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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekend minipost: medium shield boosterageddon

Well done PL, well done!
Hopefully this was the last ride of the most idiotic doctrine in the history of EVE. Also, someone please explain why were these abominations were blinged? Not like rat damage needs X-type hardeners.


Anonymous said...

haha, gaara's fucking sniper. grr bat

Anonymous said...

I guess when you make 200b pe month, you have to do something with your money

Gevlon said...

He either didn't make anything near it, or he was doing RMT. Otherwise that money would have made an effect on EVE. I make around 60B a month and already the most recognized name, bankrolling a whole alliance. What did Gaara do besides losing bling?

Evil Goon Grunt #1576123 said...

Why do you need to be in the spotlight with making so much ISK? Do you know what Aryth or Mynnna with their trillions? What does Chribba do? Besides providing a 3rd party service and scaring newbies with the Veldnaught he doesn't do anything noticeable.

Gaara rats so much that the taxes alone fund supercaps for the corp he is currently in. He runs 20+ carriers 24/7 and has replaced all his losses at the same day, with the same blingy fitting.

Miniluv operations alone cost him up to 15billion per day.

Gevlon said...

I know exactly what Mynnna, Aryth and the rest of the "stockholders" do with their ISK. They turn it into money via TMC, just as Endie confirmed.

Chribba is very well known and does lots of charity.

So, you confirm, that Gaara is a botter? (24/7)
Bat Country had 495B losses in 2015. Even if all of it was Gaara miniluv losses, that's still just 1.5B/day, not 15. The pilot Gaara's sniper had 19B kills, 14B losses over a year. Sure, he used other alts in Miniluv, but still, that's pretty far from your figures.

There is only one possible explanation for his extreme dedication to ratting: major RMT operation.

Evil Goon Grunt #1576123 said...

Why is that the only possible explanation? Maybe he just enjoys ratting and seeing that ISK counter getting higher?

Gevlon said...

Why would anyone enjoy a number increasing. Stop trolling, further obviously unserious claims will be moderated out!

Anonymous said...

Apparently I failed and my last message didn't come through. At 33m ticks, with 24 accounts and 3 hours of farm per day, he gets 210b per month before taxes.

I want to believe that CCP would easily spot RMT for this magnitude from a single account. we are talking about 2k USD per month.
If they are not able / willing to do anything about it, I think we are playing the wrong game.

Evil Goon Grunt #1576123 said...

I'm talking with you, not with the audience of your blog and I think that you will read my posts and not blindly ignore them. So feel free to moderate my posts.

You see, that is the problem. In your mind every successful persons needs a valid reason to be successful and doing what they do. In reality, people don't need a valid reason to do what they do, especially in a game. You can see this in EVE all the time.
Remember your post about the guy who put all his assets into a freighter, set it to autopilot, lost it and then quit the game. That was his way to quit the game and you talked about he was a dumb person and should donate his 100 or so billion ISK for a good cause (like fighting goons). You know the guy who flies carriers all day and does solo PVP with them? This is not very effective, he loses them all the time, yet he does it almost every day and has the ISK to support that. You don't like these kind of people, yet there are tons of them and they are enjoying what they do.

What do other EVE trillionaries do with their money? You fight your war against goons, Mynnna and Aryth may do RMT (which they do not, otherwise: why aren't they banned by now? Everyone seems to know that, why not CCP?), Chribba does charity. What does the rest do? They are keeping at least such a low profile that from participating in chats and forums I don't know anything about them.

I don't know exactly what Gaara does with his ISK or how much he makes, I do know however that he has more than enough ISK and that he doesn't need a valid reason beyond "enjoying ratting" to do it.

Gevlon said...

The people you mentioned did something with their money. What they did was obviously idiotic, but hey, they are idiots. On the other hand you claim that Gaara puts extreme effort into a game just to do nothing with his money. This isn't moronic, that's nonsense.

Everyone known that Somer RMT-ed and CCP stopped them only after there was a complete outrage and even then they got a second chance and they got banned only when that blown even that. CCP is extremely permissive with RMT, probably because they know that the ISK buyers would stop playing (and paying CCP) if they couldn't access cheap ISK.

If he'd enjoy ratting, he wouldn't multibox. And wouldn't bot, just lay back and play with one pilot ratting happily. Casuals do it in highsec. Without bot or 20 accounts.

johnhoward said...

Once again you are slandering people with allegations for which you have zero proof.
If you want to know what gaara does with his isk maybe you should ask him instead of throwing around unfounded allegations of rmt.
For what it's worth I know for a while he was putting a lot of excess isk into a bounty on himself just to get the biggest bounty in the game (and to appear as such on all those screens around new eden). Why? Well why the hell not!

Anonymous said...

He doesn't bot and he doesn't RMT. I know the lad, we helped to destroy that pile of carriers and he does indeed rake in a fortune. Your numbers on BAT Country are off because you didn't to include the supers, carriers and dreads that were bought via tax money that were not blown up of which there are a lot. Gaara enjoys sitting on his scrooge McDuck style money bin and keeps a somewhat low profile. He has more isk stockpiles than most alliances and he only uses a bit here and there from time to time.

gaara "you jelly?" sniper said...

well 23/7 is a bit exaggerated, i do thou rat most of the time, since my workplace is near computer i'm most of the time staring at it. So why not have eve on the background.

60b per month is really small money, after you encounter trillionaires you'll understand that you don't even make a significance.
You don't see me using that money cause i'm actually either banking it or buy myself new characters/titans, lose snake pods, 1 billion succubusses and so on.

I still believe that iwantisk is perfect RMT formula, just sell isk for real money and say that that guy won in casino or something.

Endie said...

Gaara keeps score in ISK the way I do in kills. He does stupid things like putting immense bounties on himself just so he has the highest bounty in the game (currently 157 billion but I remember him putting 100 billion on himself in one go). He occasionally donates huge amounts to the running costs of miniluv (although not as often as he should, really, given the funding Warr puts in). I believe that he has several titans, although I cannot vouch for that - he didn't keep them in Bat and they are of the ornamental variety that a great many people buy just to know they have them even though they don't use them.

I never saw any evidence that he RMTed at all, and given his prominence, and the fact that I was a director of the corp he was in and as a CSM member got audited by CCP's IA team when elected, I rather doubt that there is any chance that he does. What he does - ratting to make money either just to watch the counter go up or because of some self-deluding dream that he has a goal (like ten-boxing titans) that he can achieve - is extremely common in sov-holding, non-PvP-centric alliances: I saw it a huge amount.

Anonymous said...

Gaara has I think the highest bounty in the game, funded by himself. He likes big piles of isk.

gewnietoonie said...

"Why would anyone enjoy a number increasing. Stop trolling, further obviously unserious claims will be moderated out!"

Why would any one want to sit in station and watch market orders all day like you do?

Gevlon said...

I don't want to sit in a station and update orders. I do it because of the ISK it gives that I use for the GRR project. The problem with Gaara isn't his devotion to ratting, but that he does nothing (TOS-compliant) with his ISK.

Anonymous said...

i also dont use my isk for anything. i like the number growing. as newbe i liked getting my accounts paied by plex. then i liked getting first 50b, then ...

everyone has his own targets in a sandbox. for a lot of people your project might also be a waste of money(isk). but for some, it is a good invest.
everyone has his own targets. in some eyes it is dumb, in the eyes of other, it is ok, for someone else, they might be gods, cause they got such sums of isk. in the end, it doesnt matter.

eve is a game, and everyone wants to have fun