Greedy Goblin

Friday, November 27, 2015

And God said, let there be light!

There is a permanent joke among physicists and physic students:

In the univ half of them had on T-shirts. It was mostly an in-joke, because few of us chemists, even less of the biologists and mathematics and obviously none of the literature major students had a clue what it is. It was extremely popular among female physics and chemistry students due to being effective pickup-repellent (sadly, guys under a level of education simply believed them to be non-figurative art).

The point is that despite being a good joke, knowing these equations makes no light, which amounts to the sad fact that so few people know them. On the other hand everyone knows Edison who did not invent the light bulb. He built the first practically usable light bulb based system (complete with power supply). Knowledge is of course important to create something, but is only important for the creator. The users can enjoy it without having the slightest clue what's going on inside the bulb, tube or led. For them, the technology itself is just nonsense they don't care and they are entitled to do so. Sure, by doing so they give up the hope of ever amounting to mankind any more than by repetitive work, but in the foreseeable future there will be such jobs (homemaker and prostitute included), so they have nothing to worry about.

Why am I telling this? Because a bunch of delusional redditors herald the fall of Goonswarm now that we know from defected liutenants of Evil Endie and tegiminis that they are totally corrupted. Except... we learned absolutely nothing new from them, besides the funny bit that the ISK budget of TMC is 1/10 - 1/5 as big as my MoA support. I'm not poor after all. Everything else was already common knowledge. Any Endie or Tegiminis revelation I've missed, please drop a comment and look up a link on my blog or on another blogs (except this one, that's a genuine surprise). The point is that we learned absolutely nothing new from Endie and Tegiminis. How can this non-news make difference? It won't. People believe it will, because - as good socials - they believe that the world is just, the people are good and now that there are testimonies, someone will do something.

Who? CCP?! Yes, since their community manager (who must handle such case) acts as a contributor on TMC and spreads toxic Goon propaganda, CCP will be eager to strike TMC down. Just like he did last time Goons broke the law (not the EULA, the law). The best we can expect from CCP is to force Goons to dance better. Someone at Reddit (with lots of upvotes) gets it.

But, but, but now the "big players" like PL and NC. will be mad enough to kill Goons. Totally. Just like last time. NC. might tries, but since they are shit, it won't make any difference. Oh, maybe PH and BNI and TEST will unite and crush them.

Sion summarized it well: "Mittani will still be here, with the thousands of swarm brethren and the black ships of the Imperial Armada at his back. Your impotent /r/eve badposts won't save you from the wrath of our guns any more this time around than it did any of the others."

Nobody will save you! Knowing all the truth about Goons won't hurt them any more than knowing the Maxwell equations makes light. Not CCP, not PL, not PH+BNI+TEST, not upvoting redditors and definitely not NC will act. If you ask your corp CEO to deploy, he'll decline with "something, content, something, fun, something, newbros". You are all alone and they are tens of thousands. According to the social voice in your head, you are a hopeless nobody against the unstoppable menace. According to the reality:
532M, 762M, 1597M, 955M, 532M, 684M, 532M, 3405M, 765M, 1473M, 517M, 1005M, 685M, 928M, 545M, 560M, 878M, 1309M, 937M, 621M, 554M, 1730M, 1413M, 1258M, 956M, 1718M, 1113M, 643M, 1208M, 560M, 2982M, 652M, 836M, 504M, 589M, 783M, 719M, 1656M, 761M, 557M, 895M, 985M, 507M, 640M, 503M, 534M, 1715M, 1034M, 718M, 716M, 1204M, 2373M, 4279M, 603M, 682M, 826M, 1859M, 1418M, 980M, 767M, 1418M, 959M, 576M, 772M, 597M, 696M, 1405M, 747M, 580M, 561M, 573M, 612M, 578M, 2403M, 843M, 1508M, 661M, 809M, 1278M, 534M, 557M, 739M, 965M, 839M, 703M, 679M, 708M, 1280M, 883M, 613M, 944M, 753M, 977M, 936M, 1194M, 576M, 572M, 667M, 536M, 1279M, 1449M, 531M, 540M, 565M, 1424M, 656M, 667M, 775M, 643M, 1002M, 598M, 621M, 1012M, 526M, 717M, 1092M, 775M, 899M, 1045M, 802M, 1785M, 1774M, 641M, 531M, 1029M, 583M, 787M, 637M, 847M, 699M, 957M, 760M, 689M, 765M, 687M, 2531M, 736M, 613M, 574M, 550M, 831M, 949M, 635M, 536M, 803M, 524M, 702M, 645M, 1028M, 1154M, 779M, 620M, 634M, 1162M, 568M, 1094M, 652M, 738M, 574M, 669M, 617M, 706M, 623M, 679M, 730M, 765M, 539M, 776M, 581M, 584M, 668M, 742M, 8250M, 836M, 648M, 1432M, 2825M, 932M, 946M, 1269M, 3953M, 3829M, 814M, 903M, 596M, 531M, 1162M, 711M, 548M, 659M, 754M, 539M, 1567M, 617M, 698M, 698M, 698M, 918M, 504M, 776M, 1101M, 544M, 604M, 677M, 675M, 730M, 1107M, 2429M, 2978M, 834M, 1388M, 580M, 618M, 1819M, 2897M, 2956M, 1299M, 5322M, 537M, 813M, 576M, 1240M, 695M, 566M, 1531M, 1346M, 543M, 866M, 823M, 949M, 843M, 1268M, 604M, 3747M, 1811M, 537M, 934M, 516M, 613M, 627M, 540M, 591M, 788M, 563M, 534M, 630M, 623M, 1128M, 537M, 549M, 698M, 2154M, 599M, 592M, 543M, 900M, 534M, 508M, 1368M, 629M, 600M, 986M, 767M, 629M, 500M, 569M, 609M, 2611M, 2890M, 719M, 693M, 1218M, 522M, 862M, 1456M, 547M, 899M, 1658M, 762M, 545M, 628M, 709M, 1010M, 3177M, 624M, 1204M, 564M, 650M, 798M, 540M, 843M, 788M, 605M, 765M, 539M, 811M, 512M, 843M, 1385M, 751M, 559M, 705M, 764M, 802M, 1091M, 528M, 908M, 909M, 641M, 1639M, 753M, 2142M, 1187M, 540M, 2856M, 3117M, 510M, 1030M, 525M, 2010M, 1183M, 2650M, 1377M, 511M, 541M, 511M, 1358M, 2181M, 540M, 833M, 1218M, 2259M, 536M, 2272M, 538M, 679M, 523M, 3305M, 874M, 687M, 614M, 2156M, 1031M, 2166M, 580M, 6521M, 627M, 827M, 853M, 671M, 717M, 600M, 677M, 2925M, 631M, 760M, 714M, 503M, 519M, 532M, 1116M, 518M, 543M, 5581M, 552M, 718M, 943M, 594M, 527M, 943M, 1018M, 922M, 582M, 1091M, 754M, 558M, 607M, 2538M, 624M, 2542M, 555M, 657M, 574M, 2291M, 527M, 606M, 2413M, 656M, 919M, 840M, 910M, 546M, 899M, 701M, 701M, 764M, 669M, 1210M, 782M, 590M, 1946M, 512M, 585M, 1823M, 626M, 1061M, 635M, 865M, 525M, 707M, 664M, 527M, 919M, 887M, 549M, 671M, 510M, 1467M, 552M, 599M, 560M, 835M, 543M, 660M, 636M, 1239M, 1107M, 1526M, 780M, 837M, 1036M, 1037M, 675M, 577M, 1175M, 1038M, 1551M, 959M, 757M, 832M, 672M, 532M, 761M, 512M, 1536M, 935M, 735M, 1182M, 533M, 893M, 642M, 632M, 533M, 2625M, 704M, 1269M, 641M, 604M, 999M, 520M, 1036M, 963M, 651M, 517M, 539M, 2657M, 1002M, 1517M, 768M, 547M, 645M, 864M, 592M, 512M, 745M, 552M, 666M, 924M, 7372M, 548M, 513M, 936M, 833M, 717M, 742M, 714M, 775M, 1082M, 3884M, 535M, 539M, 513M, 696M, 799M, 536M, 611M, 509M, 546M, 1162M, 2626M, 1071M, 2955M, 531M, 637M, 610M, 966M, 520M, 518M, 820M, 779M, 1063M, 1795M, 1102M, 738M, 818M, 592M, 687M, 1189M, 830M, 631M, 5667M, 2554M, 513M, 598M, 505M, 899M, 894M, 516M, 571M, 518M, 621M, 656M, 2203M, 518M, 2485M, 742M, 946M, 618M, 520M, 847M, 2708M, 517M, 551M, 547M, 1322M, 629M, 723M, 500M, 976M, 551M, 656M, 547M, 518M, 1065M, 666M, 737M, 579M, 1707M, 4719M, 2168M, 728M, 514M, 502M, 966M, 511M, 816M, 1408M, 1635M, 529M, 570M, 688M, 1910M, 527M, 1319M, 679M, 2179M, 627M, 518M, 678M, 1088M, 568M, 1722M, 1158M, 1252M, 1165M, 558M, 2928M, 2060M, 591M, 1475M, 1138M, 550M, 514M, 651M, 501M, 1108M, 624M, 1140M, 1889M, 678M, 736M, 831M, 551M, 675M, 696M, 735M, 880M, 666M, 787M, 787M, 891M, 1946M, 511M, 516M, 522M, 783M, 1057M, 552M, 751M, 1296M, 670M, 962M, 557M, 636M, 624M, 2325M, 1337M, 533M, 1024M, 1078M, 2168M, 2040M, 2012M, 885M, 660M, 2878M, 1352M, 778M, 1250M, 554M, 504M, 967M, 557M, 1105M, 515M, 539M, 3227M, 554M, 537M, 991M, 597M, 2142M, 1074M, 1688M, 2494M, 588M, 1506M, 631M, 526M, 530M, 767M, 681M, 1341M, 836M, 532M, 799M, 676M, 677M, 898M, 832M, 2533M, 974M, 632M, 733M, 664M, 2916M, 705M, 671M, 956M, 798M, 7720M, 509M, 1210M, 690M, 1616M, 545M, 632M, 898M, 5214M, 662M, 1827M, 936M, 1039M, 1192M, 984M, 949M, 774M, 870M, 529M, 517M, 624M, 1295M, 839M, 832M, 575M, 592M, 683M, 634M, 1149M, 868M, 935M, 518M, 801M, 769M, 1184M, 559M, 1183M, 798M, 2223M, 942M, 621M, 595M, 506M, 1686M, 542M, 644M, 534M, 598M, 1144M, 1032M, 603M, 500M, 531M, 2696M, 1123M, 645M, 849M, 502M, 1144M, 695M, 539M, 611M, 582M, 811M, 1554M, 555M, 515M, 679M, 800M, 1099M, 2754M, 1199M, 504M, 758M, 829M, 676M, 546M, 736M, 589M, 553M, 581M, 513M, 2830M, 972M, 2149M, 559M, 1905M, 1166M, 902M, 728M, 594M, 2791M, 675M, 701M, 780M, 887M, 753M, 842M, 831M, 1256M, 803M, 1592M, 702M, 518M, 715M, 881M, 694M, 1821M, 1818M, 1032M, 518M, 591M, 1835M, 1928M, 1820M, 1818M, 1343M, 1419M, 1927M, 1444M, 1419M, 547M, 1598M, 847M, 580M, 562M, 614M, 577M, 598M, 811M, 577M, 577M, 1156M, 502M, 502M, 594M, 573M, 746M, 2542M, 861M, 2541M, 725M, 1043M, 1024M, 1526M, 815M, 1084M, 656M, 908M, 784M, 503M, 928M, 847M, 634M, 2762M, 1550M, 611M, 621M, 682M, 1417M, 884M, 500M, 784M, 1530M, 531M, 722M, 1706M, 641M, 576M, 1124M, 1509M, 1037M, 2217M, 1787M, 868M, 1985M, 613M, 729M, 518M, 513M, 908M, 588M, 507M, 571M, 593M, 1034M, 1311M, 721M, 562M, 647M, 806M, 939M, 717M, 1592M, 829M, 668M, 534M, 604M, 583M, 2409M, 789M, 518M, 1355M, 545M, 938M, 542M, 1070M, 714M, 1073M, 594M, 1122M, 1069M, 603M, 619M, 2020M, 523M, 2563M, 735M, 1008M, 610M, 2648M, 2566M, 510M, 556M, 542M, 730M, 1206M, 1123M, 545M, 722M, 710M, 720M, 699M, 635M, 632M, 693M, 532M, 553M, 781M, 863M, 508M, 785M, 656M, 1099M, 902M, 606M, 603M, 774M, 673M, 636M, 2732M, 982M, 822M, 580M, 647M, 506M, 946M, 1103M, 1145M, 1057M, 652M, 540M, 1036M, 719M, 1076M, 3105M, 3024M, 696M, 575M, 3120M, 582M, 1666M, 571M, 628M, 900M, 711M, 694M, 730M, 605M, 2098M, 614M, 1143M, 1186M, 570M, 521M, 1089M, 788M, 564M, 721M, 730M, 1337M, 1850M, 1611M, 926M, 900M, 696M, 1167M, 820M, 3282M, 522M, 511M, 619M, 629M, 846M, 732M, 501M, 974M, 2187M, 917M, 4896M, 609M, 575M, 573M, 523M, 744M, 2105M, 721M, 795M, 524M, 917M, 605M, 997M, 1302M, 570M, 1005M, 554M, 658M, 803M, 2298M, 2298M, 572M, 510M, 1684M, 642M, 1379M, 528M, 1000M, 2371M, 874M, 541M, 651M, 522M, 718M, 754M, 543M, 980M, 1810M, 642M, 2411M, 682M, 1795M, 689M, 549M, 586M, 1120M, 778M, 692M, 1682M, 556M, 1024M, 1061M, 819M, 535M, 514M, 571M, 984M, 1123M, 2759M, 1273M, 617M, 2192M, 610M, 1616M, 569M, 519M, 694M, 1004M, 935M, 1426M, 878M, 655M, 703M, 690M, 541M, 940M, 1184M, 828M, 1090M, 613M, 1092M, 888M, 892M, 1045M, 507M, 600M, 1183M, 502M, 749M, 956M, 2240M, 853M, 766M, 800M, 2029M, 650M, 509M, 595M, 990M, 604M, 703M, 798M, 591M, 626M, 577M, 3869M, 1177M, 712M, 608M, 916M, 662M, 842M, 806M, 662M, 865M, 1980M, 542M, 529M, 525M, 610M, 635M, 980M, 844M, 686M, 684M, 551M, 517M, 2410M, 1994M, 625M, 572M, 704M, 676M, 1079M, 615M, 723M, 1963M, 708M, 1019M, 778M, 772M, 630M, 599M, 1065M, 642M, 571M, 588M, 557M, 806M, 3077M, 587M, 661M, 550M, 1584M, 2158M, 728M, 660M, 1029M, 790M, 1467M, 521M, 642M, 2368M, 937M, 562M, 917M, 559M, 695M, 1289M, 1058M, 1086M, 519M, 1539M, 1154M, 1943M, 598M, 2345M, 1422M, 774M, 614M, 659M, 855M, 950M, 589M, 513M, 1156M, 2167M, 844M, 2288M, 811M, 528M, 553M, 587M, 1174M, 739M, 791M, 1207M, 740M, 588M, 501M, 2110M, 768M, 591M, 613M, 866M, 729M, 781M, 785M, 1118M, 939M, 727M, 516M, 765M, 554M, 567M, 870M, 532M, 749M, 933M, 592M, 1450M, 859M, 842M, 707M, 5578M, 517M, 547M, 731M, 694M, 835M, 1534M, 1449M, 528M, 1113M, 1148M, 1020M, 510M, 1449M, 505M, 1816M, 513M, 786M, 688M, 721M, 636M, 510M, 586M, 513M, 832M, 1451M, 637M, 1154M, 508M, 978M, 1205M, 725M, 584M, 538M, 1136M, 536M, 1298M, 519M, 1813M, 503M, 1087M, 639M, 768M, 581M, 682M, 528M, 1739M, 881M, 574M, 1651M, 1409M, 779M, 514M, 1026M, 698M, 1091M, 514M, 1507M, 595M, 723M, 719M, 867M, 595M, 2652M, 1856M, 589M, 832M, 924M, 1440M, 1304M, 514M, 515M, 944M, 555M, 514M, 574M, 843M, 1109M, 2080M, 1213M, 629M, 1257M, 5280M, 7404M, 839M, 736M, 870M, 573M, 573M, 872M, 1892M, 622M, 789M, 714M, 799M, 515M, 540M, 758M, 3621M, 1126M, 542M, 1102M, 511M, 608M, 561M, 7430M, 572M, 1004M, 627M, 581M, 627M, 551M, 1519M, 640M, 726M, 1649M, 750M, 2069M, 572M, 1141M, 1742M, 1007M, 1021M, 604M, 1358M, 1560M, 1101M, 1166M, 656M, 1562M, 746M, 553M, 533M, 2167M, 968M, 2669M, 612M, 768M, 1112M, 853M, 628M, 770M, 845M, 628M, 622M, 925M, 644M, 578M, 650M, 2828M, 900M, 806M, 853M, 1042M, 1206M, 1154M, 3345M, 777M, 532M, 2438M, 2338M, 1434M, 1052M, 559M, 1466M, 542M, 1011M, 2274M, 611M, 756M, 1128M, 694M, 637M, 565M, 662M, 1140M, 2267M, 509M, 1137M, 796M, 841M, 509M, 1359M, 594M, 4299M, 756M, 834M, 879M, 703M, 959M, 1109M, 587M, 671M, 931M, 532M, 658M, 786M, 531M, 571M, 671M, 739M, 892M, 1988M, 1631M, 909M, 655M, 964M, 629M, 817M, 1463M, 752M, 925M, 1153M, 1526M, 1301M, 585M, 1013M, 1088M, 717M, 1826M, 1586M, 871M, 2755M, 677M, 1176M, 908M, 525M, 580M, 1190M, 1030M, 747M, 507M, 1416M, 869M, 1059M, 1117M, 699M, 959M, 2386M, 814M, 965M, 3144M, 556M, 681M, 729M, 1295M, 516M, 534M, 878M, 1179M, 1213M, 1506M, 2633M, 575M, 535M, 912M, 3110M, 718M, 1124M, 595M, 1071M, 1155M, 625M, 694M, 553M, 1321M, 779M, 868M, 624M, 694M, 536M, 502M, 509M, 515M, 806M, 1210M, 639M, 612M, 759M, 2738M, 1026M, 1558M, 653M, 2809M, 2322M, 732M, 658M, 739M, 2491M, 2048M, 633M, 584M, 1034M, 552M, 505M, 1376M, 567M, 589M, 508M, 582M, 606M, 563M, 609M, 857M, 1540M, 731M, 613M, 620M, 1434M, 761M, 503M, 558M, 611M, 1153M, 565M, 1357M, 659M, 801M, 1137M, 808M, 638M, 784M, 527M, 509M, 956M, 508M, 519M, 1781M, 846M, 575M, 506M, 705M, 2238M, 1191M, 522M, 2245M, 1826M, 698M, 1245M, 777M, 579M, 715M, 1079M, 569M, 947M, 1284M, 958M, 2277M, 1068M, 607M, 809M, 580M, 500M, 502M, 1437M, 912M, 637M, 503M, 1367M, 922M, 888M, 545M, 1494M, 1149M, 1096M, 1062M, 794M, 625M, 1016M, 579M, 578M, 999M, 1030M, 529M, 690M, 1075M, 2197M, 650M, 578M, 776M, 593M, 505M, 507M, 745M, 1148M, 517M, 729M, 737M, 505M, 805M, 546M, 1027M, 872M, 565M, 865M, 561M, 531M, 737M, 603M, 584M, 871M, 538M, 1340M, 516M, 657M, 502M, 848M, 725M, 690M, 1286M, 538M, 855M, 708M, 533M, 1249M, 688M, 2510M, 726M, 621M, 1753M, 2760M, 1507M, 1088M, 591M, 618M, 607M, 650M, 1058M, 506M, 2201M, 1151M, 525M, 574M, 1475M, 638M, 1381M, 527M, 773M, 584M, 717M, 601M, 613M, 642M, 829M, 792M, 1983M, 1975M, 3279M, 515M, 2523M, 707M, 3194M, 650M, 1239M, 2188M, 511M, 845M, 1349M, 597M, 804M, 1212M, 504M, 862M.

... you could be one of the guys who caused 6586B damage to the Evil Band of Bookstarters in 184326 solo kills in the last 12 months. That's what a single guy can do. Or you can quit your nothingdoing corp and join one in MoA, OOS, Project Mayhem in nullsec and various lowsec and WH groups regularly killing them. Or you can donate, like I did (over 1T now, since the start of the GRR project in 2014 Jan.)

Stop being the funny guy in the Maxwell equations T-shirt and be Edison! Go and bring the light to the darkness of Deklein! Don't worry, there will be no dragons, just medium shield booster carriers!

PS: I promised 2 guides a week, but this is very recent drama. I'll make 3 next week to make it up.


Unknown said...

In fainess, we all strongly suspected what was going on with CFC/GSF/TMdC but Endie & Teg have now confirmed our suspicions.

No longer can rank & file CFC members hide behind their 'grrr gon' put down of any criticism.

Gevlon said...

Sion already provided them the thought bit to reject any critism:

It's not "Mittani is making money! It isn't just CCP that monetizes players, this is something you see fairly frequently across EVE. Rixx Javixx had a gofundme so that he could produce artwork that he's partnered with CCP on and for which he presumably gets a cut. Sort Dragon's gofundme for a new computer so he could keep leading fleets and delivering content had a similar result. Avalloc sells people Bees and Test paraphernalia. Markee Dragon, Mad Ani (who now streams Star Citizen), any website with ads (including CZ, EN24, and this one), server drives, selling IT help, FC's getting accounts paid, workers for alliance interests getting PLEX, and more. The commonality here is that is that someone somewhere is making money. Where is the outrage over these self-interested charlatans?"

Anonymous said...

"I'm not poor after all. "
Nope, you're still poor. Just because goons choose to limit a budget for TMC doesn't change where you stand in comparison with other traders in EVE. What you make in a month I easily make in a week, and I'm by far not the richest trader.

Gevlon said...

1: "Anonymous" is always more rich, more powerful and have more supermodel girlfriends than me. It was hard, but I made peace with that fact.

2: I'm at war with Goons, so my budget vs their budget matters. If a neutral party has more money than us, it's irrelevant in our relation.

Rob said...

So since this entire post boils down to "WAAAH, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE", why are you continuing to waste your life fighting it. Nothing will ever change, so you are literally throwing isk and mountains of time away to accomplish nothing. That makes you a moron by your own standards, right? If you saw someone else wasting this much time on an obviously impossible task, you'd post up how much of a moron they are.

Anonymous said...

Why would I care of Rixx got all butthurt about it, he is one of many parasites involved in monetizing the game. He admits himself that he was been litigated against, but he tries to make it all Crusader-like because he and CCP came to some kind of agreement. Hell, I said it there, so I will say it here. Some of us long time subscription players (like, since Beta) have been complaining about this forever. By adjusting their business plan to pay for ideas, CCP could make profits as the players would be telling management what they would spend their money on. We spoke up loudly when Markee Dragon was not banned during the Somer Blink fiasco. We spoke up loudly when more players were not banned when iwantisk was thought to be rmting. We complained LOUDLY when Rixx was given a table to sell his posters at Fanfest. We have been against betting sites and gambling sites from the beginning. We even petitioned the CSM to ask CCP if there was a way they could do all of these things themselves instead of continuously creating financial reasons and loopholes for players to do all of these things. Know why we were never heard? The 'toxic' part of the community. None of this is about jealousy, it's about looking past the B.S. and seeing how this damages the game.

When it comes to Rixx, he freely admits there was litigation against him, but he comes across as aff Crusader-like because he was at the center of legal movement on CCPs part that allows him to do it now and they ended up supporting him at Fanfest. Team something or another have said they will not charge for downloadable fanart; amazingly, he recently joined them. Why now after there were three(?) attempts to sue him? So as far as I am concerned, he is one of a string of parasites that are contributing to the downfall of this game by requiring cash for his passion vs CCP giving him game time (and possibly for profit collector ships).

Eve. Best game to read about and never play.

Gevlon said...

@Rob: nothing will ever change by itself or by "other people" or "the government" (game dev).
Things will change when you (I) change them.

@Anon: Rixx is a different issue as he is producing artwork and not "non-consensual in-game content". The rest is problem, but only because we let it be a problem. Instead of whining about Markee Dragon, check if your own alliance has a PLEX link via him. If yes, tell them to stop it or you quit and carry on with your decision.

Anonymous said...

Anon: We suggested all corp members drop Markee as soon as Somber Blink dropped the infamous CCP approved of what we are doing post. While we are not angels (we do Marketing majors for the US Government) we do love the game as it stands. Unfortunately, we have seen it from small business all the way up to governments, if there is a way to cash out, people will abuse it as often as they legally can.

Eve. Best game to read about and never play.

Unknown said...

Well written!

Ofc the clusterfuck damage control mechanisms went to work, trolling everywhere to ridicule the RMT charges.

Calling the bookstarter project Jeff Edwards personal project was hilarious, but sadly enough, because most people are dumb as shit, something of this false allegations stick... If only anyone could look up the kickstarter page and read taht the bookstarter is run by The Mittani Media!! NOt Jeff Edwards... It'S the shittani himself!!! Jeff Edwards is only a hired pen...

Anyway, anyone can go hunting gewns... Anytime, anywhere.... Admittedly MoA seem to be best organised to do so...

Have to agree with "Anonymous Anonymous said.. @ 27 November, 2015 09:19"

Eve. Best game to read about and never play.

Rob said...

"nothing will ever change by itself or by "other people" or "the government" (game dev).
Things will change when you (I) change them."
Will they change though?
People have been campaigning against them for years and they only get stronger when people do. Honestly, I think the best way to fight them is to ignore them. When they do a Burn Jita, just don't show up, deny them content. When they go on about how they are going to raid a region, don't even talk about it. When they start a kickstarter, just ignore it and let it silently die.

Anonymous said...

"If only anyone could look up the kickstarter page and read taht the bookstarter is run by The Mittani Media!! NOt Jeff Edwards... It'S the shittani himself!!! Jeff Edwards is only a hired pen..."

If only you could read the description of Mittani Media.

" and Jeff Edwards have partnered together to create The Mittani Media, a new media company focused on creating gut-wrenching thrillers based on the player created stories that happen in Eve Online."

Anonymous said...

No mathematics undergrad worth the name would fail to recognize Maxwell's equations.

Anonymous said...

So if the book had been funded and gone on to be wildly successful who gets the movie deal? TMC or CCP?

one of the most ridiculous parts of this whole thing is the claim that a book will save a MMO game. who the fuck reads books anymore? certainly not 14-21 year old who should be prime recruitment targets for EVE

perhaps a comic might have been a better idea. perhaps Rixx should do a kick starter for one.