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Thursday, April 14, 2016

The long march to Deklein: Angels

So there I was in crazy Kardashian land where only visibility and upvotes mattered. From the data it was clear that the Goons and their minions are weak, they barely have PvP-ers, they are completely unable to fight without blobbing and they don't have much money for PvP purposes. But they kept yelling "we are an unstoppable empire" and people believed them, since if it's on the internet, it must be true. No matter who I've shown the numerical results, the answer was "lol killboard" or "they would win by metagaming" or simply "lol its not fun". But I didn't just sat in disbelief, but figured out how can I show the weakness of the Goons for those who weren't good with numbers.

A quick look at the data shown that there is a group needs no convincing: Mordus Angels were killing Goons and their minions in stupid numbers and despite numerous attempts to "hellcamp" them, they were doing fine. "Fine" as 3:1 damage:loss when outnumbered 40:1. They weren't hitting haulers in highsec, but Goons down in nullsec, in their heart: Deklein. So I started supporting them, first only to test the waters, but after Tora went buttmad, with full money. The results were beyond imagination: in 2015 MoA killed 1270B Goons, more than PL, BL and NC. together. They also killed 680B SMA, the second highest Snuffed Out killed 240B. They also killed 230B TNT, the second highest Project.Mayhem did 140B. We aren't talking about "pretty nice" here, but "2-3x more than anyone else." The Goons vs MoA also topped the "top war" list by large.

Month after month I've published the data of the "unbeatable" Goons being slaughtered like miners by CODE. On top of that, MoA performance was growing. From there I expected to increase the funding by creating the MoA donation board. I've also on-and-off supported -EH- in Fountain (until Goons decided that they didn't want that region anyway) and Out of Sight. I expected rich people to see how much MoA can do with limited funding and fund them to crush the Imperium. I mean if I alone could fund them to be #1 killers by large, 10 Gevlons could fund them into victory. But only 120B was collected from people who aren't me. This was another hard to understand thing. I understood that morons and slackers have no money, socials believe whatever propaganda fed to them, but why none of the competitive moneymakers wanted to race me for the "I destroyed a 40K coalition" title? Yes, probably because of "people say it's impossible".

Slowly I given up hope that people look at numbers. They were too hard indoctrinated by the Goon propaganda into believing that numbers don't matter, only magical skills like "metagaming" or "leadership". Also, self-image protection worked here: since they couldn't do anything against Goons, it was much easier to believe that Goons are unbeatable than accepting that they suck and have to change.

So with the MoA leadership we planned a presentation of power that not even the dumbest can deny: on July the 27. 2015, MoA did what everyone considered impossible for years: took a system from the Imperium. Soon several systems followed it: D2-HOS on Aug 6, Y-C3EQ on Aug 15, 7RM-N0 on Aug 17 and GA-P6C on Aug 18. This was done by a 1K "trash" alliance against a 40K coalition who "already won EVE". It was the Hollywood-like "underdog hero beats the big evil when everyone else have given up" move, a perfect ending for my project. I was sure that soon the masses see with their eyes that the "mighty Imperium" is nothing but awful lot of AFK ratters and miners with no military power. I simply couldn't imagine that this can continue any other way than everyone and his mother dogpiling on Goons for the easy kills and also to get revenge for former abuse from Goons.

As we know, that's not how the story ended.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I suspect the only way that you will be really widely recognized for defeating a large empire in EVE is if you actually create an Alliance, form a coalition, and as the leader, use it to fight and win.

Paying for someone else to do it, is a nice thing to be able to do, kudos for that, but it is never going to be recognized as you being the one to do it. The people doing the fighting with your money will be the ones that are celebrated and remembered. That is just the way it is.

Anonymous said...

Actually, many, many people know and will remember how you analyzed data and how you supported MoA and how MoA's kills went up during the time of your support.

Anonymous said...

Credit where credit is due to you and what you have done.

I had fought against the Goons a number of times and been defeated because while our fleets reduced in size due to our losses, theirs never did due to the massive amount of income from the moon goo imbalance. Once that ended and once the renting scheme also collapsed it needed time for the imbalance to fade. Another factor was of course the leaving of many real Goons.

You kept at it, funding an alliance that showed their weakness and explaining it in such a good way.

The Goons also speeded up their demise with the lowsec stupidity, the viceroy stupidity, which were more to try to keep their PvP'rs interested. Also the impact of the sov and jump changes, because before they could leave their sov and just go and have fun across the map, it got painful seeing Goons turn up all across Eve creating havoc with no real comeback. And that is where your actions were important, funding MOA like you did said they can be hurt.

Without any doubt you had a major part in this, I was watching what you were doing for one thing I had thought going after the JF's of Sion was better than going after their losers in hisec but you were right when you switched to supporting Moa, so well done.


Anonymous said...

for your consideration GG: the reason the MoA fund failed wasn't because people thought it won't work, but mostly because most people don't give a fuck about destroying goons. most rich players are rich because they like making money, not because they hold grudges.