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Thursday, January 14, 2016

CSM 11: don't vote for joke candidates!

I'll continue the kills of 2015 series later, but this is important.

I wrote multiple times why the CSM is a bad institution and seriously, you need to live under a rock (or be obtuse for "metagaming reasons") to believe in it. Now I address a problem that even tempted me: to run as or vote for a joke candidate. I even created a joke candidate platform thinking about re-running:
  • New item: Exotic Dancers: Sheep to satisfy the need of the performing arts of many capsuleers
  • Exodic Dancers are consumable and perform their art in the Captain's quarters
  • The ability to cross-dress the pilot. It's important to allow players to express the conceptualization of their gender freely
  • More items to be player-created: Slaves should be created by using a "Slaver Shuttle" drone (20m3, 20Mbit/sec) on a ship in hull damage. If used on a capsuleer ship, it provides Elite Slaves. If the player flies a Minmatar ship, the Shuttle brings back Freed Slaves as his crew does not tolerate slavery. Only one Slaver Shuttle can be used on a ship. To launch the drone the ship must have Slaver Hounds in the cargo bay and one is consumed on launch. Slaver Hounds should be tamed on planets by Dust players. To create a vibrant market, Blood Raider stations should have buy orders for Elite Slaves.
  • Fedo should also be player breed: feed your Fedos with frozen corpses to get more Fedos after a week
  • Pet Monkey should be available on the NEX shop which perform hilariously stupid stuff in the Captain's quarters. Goonswarm pilots are ineligible to purchase, since they already have such pets.
  • The Community team should no longer appear on Reddit, since Reddit is not a community
  • New redeem-gift item: "The hard cover of the book: Fountain War". The image a Luxury Yacht. The flavor text says "There are no pages in this cover due to lack of funding".
  • All corp and alliance CEOs must prove that their mental age is above 12 by filling a test on or their corp/alliance is disbanded. I understand that such harsh restrictions would disband half of the corps in New Eden, but like with ISBoxer, the short-term loss is outweighted by the long term benefit by greatly increasing maturity of player groups.
  • New item on the "why did you quit EVE" survey: "developer harrasment". Asking for a friend.
  • An in-game monument to Stunt Flores who died for our sins.
Then I read the CSM dev blog signed by Leeloo and realized that if you vote in a joke candidate, you only screw with her and those junior devs who are commanded to be present on the meetings. They have to put up with the annoying shit of the trolls which are fun to watch but very much not to deal with in your job. Imagine that such "funny" customer would come in your day job and ask you to some nonsense service while you know that your response will be out for thousands to watch. Don't want to be there? Don't do it to Leeloo and the junior devs, they didn't do anything to deserve it.

Now "CCP" clearly deserves all the trolling for creating this abomination that allows "connected" players to get exclusive info for their groups and for market manipulation (anyone seen Mynnna recently? He just disappeared without a word) and also allow them to warp the game design to the point of removing all competition drivers in nullsec and turning the "soft underbelly" of ratters into an instant slowcat fleet that can only be broken by a full PL fleet. No, I'm not talking about "it needs PL to take Goons head on", I mean "it needs PL to deal with a single ratter".

However "CCP" can't be reached more by trolling Leeloo than "McDonalds" by being mean to a cashier in the local shop. To reach "CCP", you must do something that gets to the desk of the suits. And Slaver Hound nonsense will not. A boycott against voting and a subsequent record-low votes would get to their desk. It doesn't guarantee disbanding of this prime example of self-serving bureaucracy, but it at least guarantee that they look into it.

Boycott the elections!

PS: have you seen the latest I want ISK leak? Those guys brag about lot of internal CCP info. I'll be damned if not from another CSM leak.


Lorelei Ierendi said...

Because the majority of players either unwittingly or wittingly boycott the elections, I do not think that trying to encourage others to boycott will change anything. The awfully low voter turnout has not had any influence yet on anything at all, and encouraging independent people to boycott the elections just means that even the small seats will get filled by the existing power blocks, and they are (still) big enough that it would just be considered yet another abysmal turnout.

Better would be to push for and popularize some "none of the above" method. So people could actually say "the candidates do not represent me". Then we get some reliable statistics on Apathy vs Disinterest, and hard numbers are something that cannot easily be dismissed. Probably won't work this year, and also maybe not next year... but given enough noise, the message would get through. And in the mean time, if some CSM members continue the awful trend of NDA breaches... well the Institution would self-destruct from within!

Anonymous said...

yeah, boycott the election and make the votes of ~evil goonies~ count even more

Gevlon said...

@Lorelei: I tried to run on a "none of the above" platform, but Falcon - obviously - shot it down. So there are only two option left:
- joke candidates
- boycott

Goons will always dominate the council, but the lower the turnout, the less the devs are listening and sharing information. Even if the council is not officially shut down, devs can individually choose to not participate or just give corporate bullshit if they see low turnout and nothing but Goons at the table. Also, both joke candidates and independent candidates can turn out to be yet another Corbexx. Boycott cannot.

Gevlon said...

The more Goons the better. I'd prefer 100% Goon membership, to make it obvious to everyone (in and outside of CCP) that it's a bad organization. Also, even if it's not closed officially, the less the participation, the more like it'll be ignored and sidelined. Then - oh the irony - it would serve no more purpose than wasting the time of 14 Goons and CCP Falcon and his staff.

Anonymous said...

If you think that the CSM is even close to the primary way that the Imperium gets into the ear of CCP then you really don't understand how networking works. Last eve event I was at (one of the bigger events supported by CCP) the Imperium spent a night having dinner with the CCP staff that flew in and then spent the rest of the night on the drink with them. If you think that being on the CSM will net you anywhere near the kind of influence and intelligence than that then you don't understand social interaction at all.

Anonymous said...

Player created slaves should come as a form of salvage. Slaver drones get sent out against wreaked ships who gather up the crew's escape pods. I like that idea.
Elite slaves from captured capsuleers is poor idea since they are effectively paralysed once removed from the pod.

Gevlon said...

Being on the CSM "legalizes" socializing with them. I mean if a dev lands and a random player approaches him with a drink, he will rightfully assume "this fuck wants to work me for in-game advantage" and gives him corporate bullshit until he gives up. If the dev is approached by the same fellow who is on the CSM and spent the last week working together, he is likely to go out with him and slip info he didn't mean to or take input that he wouldn't while sober. CSM membership won't get them the influence and info, but it will get their foot to the door.

That said, I'm surprised that CCP doesn't have anti-corruption rules for employees which should definitely ban fraternizing with players. If a judge would be photographed hanging out and drinking with the defendant of a lawsuit he precides, the next day he wouldn't be a judge.

Zax said...

"That said, I'm surprised that CCP doesn't have anti-corruption rules for employees which should definitely ban fraternizing with players."

Do other game companies have these rules?

Do other companies have "No fraternizing with clients" rules?

As for Mynnna, I am sure he will be touched with your concern for his wellbeing.

Gevlon said...

Most games are cooperative. If a WoW player influences a WoW dev, there is no reason for other WoW players to worry. If an EVE player influences with an EVE dev, the in-game opponents of that player will be "gently carressed".

Foo said...

I am not sure where your 'goons dominate the council' comes from.

Large nullsec blocks have a larger voice than is warranted, but not all are goon.

Your campaign may influence the blogging based vote, affecting the election chances of existing CSM Mike Azariah, and hopefuls like myself and Lorelei Ierendi

You have little to no sway with the traditional wormhole group, who I expect to vote 1-2 candidates this year (and not those likely to be defecting)

I expect Steve to be re-elected regardless.

There will also be different large nullsec groups represented.

There will be too many different groups represented to pass off the CSM as a goon council.

The development methods (Scrum/Agile) that CCP uses is designed with end user representation baked in as a fundamental idea. You may be successful in reducing the pool of players available.

You might even be able to get the name of the player representation team changed, the length of the term that players stand, and the transparency of who is on the player representation team.

You are trying for an own goal. You might even succeed.

Anonymous said...

@Gevlon "Those guys brag about lot of internal CCP info. I'll be damned if not from another CSM leak."

These guys are typical nobodies who have managed to become IWI bankers and make a bit of ISK, which causes them to have an ego that far outweighs their competence. You see it all the time, do not mistake these for people with real connections, those people would would not be dumb enough blab about such connections to other idiots.

Lorelei Ierendi said...

@Gevlon - I did not understand your campaign as being a "none of the above" campaign, but more an "abolish the csm" campaign.

Last year "none of the above" was one part of my platform, and I did not get banned from running by CCP. It's also a part of it this year.

daniel said...

in one of his last blog posts mynna told that he was suffering depression.
maybe he got made fun of by the mittani who encouraged "his people" to drive him into suicide which made mynna realise that his community actually is shit, so he left the game.