Greedy Goblin

Monday, March 21, 2016

Freighters after patch

I've updated the Freighter guide, as the 33% hull resists make huge difference in their lives. However the armor tanked Providence is still better than the triple-bulkhead Obelisk. The Obelisk has 5% more EHP, but the Providence has 40% more cargo, benefit greatly from link ships and easier to repair. The Ark stays the best in all fields.

For Orcas, it is worth considering getting a faction Damage Control.


Anonymous said...

I think I've made this comment before (not to be published): You frequently use the word 'worth' wrong. The correct use in this post would be 'For Orcas, it is worth considering...'. Another example: 'It is worth taking the 3 jumps for this reduced price' or 'This ship is worth at least 10 bil ISK'.
Interestingly, a Hungarian colleague at work often uses 'worth' in the same (wrong) way as you.

Gevlon said...

The reason: there is a "to worth" verb in Hungarian.

Stabs said...

How much should I carry in my Obelisk? I've generally kept it under 1B in value and that's worked for several years now. With the changes can I push that higher safely?

Gevlon said...

2B is likely fine.

Kickass Tivianne said...

Though code will gank empty freighters when they are in great numbers just to make a point that no one is safe.

Nice job for the updated numbers. Need to get the info out there for more people will see and they won't use cargo expanders. How ever many people fall for a scam contract that forces you to use them to fit, but that is another story.