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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mini-business post: buy legit ISK, cheaper than PLEX

It's not a real business post since you don't make your ISK, just buy from CCP, however on a much better ratio than by buying PLEX. How? You probably know that 30 days gameplay in a long-term subscription is much cheaper than a PLEX. So subscribe new account(s) for your money at discount, train 1-1 characters on them and sell the SP as injectors. As in 1 month you can produce 3.9 injectors and they sell for 640-280=360 each, you can make 1.4B/month for a few clicks. Of course if you PLEX your account, you can do the same, but then you must buy a PLEX for 1.2B. If you subscribe, you don't pay ISK, you pay real money, but much less than PLEX price.

PS: Just as their propaganda speech indicate, SMA stands resolute and their members don't even think of leaving.

Also in the news: Goons.

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derp said...

PLEX is instant gratification. I don't see many folks waiting >2.5 months to get their first ISK instalment.