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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Get rich and stop Goons from receiving 250 free titans a month!

The current Citadel broker fee plan is the most blatant attempt of CFCP to help Goons who are desperate due to extensive guerilla activity. In short [longer], with the current numbers if people trade on NPC stations they will pay 16T tax and 45T broker fees a month, instead of the current 10T+6T. Please note that 10+6=16, so the plan is that tax will sink the old tax and old fee, while new fee is not a sink, it goes to Goons owning "new Jita" (and "new Amarr"). Sure, the player owner have to set the fee lower than the NPC and traded volume will decrease as many players will avoid it via direct trades and contracts but the "new Jita" will give around 25-30T/month. That's the amount of all ratter income combined or reimburse this monstocity 10000 times a month.

This kind income was tailor-made for Goons, as - unlike moons or ratting space - it's pure top-down (so favors strong central leadership, bye-bye any loose coalition), no capitals can be used (bye-bye PL) and logies can only rep corpmates in highsec (bye-bye small highsec wardeccers united). Someone within CFCP believes that Goons should get a full fleet of titans every months for the "health of the game". It's irrelevant if he is corrupted or simply sees that Karmafleet has lots of genuine new subscribers and want to cater to this market (practically using Karmafleet as official newbie corp). If this plan succeeds, EVE will be over. Goons won forever, no one can ever challenge them and they won't need any attackable member PvE or structures to upkeep their income besides that one citadel. They can just sit in Perimiter doing nothing and pull more ISK than they do now with moons, ratters, miners and whatnot. Sure, they'll toss a couple trillions to PL, NC. and maybe a Russian group to avoid PvP that they hate, but they'll obviously keep the most. After this, a player (new or old) can merely play space-WoW, where all the history is made and you can only kill 10 rats for miniscule income or do some meaningless PvP, like in battlegrounds in WoW. The empire will be set in stone and rule forever.

Fortunately you can do much more than forum warrioring and yelling "FFS CCP I quit if you give more money to Goons than all ratters make" (they probably counted that in and either don't care or hope that new Karmafleet players will compensate for it). This plan can be defeated by your wallets. And the beauty of it: you don't have to do it selflessly, "for EVE" or "for the newbies" or whatever nonsense. If you follow this plan, you can double your wealth, even without logging in.

What's the weak point? That highsec carebears are risk averse. This is why they are highsec at the first place. Mining in nullsec probably pays for a new Retriever every hour, yet they mine Veldspar in highsec. They don't take calculated risk. They want to be safe, no matter how unprofitable that is. Why do they matter? Because they are supposed to trade on the Goon citadel. If they are ready to mine Veld, they are also ready to pay 5% more in Jita, just to make sure that their stuff won't get blown or locked or whatever. Trade is centralized, people shop in Jita, even skillbooks that are cheaper at NPC stations 2 jumps off. So Goons need to first build a critical mass to move people to their citadel so others move. They must have all trade or none of it. So they must set low or even zero fee, making no ISK and wait for weeks before people start to switch. A few anti-Goon (or simply "shoot anyone" group will fight, so when the carebear warps to the citadel for lower prices sees wrecks and lasers and missiles and 10% TiDi and warps out shaking that his ship will be next (he is bad at mechanics). With some propaganda he can be easily convinced that his stuff is at risk at Goongrad, and he stays at Jita. Remember Burn Jitas, trade volumes dropped large, despite the risk was much lower. Carebears are spooky!

OK, Goons are harrassed and forced to travel to highsec taking gates in 10% TiDi, but sooner or later they win, right? Nope, this is the part where you defeat them and get rich. Let's get back to the February economy report: 950T total ISK in the economy, 72T/month faucets, 50T sinks, 11T locked on expired accounts. CCP planned the change that sinks remain the same (new tax = old tax + old fee) and the 20-30T new fee goes to Goons and co. Instead, it goes into the sink as people will still trade in Jita due to fear of asset loss. Add that Emporium ratting (ISK faucet) will be down due to members are in highsec. Now we are seeing the largest deflation in the history of EVE, and you can short on it.

Just sell everything you don't plan to instantly use and hold liquid ISK! You can buy back everything you sold later for much cheaper. Sell a Cynnabal today, buy two Cynnabals in June! By doing so, you are not only investing into your bright financial future but contribute to the deflation. The more you sell, the lower the prices go. It already started, just see how PLEX prices sink despite extreme demand from extractors. The big businessmen are already shorting, exchanging their PLEX storages to ISK storages, as ISK will be predtty scarce commodity:

Jump on the bandwagon, you can't lose as we know for sure that the total ISK in circulation will drop significantly! Today is a really good day to do a long overdue hangar cleaning. Sell everything you don't need, jump to that old station where you left a couple of ships and sell them even at loss! You should have nothing but what you absolutely use and lots of liquid ISK. If you want to get PLEX for real money, do it now, while the price is still high. If you want to buy PLEX to run your accounts, wait for the last moment, it will be cheaper than a day before!

Because of the extreme deflation, CFCP will have to give up their "totally unbiased" plan to help Goons with the free titan fleet a month. They will have to lower the broker fees to decrease the sink, and then the Goon citadel will be pointless. Then you can buy your stuff back for much less, knowing you also helped defeat this disgusting handout to the most obnoxious members of the community. The longer CFCP waits, hoping that people switch to the Goon citadel, the more ISK will go to the sink, so the more profit you'll make. If they let half of the ISK get sinked and held in speculation, everything will be at half price! Yay 600M PLEX!

Of course you are very welcome to wardec them or just kill the ones with kill rights on their trail of tears from Torrinos to Perimiter, 3x a week in 10% TiDi or pick logies going suspect or whatever your heart desires.

Please post it on Reddit, let everyone get a share from the wealth! Remember, the more people do it, the more ISK gets locked in speculation and less will be in circulation. The Goon CSMs planning the broker fee changes thought that with these the economy itself will feed them forever. Let's get to work!


Provi Miner said...

I think you missed a tad, you should have bolded your short plan "spring clean and goon tears" dam what a combo we all have crap that just lays around move it now and buy it back much lower in a few months

Anonymous said...

Purging started, I will also purge all my accounts (11), I can no longer feed the feeders (CCP feeding the alliances, read goons). Since the large blocks (mostly goons) is all that counts for CCP that is the only action I can take. The game is no longer worth my time. I will liquidate what I can while subs run out and keep an eye on a cause to waste it on.

Its funny how EVE is just a game of broken promise. Its rather funny hearing the Chorus -"Eve is the hardest MMO", -"... Learning curve... most don't make up the cliff". The truth is that most players fall to the cliff of boredom. The skill trading will only accelerate the throughput of players. New player may toss in a Plex or two only to find that it is more exiting planning and waiting to fly x than is actually is to perform planned activity and then leave. The same theme goes for most things in EVE. Sure it is a sandbox, but a sandbox can come with some toys and hisec citadels owned by single or joint alliances aint it.

I came to EVE sort of through your blog 2,5 years ago and leave from here.

Keep it up mate.

Anonymous said...

I am not playing Eve at the moment but I am keeping an eye on Eve, the idea of creating your own market Hub and preventing non-blues from using it was a key facet to attacking Goons in hisec, but there are still many if's in terms of this.

The first thing was to get all those carebears that keep getting attacked by Goons and their lackeys to understand that they should never buy anything from a Goon hub, a lot of people would pay more for stuff if needed to stick a middle finger up at the Goons. By having a Citadel or five in key locations owned by the AG movement for example you could create separate market points the prevent the Goons from farming the choke points in hisec.

The issues are of course inability to control who trades in your market due to no linking of accounts, which is something that is always an issue with Eve, its the one thing that prevented me from even bothering to try to create something large because its so easy to be destroyed by someone with multiple accounts from one of the player killer alliances who then either steal your stuff or drop a ton of supers on it. This makes controlling the market difficult but still could be done with a lot of effort, CCP never linking accounts was a serious mistake in immersion and to be honest is one of the reasons why Eve is dying.

The other issue is that the Goons will just destroy competing market Hub's. well it depends how many there are and who is prepared to defend them and if the Goons are continuing to decline, also would NCDOT and PL stand by while the Goons try to get this sort of income from hisec markets?

From a hisec point of view the idea was perhaps to give hisec players something worth fighting for, of course that could be destroyed by the reality of power in Eve, but the Imperium is dying, you can see it. The question is whether the will die before the game does. But still the Citadels was offering new game play to hisec and something worth fighting for, would people step up to the plate? Perhaps the decline in Eve is now to great for that to matter, because hisec continues to decline, so be it...

I was told by one player I know who is close to CCP that CCP were cheering at the decline of the Goons and their bloc. The problem is that they let it get to this state in their mismanagement of the Technicium issue, they gave the Goons and others so much ISK that it virtually destroyed their game.

To hear a Goon talk about hard work when they were handed all that power by such rich moons in their space by CCP makes my eyes roll. I used to fight Goons in other alliances and we would destroy their fleets and they would be right back at you with no impact from their losses again and again until we ran out of ISK. And that was created by CCP, if anything shows acute mismanagement of a game that is it. That Goon who talked about hard work in a previous thread made me laugh, they were given Deklin with those moons on a platter by a dying French alliance. All that hard work, seriously what a joke, it was CCP that gave them all that shite with the Tech imbalance, then when CCP nerfed tracking Titans because the Goons cried, they were then able to clear Raiden out of the north and grab even more moons, all handed to the Goons by CCP mismanagement...

Perhaps I am being naive about the Goons not being able to control hisec Hubs, but they are definitely weakening...


Lucas Kell said...

This is more ludicrous a plan than I could have imagined.

Good luck though! :D

Unknown said...

Interesting. I started going for more liquidity a couple of weeks back but not for the same motivation.

Anonymous said...

How about not p(l)aying CCP? I unsubed since tiericide. looked into DUST a bit, which was a sinking ship from the getgo.

In general MMOs are dead/dieing. Everything gets mobafied, the new and fresh meat with wallets to empty are smartphone- and LoL-indoctrinated. I started to looked into old rpg games like D2 or baldur's gate and other titles I didn't really play. No need for internet connection, steam id or any other kind of bullshit. Games that run smothly and perfectly fine in w98 VM. No DLCs or random patch that ruins it all.
Do I miss the interaction with other DDretards? nope!

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced this will do what you expect it to do. Prices will almost certainly go up anyway, but if CCP notice too much isk sinking out of the economy they will quickly step in and boost the faucets to compensate, likely by increasing bounties (or by playing with the number/types of rats) which will boost null ratting.

The only way to been a goon citadel is to not use it and work together to attack it and anyone trying to use it.

Vincent said...

I don't think it possible to have a game economy in recession, in EvE, faucets are ISK generation machine (unlike IRL where the government is in charge of that). You can always farm more to get more money... if today 10 hours of ratting is worth 1 skill injector, and tomorrow, 10 hours of ratting is worth 2 injectors because of a recession, then people will farm more, and the economy would be back in inflation again.

This is my theory about game economics. Maybe I'm wrong because of the massive ISK sink 5% broker would be, on top of seeding 700bil BPOs

I have been liquidating positions in order to no get burn by the taxes increase anyway, so wait and see I guess.

Tithian said...

Pretty much the same deflation happened in Greece right before it got hit by Capital Controls last year. Anyone with a clue that could see the storm brewing drained as much cash as possible from the system, and after the CC cash currency had extra value. I.e. service X will cost you Y Euros by bank deposit, but if you pay in cash it'll cost 70% of that, essentially making everything much cheaper for those prepared.

Gevlon said...

@Vincent: to replace the new broker fee ISK, ratters would have to double their effort. In the same time when line members are in Perimiter and carrier ratting is nerfed. I agree that they'll catch up after some time, but not fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Why do you ask people to post on reddit when you could just post it up there yourself? They're pretty anti-imperium there anyway so you don't need to worry so much about downvotes either.

Gevlon said...

If I'd post anything, even a copy-paste of a top voted lexarson post, I'd be downvoted to oblivion. TEST does not forget and does not forgive.

Anonymous said...

I imagine if you copy pasted a post you'd definitely get downvoted. What did you do to TEST? Other than give them like 40b isk then ragequit.

Anonymous said...

22:16 Anon What did you do to TEST?
It all boils down to hurting feelings of socials.