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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Minipost: stopping Sion from running CSM solves nothing

This is a quick post about a recent event, the real posts for today are the BL and Nulli 2015 reports.

So the news is out that Sion cannot run for CSM due to being a media guy. I also noticed that the last CCP dev contribution on TMC (reposting a dev blog or Scope video doesn't count) was in late November (you need one guess who was the last dev). It seems the new community exec is starting to cut down the obviously unprofessional stuff.

However it won't be enough. The CSM wasn't a wonderful thing that the big bad Goons corrupted, it was a dumb idea to begin with and Goons took advantage. In the absence of Sion, someone else will influence the devs to buff their group and nerf the others. Maybe he won't be so obvious and make an effort to at least look like someone who cares about the game as a whole, but at the end of the day, he'll be pushing changes for his own group against yours. The CSM has to go, with or without Sion. The future is in non-NDA focus groups.


Anonymous said...

"The future is in non-NDA focus groups"
This will never happen, since to do a focus group they would need to discuss unreleased features and thus it would have to be covered by the NDA. If the CSM stops existing it will simply be CCP doing what they feel like getting feedback afterwards. But that's not going to happen since getting rid of the CSM would be suicide for CCP.

daniel said...

wasn't there something about the csm being a council for speaking on behalf of the playerbase and not a group of wannabe devs?

Zax said...

"non-nda focus groups" would they discuss upcoming changes? Or should CCP just drop stuff into the game without getting feedback?

NuTroll said...

1. Hire professional gamers who don't play eve (yet)
2. Have gamers go into chat rooms
3. Have gamers start canned convos
4. poll results of chat

For example, go into mining chat (and other similar public rooms) and watch the debates about mining vs c0de etc.. . Hell ccp could just pull the damn logs if they wanted to. why do you need a CSM when regular players group up by activity and discuss it among themselves within your own client? The only stipulation to that is that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should those logs be directly reviewed by anyone who plays the game. But theres really nothing to stop them now, so might as well.

or like me
1. Find the alt corps of major alliance/coalition bloc leaders (or by accident)
2. become peon in corp , maintain positive image
3. suggest game changes during small talk about eve that arises organically

your welcome, exploration. although I also have to take credit for the terrible moon siphoning idea. I know i won't be believed , i don't care, i saw the effects.

Borat Guereen said...

But the point of the CSM is not to have only one person that "will influence the devs to buff their group and nerf the others.", but 14 people each representing various play styles expressing opinions from different playstyles's perspectives, so that when they need immediate feedback they have the broadest feedback possible. CCP Leelo in her last interview clearly says that the CSM is not for universal candidates "representing everyone".

The large null sec blocs are perverting the intent by sending multiple puppet candidates, and with their block voting orders end up limiting the CSM input to a limited set of playstyles, effectively shutting down those that do not represent them by candidate overload. In the end, it is the voters that make the CSM valuable or not to CCP, and I am keep faith in the process when Isee that those that instigates corruption within the CSM get sidelined.

Zappity said...

The T3D focus group has been a total failure. Lots of talk, zero attention from CCP, zero change. No thanks.