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Friday, December 4, 2015

The losses of the Emporium in November

Before anything else, their biggest loss:
Of course there will be a re-launch and they fix it and they'll try again, but we'll cross that bridge when if we reach that river. For now, let's just celebrate this magnificent failure of the Emporium!

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Imperium of Evil (formerly CFC), now mostly mentioned as "Emporium" for its heavy monetisation. As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. And as always, MoA came out on top, while Pandemic Horde is down in the middle. While Gobbins indeed humiliated the Mittani, this didn't hurt the Emporium coffers or the individual members. Believing that machinations like this will bring down the Emporium is like believing that Monica Lewinsky had a chance to defeat the USA just because she made one president a clown.

I'm also surprised to see NC. so high on the list, maybe I've underestimated them.

47042 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 257
Executive Outcomes 31
Fidelas Constans 438
Get Off My Lawn 234
Goonswarm Federation 879
I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth 51
RAZOR Alliance 149
RvB - BLUE Republic 53
RvB - RED Federation 51
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 534
Tactical Narcotics Team 203
The Initiative. 82
The Bastion 230
Void.. 97
Small ones 14
Total CFC losses 3302

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 676
2..3 708
4..5 430
6..10 509
11..30 582
31+ 399

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 29900 325
40M-125M 7452 570
125M-250M 2570 490
250M-400M 1523 461
400M-1500M+ 1227 844
1500M+ 228 610

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Vale of the Silent 378
Pure Blind 320
Branch 285
Fade 282
Deklein 274
Tribute 213
Cloud Ring 152
Venal 151
Low_Black Rise 133
Sum of small ones 1113
Total 3302

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Mordus Angels with 244B ISK damage: 567M, 660M, 693M, 999M, 551M, 542M, 612M, 505M, 585M, 1046M, 736M, 592M, 717M, 1299M, 599M, 2770M, 527M, 2541M, 639M, 653M, 588M, 633M, 519M, 1629M, 681M, 778M, 682M, 570M, 590M, 661M, 566M, 542M, 527M, 2423M, 813M, 928M, 2251M, 527M, 1155M, 689M, 555M, 551M, 1097M, 1132M, 1864M, 1572M, 650M, 525M, 647M, 589M, 1523M, 902M, 632M, 1289M, 786M, 962M, 1106M, 1675M, 942M, 548M, 807M, 520M, 1112M, 8809M, 629M, 842M, 527M, 726M, 528M, 3107M, 580M, 879M, 1233M, 895M, 1558M, 1874M, 2166M, 2567M, 1301M, 1171M, 7012M, 614M, 540M,
  2. Northern Coalition. with 218B ISK damage: 624M, 620M, 712M, 626M, 657M, 644M, 645M, 711M, 866M, 676M, 850M, 611M, 649M, 759M, 641M, 646M, 640M, 874M, 636M, 616M, 643M, 639M, 636M, 637M, 641M, 643M, 687M, 638M, 642M, 636M, 648M, 655M, 604M, 594M, 744M, 608M, 636M, 617M, 593M, 595M, 615M, 603M, 824M, 741M, 1700M, 1693M, 1368M, 1076M, 973M, 937M, 793M, 1763M, 700M, 1474M, 2416M, 650M, 670M, 782M, 607M, 1060M, 678M, 606M, 803M, 797M, 687M, 814M, 585M, 677M, 567M, 725M, 1883M, 2726M, 2880M, 2128M, 1644M, 906M, 1682M, 834M, 1860M, 1109M, 838M, 602M, 630M, 1216M, 562M, 872M, 750M, 1832M, 1865M, 854M, 801M, 1447M, 634M, 689M, 772M, 603M, 1133M, 1489M, 834M, 828M, 524M, 959M, 572M, 2785M, 550M, 613M, 606M, 559M, 594M, 679M, 648M, 1062M, 509M, 557M, 805M, 544M, 624M, 672M, 671M, 672M, 680M, 687M, 672M, 624M, 673M, 1001M,
  3. Out of Sight. with 162B ISK damage: 547M, 532M, 643M, 858M, 1155M, 682M, 1344M, 824M, 523M, 1302M, 516M, 939M, 621M, 502M, 689M, 829M, 836M, 1338M, 579M, 625M, 1592M, 3497M, 541M, 508M, 634M, 845M, 754M, 541M, 629M, 582M, 522M, 542M, 1154M, 693M, 505M, 1031M, 543M, 2098M, 1987M, 707M, 934M, 865M, 1041M, 1172M, 673M,
  4. Project.Mayhem. with 134B ISK damage: 1157M, 2256M, 534M, 635M, 521M, 523M, 556M, 1569M, 2367M, 1093M, 1151M, 751M, 529M, 1366M, 956M, 2806M, 1173M, 1088M, 3904M, 2704M, 831M, 1180M, 808M, 614M, 3063M, 742M, 820M, 653M, 666M, 790M, 814M, 521M, 1421M, 1300M, 534M, 545M, 526M, 834M, 529M, 526M, 531M, 508M, 534M, 4475M, 1264M, 590M, 1140M, 637M, 1042M, 2720M, 3597M,
  5. Pandemic Legion with 130B ISK damage: 533M, 503M, 2135M, 1509M, 1748M, 641M, 1771M, 519M, 537M, 800M, 1842M, 678M, 512M, 598M, 1017M, 1194M, 1269M, 656M, 511M, 1567M, 826M, 653M, 2673M, 1307M, 755M, 803M, 20B, 2121M, 968M, 1502M, 1078M, 563M, 541M, 805M, 917M,
  6. WE FORM V0LTA with 115B ISK damage: 547M, 876M, 716M, 1020M, 1856M, 1676M, 568M, 575M, 505M, 3416M, 927M, 793M, 538M, 1520M, 542M, 527M, 1004M, 610M, 1189M, 1298M, 673M, 522M, 945M, 594M, 1788M, 3980M, 1091M, 591M, 777M, 525M, 516M, 502M, 741M, 715M, 570M, 805M, 714M, 1332M, 1385M, 1368M, 676M, 721M, 601M, 1548M, 2029M, 1721M, 591M, 4101M, 1745M, 1727M, 583M,
  7. Test Alliance Please Ignore with 97B ISK damage: 859M, 546M, 767M, 1540M, 1569M, 1570M, 2811M, 2982M, 1487M, 2918M, 2671M, 2920M, 2400M, 1625M, 778M, 1301M, 1169M, 1837M, 543M, 505M, 581M, 808M, 522M, 1273M, 1035M, 1212M, 1011M, 986M, 1024M, 1562M, 704M,
  8. Pandemic Horde with 90B ISK damage: 1117M, 834M, 519M, 557M, 707M, 529M, 675M, 728M, 777M, 564M, 1788M, 866M, 1089M, 1983M, 1262M, 896M, 518M, 990M, 1670M, 1238M, 728M, 505M, 511M, 566M,
  9. The-Culture with 77B ISK damage: 599M, 678M, 763M, 4509M, 661M, 1268M, 2602M, 1128M, 649M, 868M, 1066M, 528M, 889M, 574M, 4862M, 558M, 769M,
  10. Bora Alis with 54B ISK damage: 522M, 520M, 520M, 1777M, 3073M, 585M, 953M, 574M, 1532M, 1065M, 743M, 527M, 773M, 4422M, 572M, 738M, 557M, 673M, 1448M, 506M, 588M,
  11. Snuffed Out with 50B ISK damage: 725M, 2866M, 548M, 665M, 568M, 4457M, 1096M, 1096M, 1853M, 1092M, 860M, 1096M, 685M, 694M, 1096M, 945M, 1096M, 781M, 931M, 987M, 3417M, 544M, 932M, 872M, 1892M, 1154M, 1139M, 2146M,
  12. The Marmite Collective with 50B ISK damage: 524M, 8656M, 708M, 1415M, 1022M, 554M, 765M, 918M, 973M, 948M, 529M, 1152M, 813M, 563M, 7073M, 9297M,
  13. WAFFLES. with 43B ISK damage: 698M, 501M, 652M, 1159M, 661M, 868M, 583M, 505M, 523M, 522M, 1047M, 913M,
  14. Logitech Blasters with 42B ISK damage: 1535M, 547M, 2299M, 639M, 510M, 795M, 688M, 1031M, 800M, 588M, 641M, 528M, 683M, 508M, 632M, 964M, 1174M, 971M, 678M, 835M, 795M, 915M, 586M,
  15. The Gorgon Empire with 42B ISK damage: 1001M, 687M, 554M, 609M, 522M, 1298M, 524M, 617M, 594M, 2242M, 521M, 769M, 820M, 916M,
  16. Brave Collective with 39B ISK damage: 580M, 1347M, 769M, 1895M, 1098M, 1385M, 1754M, 510M,
  17. Verge of Collapse with 39B ISK damage: 543M, 1352M, 704M, 653M, 741M, 546M, 539M, 1461M, 602M, 564M, 582M, 554M, 699M, 626M, 640M, 509M, 527M, 1874M, 1203M, 768M, 1220M,
  18. RvB - BLUE Republic with 37B ISK damage: 582M,
  19. Shadow Cartel with 33B ISK damage: 1460M, 549M, 886M, 534M, 839M, 2080M, 1231M, 2198M, 1717M, 1677M, 601M, 1737M, 819M, 512M,
  20. RvB - RED Federation with 33B ISK damage: 646M,
  21. Goonswarm Federation with 30B ISK damage: 1075M, 2175M, 653M, 1253M, 2302M, 1945M, 527M, 3196M, 1453M,
  22. Exodus. with 27B ISK damage: 632M, 584M, 2563M, 644M, 5764M, 1062M, 1820M, 1832M, 1563M,
  23. #Corp: Bikini Bottom Ultras with 27B ISK damage: 961M, 760M, 899M, 578M, 1152M, 505M, 864M, 532M, 1724M,
  24. The Minions. with 26B ISK damage: 659M, 703M, 542M, 571M, 731M, 519M, 1331M, 1732M, 624M, 545M,
Let's see the top 100 individual killers and their 250M+ kill contributions (remember, 10% damage on 1B ship is 100M)!
  1. Annie Gardet (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 35B ISK damage: 547M, 369M, 341M, 485M, 260M, 1123M, 966M, 505M, 289M, 1690M, 487M, 254M, 258M, 470M, 410M, 412M, 673M, 522M, 359M, 368M, 361M, 1030M, 342M, 450M, 270M, 397M, 416M, 351M, 476M, 714M, 398M, 330M, 406M, 284M, 818M, 270M, 1052M, 527M,
  2. Selena Nolen (PiU PiU oLoLo I am driver UFO, Out of Sight.) with 24B ISK damage: 261M, 284M, 858M, 939M, 325M, 351M, 418M, 798M, 281M, 625M, 1592M, 338M, 433M, 541M, 508M, 256M, 629M, 542M, 505M, 267M, 313M, 264M, 281M, 472M, 307M, 361M, 254M, 261M,
  3. CtrlFreak (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 24B ISK damage: 876M, 695M, 568M, 360M, 271M, 261M, 438M, 250M, 1460M, 359M, 483M, 268M, 593M, 464M, 781M, 329M, 476M, 471M, 867M, 1548M, 412M, 295M,
  4. Monster Dude (Raging Angels, Mordus Angels) with 21B ISK damage: 653M, 275M, 494M, 8809M, 401M, 286M, 307M, 7001M,
  5. Teh Tripple (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 15B ISK damage: 523M, 2806M, 1173M, 3904M, 2016M, 297M,
  6. StarFleetCommander (V0LTA, WE FORM V0LTA) with 13B ISK damage: 535M, 733M, 305M, 538M, 355M, 388M, 598M, 798M, 291M, 299M,
  7. JakeMiester (Reikoku, Pandemic Legion) with 13B ISK damage: 304M, 653M, 2673M, 361M, 1307M, 803M, 343M, 325M, 318M, 2121M, 398M, 968M, 315M,
  8. Cable Uta (Questionable Circles, Ministry of Inappropriate Footwork) with 12B ISK damage: 275M, 322M, 285M, 414M, 257M, 1093M, 642M, 772M, 492M, 255M, 288M, 344M, 351M, 322M, 795M, 466M, 296M, 288M,
  9. Nik IV (Guardians of Toutatis, Mordus Angels) with 12B ISK damage: 256M, 325M, 519M, 582M, 292M, 279M, 347M, 746M, 258M, 337M,
  10. abkiller Outamon (ABTRON, -) with 10B ISK damage: 694M, 255M, 252M, 303M, 316M, 407M, 358M, 574M, 292M, 328M, 741M, 491M,
  11. Steven Ellecone (Catastrophic Overview Failure, Brave Collective) with 10B ISK damage: 302M, 291M, 464M, 325M, 1098M, 307M, 1385M,
  12. Guillejejeje XDD (Zero Tolerance., Project.Mayhem.) with 9B ISK damage: 384M, 521M, 345M, 298M, 382M, 318M, 326M, 398M, 630M, 831M, 296M, 590M,
  13. h4x0r84 (Mosquito Squadron, Mordus Angels) with 9B ISK damage: 813M, 546M, 272M, 1106M,
  14. Starbron (Eat Ship., The-Culture) with 9B ISK damage: 386M, 350M, 573M, 470M, 254M, 531M, 378M, 287M,
  15. Rawstyle (Anomic Entropy, -) with 9B ISK damage: 482M, 685M, 499M, 1266M, 423M, 668M, 251M, 520M, 271M,
  16. Witcher Stilgar (Eat Ship., The-Culture) with 9B ISK damage: 461M, 261M, 678M, 263M, 362M, 267M, 262M, 416M, 528M,
  17. PiXEL UA (Mass of Pixels, Bora Alis) with 9B ISK damage: 342M, 272M, 358M, 3073M, 304M, 251M, 478M, 506M, 362M,
  18. Selina Alabel (University of Caille, #NPC Corporations) with 8B ISK damage: 325M, 559M, 420M, 654M, 409M, 567M, 465M, 381M, 285M, 560M, 632M, 953M, 694M,
  19. Newild (Eat Ship., The-Culture) with 8B ISK damage: 287M, 271M, 311M, 2602M, 307M, 358M, 262M,
  20. Michiell Drenami (Steel Fleet, Phoenix Company Alliance) with 8B ISK damage: 332M, 371M, 375M, 322M, 345M, 396M, 323M, 371M, 345M, 382M, 608M, 310M,
  21. SaNoSuKeJavi (You Betrayed the Law, -) with 8B ISK damage: 1908M, 1570M, 1686M, 298M, 380M,
  22. glenarvan (Raging Angels, Mordus Angels) with 8B ISK damage: 334M, 332M, 498M, 423M, 281M, 410M, 307M, 489M, 314M, 393M, 330M,
  23. Kaleesa (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 8B ISK damage: 280M, 2141M, 637M,
  24. Jonn Burque (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 8B ISK damage: 379M, 639M, 510M, 456M, 528M, 683M, 508M,
  25. Tellenta (Hull Breach., Outnumbered.) with 7B ISK damage: 252M, 522M, 281M, 266M, 354M, 1620M, 251M,
  26. chris lares (AQUILA INC, Verge of Collapse) with 7B ISK damage: 704M, 424M, 741M, 271M, 354M, 300M,
  27. Pyralia Hellcat (Black Lesion, -) with 7B ISK damage: 4683M, 2684M,
  28. Niriel Greez (Specimen 794, Project.Mayhem.) with 7B ISK damage: 2720M, 3597M, 292M,
  29. Malwadas Kadmos (Bikini Bottom Ultras, -) with 7B ISK damage: 292M, 447M, 542M, 368M, 505M, 264M, 484M, 254M,
  30. Birdlike (Method Synergy, -) with 7B ISK damage: 389M, 674M, 539M,
  31. Beetlesquawk Darkscream (R. Daneel Society, Logitech Blasters) with 6B ISK damage: 1535M, 2299M, 800M, 588M,
  32. stefanita (Burning Napalm, Northern Coalition.) with 6B ISK damage: 562M, 251M, 391M, 2785M,
  33. F4rter (Somalian Coast Guard Authority, The Marmite Collective) with 6B ISK damage: 5919M,
  34. Dark 0verlord (Pandemic Horde Inc., Pandemic Horde) with 6B ISK damage: 314M, 990M, 566M, 325M, 323M, 310M, 433M,
  35. 3ulldog (The Phoenix Rising, Vendetta Mercenary Group) with 6B ISK damage: 811M, 4589M, 252M,
  36. Erebus SilentKill (Dissident Aggressors, Mordus Angels) with 6B ISK damage: 313M, 316M, 291M,
  37. TrotaconventoX (UNISEX - Universitas Senioribus EXXE, Mordus Angels) with 6B ISK damage: 255M, 2423M, 423M, 1097M,
  38. Akballah Kassan (Mosquito Squadron, Mordus Angels) with 6B ISK damage: 336M, 335M,
  39. Chris Mas (Hard Knocks Inc., Hard Knocks Citizens) with 6B ISK damage: 311M, 670M, 455M, 565M, 354M, 1219M, 355M,
  40. Col Deathstroke (AQUILA INC, Verge of Collapse) with 6B ISK damage: 570M, 351M, 1163M, 326M, 504M, 652M,
  41. D Struction (The Northerners, Northern Coalition.) with 6B ISK damage: 1368M, 637M, 424M, 282M, 488M, 397M,
  42. Zockhandra (Jewish Zeppelin Mafia, -) with 6B ISK damage: 5264M,
  43. Harvey Skywarker (Higher Than Everest, The-Culture) with 5B ISK damage: 4862M,
  44. JimSkyleder (Malfunctioning Misfit's, Mordus Angels) with 5B ISK damage: 454M, 962M, 371M, 919M,
  45. Raigant Flower (Mass of Pixels, Bora Alis) with 5B ISK damage: 281M, 474M, 268M, 259M, 738M,
  46. Dreadmaster Fluffy (Invictus Origin, Brothers in Arms Alliance) with 5B ISK damage: 466M, 1927M,
  47. Airia Linn (Paradox Collective, Project.Mayhem.) with 5B ISK damage: 257M, 254M, 565M, 283M, 269M, 1140M,
  48. Jyllana Akizel (W A R B O I S, Test Alliance Please Ignore) with 5B ISK damage: 429M, 1076M, 1108M, 302M,
  49. spaceghost69 (SnaiLs aNd FroGs, Drama Sutra) with 5B ISK damage: 466M, 377M, 1107M, 329M, 545M, 1033M, 306M,
  50. Mackers87 (Back Passage Explorer's, -) with 5B ISK damage: 258M, 273M, 302M, 332M, 399M, 1174M, 532M,
Total damage of the top 50 individuals is 452B ISK.


Kevan Smith said...

I won't contribute in March either. I'll give ISK to MoA, instead.

I really hope the 117B resistance meme takes hold.

Anonymous said...

@Kevan Smith

You do know that the character Scooter is a known scammer, so this whole 117B thing is getting upvoted on Reddit for the wrong reasons. I guess the desperate will cling to anything to make them feel better, even if it is manufactured hope.