this time the structure is destructible by design not by mistake, and there is no entity powerful enough to hold grid against player rage in the game. That super expensive toy that's only 25% tougher, but costs 4 times more will be dust as fast as the timers hit. You really should have stuck around. your economy thinking is wrong, inflation will fill the gap over the new tax's people (traders buyers sellers) with exceptions typically choose safety over slightly larger profits. Its when share holders of a corp vote that safty tends to be ignored. I work for a company that is family owned the choose on purpose to err on the side of caution so that they don't have to worry about disruptions by others (in this case the IRS) in eve sense this would be a marketer who chooses to trade at jita IV instead of new jita cause he likes to know his supply is safe and accessible.

Anonymous said...

> "money = power"
Was never in question. Please don't be intellectually dishonest by claiming that it was

> and "high stats groups are the useful ones, not the ones with lots of friends or media coverage".

Still unproven, and whilst potentially true right now, for the vast majority of the lifespan of the game it has been demonstrably false. Eve is littered with the corpses of "high stats groups" being rolled through and obliterated by "best ship friendship" groups.

Anonymous said...

so what project are you going to work on now gevlon?

Anonymous said...

o7 Gevlon

Anonymous said...

I've never talked to you. But I support you. You don't know me but you inspired me, I wish you could and would stay. Fly safely my friend, keep your head up.

Anonymous said...


to the man who believed in the impossible and ended up being right

Unknown said...

That's a shame mate. I'll miss your blogs. I'm not sure why your salty about recognition. Plenty of us know what you did and it's impact. The data doesn't lie. Take solace in the fact that you impacted this game far more than thousands of others.

Stabs said...

Best wishes my friend, it's been a delight reading your thoughts!

Absence of Substance said...

So long and thanks for the fish!

For the life of me I could never figure out whether you were just trolling, roll playing or really serious.

Respect for churning out daily entertainment whichever way that swings - blogging is hard and to keep up that volume for that long is awesome.

a fan of yours said...

Wow, just wow .... i have been following you for 1,5 year now and joined eve to be a trader; thanks to your guides it worked out and i now plex my account;

i recently joined MOA to take part in the war and learn how to pvp now that i know trading;

Depending on my trading success after citadels I may be able to donate ISK to them;
Its so sad to see you leave, but i understand your point;

Anyway i will read anything you write about; just keep something going on;

fly save :-)

T'amber said...

Thank you for your contributions to the game and my entertainment, you shall be missed.

Unknown said...

Sorry to see you go. I was going to challenge you to start new jita but you've quit to soon. :(

Anonymous said...

A little early isn't it? We're not even done burning deklein and goon swarm has gained 1255 members from the whole ordeal.

Once we leave their space they're going to take it back.

Gevlon said... is the executor of Out of Sight, the second highest Goon killer of 2015.

It doesn't matter what socials wish to accept. The decision makers accept it, so will constantly seek money and use their money, creating constant demonstrations.

@Zax: because everyone else care about page hits and there is no such thing as bad publicity. I wanted to deliver a message and Falcon said "Gevlon is funny to read but his message is crazy" which is exactly what Goons said and the most hostile thing you can say to me.

@RedHand: I thrown more ISK on it over the years than Eep. He simply arrived in a good moment when the method was already perfected and Falcon was already taken out. If he'd do the same in June 2015, nothing would have happened.

@Provi miner: except most PvP players will belong to the cartel owning it. Random player rage can't do anything against PL/NC./TEST/(maybe SOLAR/XIX/Snuff).

@next anon: strange, the first anon claims that "money = power" will still not be accepted. Could you name any "high stat groups" defeated by "best ship group". Don't say BoB vs Goons, BoB never shown any stats, they declared themselves elite without giving proof or holding members to standards.

@Grinnz marius: I just wish other people knew that too.

@Trowa: and if I succeed then what? Then I'm the God of a horribly broken game. Whoever owns New Jita is unbeatable.

@Last Anon: sure they will take back some space. Just like TEST did in Wicked Creek. They will linger on, without power or relevance. "Just another bunch of ratters". Hell, they'll may even have to pay rent for NIPs to neighbors.

Vincent said...

What MMo did you look at ?

Anonymous said...

I think that you had a tremendous impact on the game, and you really will be missed. So long and off to new adventures!

Barrogh said...

I will never understand your problem with Palatine. It's hilariously expensive XL citadel that offers nothing of substance over Keepstar. If you want "unassailable" "New Jita", you will be soooo much better with deploying Keepstar and spending the rest of trillions on proper defences (ships and people to look after it).

Paying what is it, 200 trillions extra for 1 shitty launcher that can't even match an output of a single ship is ridiculously bad idea.

Palatine is *not* something you should be freaking over.

maxim said...


Don't fell bad, Goblin. The way i see it, Eep is simply the Alexander of Macedonia to your Aristoteles. A highly successful slave to your ideas.

I'll definitely remember your time in Eve and make sure every game designer i come across reads at least these final writeups of yours.

Looking forward to where you'll go next

P.S: just had a crazy though. If you wanted to kickstart a book based on these writeups, i wonder how many ppl would support you :)

Gevlon said...

@Barrogh: it won't be a Palatine for its stats, but because they can. The damn thing will pay for itself in 8 months. Also for the advertisement value, to make sure that everyone trades there.

@Maxim: nobody would pay for something they can read for free here.

Anonymous said...

Damn, an end of an era. Many of us will know about your achievements, and I think your name will be echoed throughout EVE history amongst the greatest players. The amount of shit you took from Goons, CCP, Reddit did not disencourage you, which is in an of itself is amazing. You knew you were right, and you proved it through years of work.

You mentioned 2 other projects, before they announced Citadels. Can we expect a post about them?

Your blog is one of the blogs I have bookmarked and open first thing in the morning to read your new post. I am also really interested in your not EVE related posts. Maybe you could write some "Ideas" posts, or document your quest to search for another worthy MMO or any other game.

Amarr-Zon said...

I am also not happy seeing you leaving EVE.

"@Maxim: nobody would pay for something they can read for free here."
No. I would pay for such a book, especially with later insight and comments.

maxim said...

I can read most everything for free nowadays. There are other reasons to have a set of ideas in a physical form on a shelf, though. Not all of them social, even :)

Tithian said...

It was a pleasure reading your posts about EVE, now onwards to new projects!

Anonymous said...

I've Always enjoyed reading your blogs.
You took effort to look at numbers and facts to come to your conclussions.
You weren't afraid to go head first against the normal train of thought (and general repetition)
I'm sure it's given plenty of people another insight into situations, other than the usual loud voices want us to see.

I hope you remain critical and unique in your life.

A Merc said...

Its been at the very least entertaining you being around Gelvon.

GL in your next MMO o7

Raziel Walker said...

Thanks for all the stories and advice you gave us over the years. You leaving is a loss for the game and community.

Anonymous said...

Do you have an estimate how much ISK you made playing EVE? You pretty much only spent on donations so adding all those might give a rough estimate.

Anonymous said...

I found out about your blog in late 2013 (I think) after you passed through the system I was mining in. I ended up going back to your very first post and reading every single one straight through. Made for good reading on my tablet in bed at night. You've made me reconsider a lot about my life, mainly with regards to handling money and not caring about how others view me (i.e. not giving a shit about keeping up with the Joneses). Thanks Gevlon.

One thing I'd like to request though: Could you possibly post more about what you do in real life to be wealthy? From your older posts it seems like you're some kind of fluid engineer who just saved like crazy and didn't waste money. I'd like to know if that was just it or if there was more to it. It's interesting to see you succeed in WoW/EvE but I think it would be more interesting to see how you did it in real life.

Sarah Waldock said...

Thank you for many entertaing reads, good luck o7

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog Gevlon!
Btw I never had an opinion about Falcon but since he mobbed you I dislike him.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your Blog Gevlon. It is sad to see you leave, but sadder understanding the reasons for why you are leaving. You are a man of principle.
Looking forward to whatever you blog about next.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for many entertaining reads and let us know what you play next!

Lorelei Ierendi said...

I hope that you will keep on blogging wherever you land!

Did you follow the discussions about Citadels on tweetfleet? Seems that they might not be so optimal for New Jita as it first appeared...

Peter said...

Greetings, Gevlon!

Many people said thanks above me for many things, mostly for the good reads and interesting ideas. My 'thank you' is more personal. Once you wrote a post about one of my comments:

Some time had to pass until I realised how stupid I was and how true your words were in your post. Since then I've been trying to change, my attitude, my view on life. I know I'm on the right track now, and this is largely due to your blog.

Anonymous said...

@Zax It was a backhanded compliment by CCP Falcon, kind of like saying "I like you, you're pretty cool for a faggot bitch"

Husker417 said...

Will you come back if CCP scraps the New Jita citadel? Either way, I've really enjoyed your posts they've provided a lot of insights and made me some ISK too. Thanks for everything and hope to see you around.

jkmack said...

I just found this blog thru the nosey gamer's site, a few days ago, and have read everything i could on it. It is an amazing blog, not only in regards to eve, but to how the real world is ordered as well. The things you discuss in your articles regarding meritocracy vs social-ism, is a fact. It is the classic battle of the austrian school of economics vs what keynesian economics has been warped into, which is just using Keynes' credibility to implement a socialist centrally controlled economy over a capitalist de-centralized existing model.

While I cant miss you from the game, because i was not directly aware of you, i sure regret the fact that I am late to the party.

Anonymous said...

You inspired me to become a station trader

Bob said...

Too bad you are leaving. This blog is excellent reading because of your data analysis skills. Facts versus opinions. Would you consider making your methods and your code public?

Also, I have to see whether New Jita will work out as you think. If it does indeed become the new hub, New Jita is pretty much guaranteed to cause some massive disruption sometime when some guy does something very stupid. Or someone makes global headlines with some sort of super betrayal. And we all know such a thing WILL happen some day.

Anonymous said...

If your decision to quit is for real, it makes me feel sad. I enjoyed what you wrote. Most of the time, I started with your blog, and then turned to TMC thinking : "ah-haah... how are they going to spin this one?".
I respect your dedication to a cause. You could have walked away with a shrug: it's a "game" after all. Just pixels on a screen. But yet it's something more, and you know that.
Anyway... farewell, and good luck.

mbp said...

Gevlon - have you spotted the thread about you on Reddit. Quite a few complimentary comments in there. I think you can leave the game with your head held high.

Anonymous said...

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog about EVE along the years. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Gevlon - sorry to see you leave the game - you can in and played it your way and for that you get my respect. Maybe one day you'll back reinvigorated to do what you've done now only better or different. Until then fly safe o7

Luobote Kong said...

Eve might not thank you but people will. Best wishes on whatever you choose to embark on next. o7

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed your blog over the years. It will be sad not to read it each day. I wish you happiness and success in any new venture.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gevlon, thank you for the wonderful blogging during all the years. I have never played EVE and still enjoyed every post a lot. I will definitely keep reading, no matter which topic your blog will be about. I hope that you will find some nice fresh challenges to blog about soon!

Anonymous said...

I quit EvE a long time ago, but I kept reading your blog. Usually the first thing I did on my morning internet schedule. I did not share many of your views, but I did root for you :)

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I'll be the first to admit I didn't always (Ok, "rarely" is probably a better choice of word here) agree with your viewpoints or ideas. However, your articles were always very well-written and certainly gave interesting perspectives on whatever topics you chose to cover. I'm personally sad to see you leave New Eden and hope you all the best in your next adventures.


Kurtizzle GarraChina said...

Long time reader, from back in your wow days.

Congratulations undermining the CFC and their social elitism. They truly were self proclaimed giants, perceived as invincible, oh how the cookie crumbles.

Enjoy your retirement.

May I ask one thing.

Will you as an outside entity continue to publish unbiased stat, so that we all might know where the true skill and power lies, not in the numbers, but in the data and the merit.



Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for years. Your insight, tips, tricks, etc. lent a great deal to the enjoyment I got out of playing Eve. I must say, I'm a bit saddened you've decided to leave. I wish you the best in your next endeavor.

Energybomb said...

Huh, that funny.

I just got into EVE, 2ish years after you did. We know each other from the WoW days and I was hopping to meet you in game. I actually checked this blog again after a long time with that in mind.In case you don't remember, I am Energybomb, the gnome mage from your PvP WoW guild.

Well, it's a shame you are quitting indeed. If you want to get in touch, feel free to PM me on reddit. I am /u/Arathian there.

Valorfist said...

Even if in the beginning you seemed very out of touch with the motivations of eve players, I started to support many of you ideas. Chiefly regarding Mitler and de-inflated KBs.
PS. Stay a while...

Anonymous said...

Cya boss. I made a new account waiting on a ticket if CCP will allow it

-Stunt Flores

Leighgionaire said...

Sorry to see u leaving the game Gev, hope you change your mind and come back soon.

Also a big thanks for all the financial and moral support you have given MOA during your GRRR Goons campaign.

Unknown said...

This is sad news.

I had "joined" goon with my main, Gris X, when our corp got accepted in CO2 after Insidious Empire collapsed, shortly after the crappy influence of TEST started percolating, so I was not really there by my own choice (I had voted for a different option internally), it was just because of the hazards of space politics.

I became a solo player after leaving the CFC once the botl0rds accords were announced. I believed at the time that Rubicon, with the ESS and siphons, was going to change things allowing smaller entities to affect passive incomes of larger groups with in-game activity. The ESS deployment in anomalies, and the API ratting the siphons out both made sure to keep the advantages of the larger groups intact.

This in turn triggered me to pay attention to the community, which I never really did before, and I started going on Eve-O forums with my alt Saisin to try to discuss changes that were detrimental to the smaller groups, only to be easily out-voiced by those with interests to protect, under the guises of non identifiable alts.

During that time, I discovered your blog (My first read was ) and your positions about goons, as well as the fact that there *were* independent players out there. Your blog is what inspired me to create Borat Guereen to run for CSM for the solo and independent players.

I follow your blog regularly, and even if I disagree with some of your opinions, some of them a bit abrupt to my taste, your voice is a valuable part of the community.
Your data set analysis for kills, because they are de-whored, is the best indicator of the game's groups true strength, miles above regular killboards.

Thanks for all you have done for Eve. Your insights and expertise will be missed.

Anonymous said...


Fly safe, and thank you for your support, as always we will do what e can and what is right.


Anonymous said...

Fly safe Gevlon Goblin.
The longtime solo / smallgang Goon hunters salute you: o7

Anonymous said...

Hey Gevlon, do you not have another game you're interested in playing/blogging about? Are you just gonna take a break from gaming and blogging for a while? Let us know dude, some of us have been reading your blog for a long time. Anyway, I hope all is well with you.

Unknown said...


sad to see you go. I always greatly enjoyed reading your ideas, even when you were initially flailing to come to terms with game mechanics.

Without you, I probably would not have started playing this silly game of internet spaceships in the first place.

Best of luck in whatever venture you end up going after next!


DJ Thoris said...

"His Name Was Gevlon Goblin"

Anonymous said...

It is a shame you are leaving. Eve Online needs more folk like you, not fewer.

Anonymous said...

I'd burned out of WoW before you started playing, and I'd burned out of EVE before you started playing.

But I enjoyed reading your site about both games these many years.

Here's hoping your next game is something I haven't tried yet, so I can play it at the same time you are.

Anonymous said...

I was a Darwin Lemming and loved fighting for you and against the Goons. Seeing them failscade is beyond words for awesome. Popping popcorn each night and seeing the Goons and their allies fall into the dust bin of history is glorious! You are a true hero, a champion, a prophet, and a phoenix. Live on into the glory of immortality, especially knowing you have crushed your enemies on your own terms in your own way.

Anonymous said...

Have to say, I am sad to see you go gevlon.
I've been checking back here a lot since the war started and I hope that while you may be done with the game you will take the time to do a well deserved victory lap when the CFC finally breaks.
or mittens finally snaps.

Regardless of what people say this was your war, you were here first, and the smoke and ashes wont smell as sweet without you laughing in the background.

Anonymous said...

I had fun in the GRR! project, undock camping Jita. Good luck with your next endeavor.

Greymeister said...

Your insights in this game have been greatly appreciated. I hope you are wrong about Citadels but unfortunately for those of us still playing you usually are proven right.

Kurtizzle GarraChina said...

I feel your pain in a sense, I'm trying to find a metaphor to put it in to perspective.

The only thing I can come up with, is the idea of being the top Russian scientist working on the space projects during the race to the moon.

You funded a crack team and dedicated years of your life problem solving, on a journey of disappointment and discovery to find a way to defeat a giant. In the metaphor to land a rocket on the moon, all the world would have told you, you're mad it can't be done, it's impossible.

Until one day you wake up, and there on TV is people on the moon but they're not Russian, they are American.

We wont say they stole your ideas, we wont say that your ideas by proxy might not have affected them, we wont say that your published scientific discoveries might not have made their task any more difficult.

What we will say is, you was proved right, money equals power in game just as much as it does in real life. Money can't solve everything, you can only buy skilled workers to do skilled work, if there isn't a skilled population, you can not employ them.

So my rather bad metaphor end with this.

To take the SOV away from goons does not require skilled workers, the entosis is not elite PvP.

Catching Titans deep in contested territory is one form of elite PvP, it requires a skilled GROUP, not a skilled individual. Many people believe elite PvP is one vs one, but yet it is a very rare seen form, almost exclusive to streamers and youtube. Lol frig fights is not elite PvP, their is no real loss in failure.

Your trust in MoA and Meritocracy as whole has been very educational within EVE to a lot of players.

There are some things you need skilled players for and there are some things you need a massive blob of F1 pushing monkeys for and this is why I think you do not see groups like PL holding vast regions of space in Null.

You can earn more personal isk station trading, running faction mining missions across multiple accounts than you can acquire holding huge regions of space and taxing ratters PER alliance line member.

Groups like PL survive in this game in a very similar way to how you advertise one might live in their personal life. They have reduced expenditure by not holding huge amounts of SOV that they don't need. This reduction in outgoings make them rich, based on their own perceived acceptable life style, not with that of the joneses of course.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is. It sucks so hard that the fall of Goons wont be at your hand but please note that the community acknowledges that you've played a large part in undermining this empire, exposing their weaknesses and also to demonstrate that their loyalties in the CFC leadership lie with the and not in fact the empire it has created in game. They let their slaves burn, while they evacuated their assets to lowsec, the cowards (aimed at average line members sat ratting, sub leadership tried to fleet).

If you have any say left in game with MoA and other groups, you should have every tower under the flag of CFC in null or lowsec burnt to the ground.

They boast about their suppers...they always use this as a tool to enforce their will of 'you cant do anything against the evil goons'

Supers can not be docked, burn all the towers I say, let them never safely log on with a cap pilot.

Perhaps call it - Operation not so safe log!?

Anonymous said...

I haven't played the game for over two years, and yet I still read your blog every week. Thanks for a great read week in and week out.

Anonymous said...

New Eden will miss you, üdvözlet szomszéd! o7

Druur Monakh said...

Regarding Zax's comment ("Only you Gevlon could read "I like Gevlon, I think he provides a super interesting viewpoint, I would like to buy him a beer, The content he creates is fantastic, and I think he is as mad as a box of frogs" to be blanket slander and hate.") - I agree with Zax: coming from a Brit, the phrase of 'buying a beer' does connote respect, even (or especially) if you don't agree on the subject matter as such.

Cross-cultural awareness, echo-chamber avoidance, and all that.

Gevlon said...

@Druur Monakh: It's in his third big post (there were many one-liner jabs which I didn't care to catalog), more than a month after than the first. He probably noticed that I won't just go silent as bully victims do. So he - while keeping his original statement that I'm a worthless madman - offered the social status of "fantastic clown we all love" to finally let this thing go away because it started to become unpleasant for him. What he actually offers here is that I can become from "you, nigger" to "my nigga dawg".

There was no "disagreement on the subject" as he offered no argument on anything. All his prior communication was about me being a worthless joke.

But above all: his intentions are completely irrelevant. Most bullies don't look at themselves as bad people but as cheerful guys "having some fun". Just like most rapists just consider their actions "surprise sex".

Anonymous said...

Sadly, there is no other game even close to EvE on the market. So as a rational person I hope that you will reconsider your position at some point in the future - CCP Falcon will not be there forever and New Jita may never be built (for instance CCP may change the rules once more).

I think your ideas were crazy but the logic in your market operations are validated by all the ISK you gained and I can't argue with that. EvE will be a poorer (a bit of pun) game without you so - keep safe and hope to see you online.

Jafaar Amarr said...

I think its pretty messed up how everyone, so casually, calls your ideas crazy. Optimistic would be a better word, but when a CCP says it then it has to be true. People need some damn manners.

I just stumbled on this blog after you stopped playing eve but really wish I'd seen it sooner. There is just a bittersweet feeling making ISK now when Citadels are in play. Hopefully they patch "New Jita" because that is just depressing.

Hope you keep writing, good luck in the future.