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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fansite no more

Mid-January I wrote a petition about removal of my blog from the official fansites, and I can announce that it is no longer listed.

Will it make any difference? Considering that just recently Falcon had another toxic outburst, unlikely. Then what's the point?

We are small. You, me, everyone. Our contribution to the "big picture" is small. But that's all we have control over: ourselves. One blogger rejecting fansite status is about 0.6% decrease on that approximately 150 item long list of fansites. But that's all I can do. If others will do the same, Falcon would likely be counseled over his behavior. Will they do the same? Unlikely. But that's not on me, that's on them. "I'm too small to make a difference" is a bad excuse since everyone is too small and if everyone did nothing, we'd still be eating bananas on the trees, flinging poo and ratting in horrible fit carriers in Fade.

PS: there is another post today, the 2015 analysis of TEST.


Anonymous said...

Delisting your site as a fansite doesn't really achieve anything, if you really want to teach CCP a lesson the only logical thing to do is to unsub as then CCP lose money. Delisting your site from the fansite list makes no difference to CCP at all.

Gevlon said...

I don't want to teach "CCP" a lesson, I want to teach "Community Team" a lesson.

Elizabeth Norn said...

The only lesson you're teaching them is that if they make you upset you'll start paying for EVE.

Gevlon said...

No, I teach that I love the game and hate only its community team - unlike quiting players who hate the game and stayed for more time for the community (fostered by the community team).

Anonymous said...

Delisting a site from the fansite list really doesn't achieve anything as the community team still has abundant work and adding/removing sites from the list is one of the lower jobs in their list.

Anonymous said...

I know who got your website listed as a fan site. ;-)