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Monday, August 3, 2015

The July losses of the minions of Evil

Update: there was a slight error in the reporting program, ignoring corps without alliances in the toplist (total data were unaffected). May and June reports were updated. Sorry Lazerhawks and Raging ducks!

Another month passed and 2.8T worth of minions of Evil passed away. The most interesting result of this month is that SMA losses are reaching GSF losses, which decreased a lot. Goons positioned carefully preparing to Fozziesov, placing their minions as meat-shield front of them.

Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all members of the Imperium of Evil (formerly CFC). As always, the killboard inflation is removed, so if you did 1% damage of a 100B titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B. 49936 API verified kills were processed and distributed among the alliances:
Alliance B ISK lost
Circle-Of-Two 249
Executive Outcomes 51
Fidelas Constans 368
Get Off My Lawn 186
Goonswarm Federation 669
RAZOR Alliance 168
RvB - BLUE Republic 88
RvB - RED Federation 97
SpaceMonkey's Alliance 503
Tactical Narcotics Team 105
The Initiative. 84
The Bastion 213
Small ones 58
Total CFC losses 2840

Below you can see how many killers were on their kill reports, proving that solo and small gang are not dead:
Size category B ISK destroyed
Solo 676
2..3 624
4..5 403
6..10 509
11..30 388
31+ 239

Below you can see how many ships and ISK they lost in different ship value groups:
Size category Ships lost B ISK destroyed
-40M 33622 341
40M-125M 6735 473
125M-250M 2385 451
250M-400M 1338 419
400M-1500M+ 991 667
1500M+ 140 489

Finally, the zone distribution that shows that CFC mostly dies at home, usually while ratting:
Zone B ISK destroyed
Deklein 282
Branch 241
Fade 239
Venal 218
Vale of the Silent 211
Low_Black Rise 210
Tribute 204
HighThe Citadel 176
Pure Blind 129
Tenal 99
HighThe Forge 98
Cloud Ring 74
Geminate 74
Low_Lonetrek 64
Low_The Citadel 54
Sum of small ones 468
Total 2840

Let's see the top killers and their 500M+ kills!
  1. Mordus Angels with 174B ISK damage: 620M, 1367M, 1475M, 701M, 1008M, 812M, 1114M, 732M, 2547M, 1026M, 746M, 1043M, 527M, 974M, 536M, 575M, 594M, 1144M, 518M, 2639M, 642M, 755M, 599M, 528M, 2411M, 515M, 1226M, 571M, 538M, 548M, 982M, 556M, 509M, 1039M, 504M, 597M, 569M, 1092M, 1150M, 2192M, 760M, 690M, 541M, 644M, 581M, 692M, 1135M, 761M, 504M, 2240M, 647M, 1368M,
  2. Snuffed Out with 164B ISK damage: 105B, 9559M, 759M, 588M, 579M, 696M, 614M, 973M, 33B,
  3. Project.Mayhem. with 119B ISK damage: 525M, 1016M, 700M, 510M, 1035M, 624M, 724M, 3024M, 14B, 1143M, 1337M, 900M, 3589M, 605M, 1379M, 1945M, 3243M, 2371M, 541M, 2325M, 502M, 566M, 514M, 523M, 610M, 1718M, 1004M, 935M, 703M, 790M, 828M, 1045M, 4030M, 2226M,
  4. Verge of Collapse with 108B ISK damage: 721M, 1343M, 538M, 1057M, 652M, 1031M, 561M, 2430M, 530M, 1076M, 1285M, 863M, 3236M, 1280M, 748M, 741M, 657M, 628M, 900M, 711M, 1655M, 521M, 934M, 527M, 1048M, 696M, 1167M, 820M, 1373M, 1055M, 1899M, 619M, 806M, 954M, 721M, 896M, 1452M, 1707M, 738M, 819M, 955M,
  5. Pandemic Legion with 88B ISK damage: 3438M, 659M, 1625M, 4679M, 3279M, 2962M, 2374M, 3099M, 1641M, 824M, 2328M, 682M, 1059M, 1146M, 876M, 1569M, 1666M, 503M, 588M, 517M, 715M, 534M, 644M, 1118M, 814M, 891M, 1493M, 679M,
  6. #Corp: Super Cr3w with 85B ISK damage: 800M, 776M, 511M, 917M, 624M, 1721M, 1087M, 965M, 1000M, 871M, 522M, 1364M, 718M, 779M, 535M, 927M, 1508M, 653M, 827M, 940M, 654M, 926M, 1184M, 505M, 870M,
  7. Out of Sight. with 84B ISK damage: 662M, 1103M, 834M, 727M, 947M, 548M, 641M, 748M, 532M, 1689M, 502M, 636M, 596M, 3397M, 601M, 2384M, 1604M, 719M, 586M, 1175M, 1603M, 1190M, 636M, 837M, 1144M, 835M, 1481M,
  8. RvB - RED Federation with 73B ISK damage: 701M, 849M, 2421M, 520M, 543M, 1551M, 787M, 1504M, 1496M, 635M, 644M, 1616M,
  9. RvB - BLUE Republic with 72B ISK damage: 719M, 546M, 538M, 839M, 546M, 503M, 1310M, 570M, 607M, 1025M,
  10. Test Alliance Please Ignore with 58B ISK damage: 1146M, 1816M, 866M, 529M, 820M, 1115M, 530M, 507M, 670M, 1175M,
  11. Black Legion. with 56B ISK damage: 822M, 1249M, 1700M, 879M, 610M, 598M, 874M, 739M, 682M, 1653M, 515M,
  12. The Marmite Collective with 55B ISK damage: 1230M, 3105M, 512M, 981M, 967M, 605M, 544M, 1226M, 593M, 573M, 997M, 803M, 576M, 680M, 1998M, 1292M, 1565M, 948M, 713M, 561M, 890M, 711M, 4717M, 709M, 512M, 600M,
  13. Legion of xXDEATHXx with 51B ISK damage: 1567M, 1094M, 1169M, 1217M, 1145M, 597M, 786M, 1611M, 3282M, 663M, 810M,
  14. Pandemic Horde with 42B ISK damage: 594M, 503M, 621M, 1037M, 1031M, 5781M, 643M, 1120M, 594M,
  15. Drama Sutra with 38B ISK damage: 518M, 595M, 3900M, 931M, 611M, 1270M, 732M, 1302M, 1920M, 547M,
  16. The Gorgon Empire with 37B ISK damage: 604M, 921M, 1210M, 540M, 901M, 576M, 549M, 820M, 638M,
  17. Triumvirate. with 35B ISK damage: 551M, 578M, 748M, 2496M, 512M, 537M,
  18. Infinity Space. with 35B ISK damage: 849M, 721M, 904M, 542M, 573M, 1733M, 697M, 651M, 725M,
  19. #Corp: Anime Masters with 35B ISK damage: 510M, 984M, 1123M, 1090M, 613M, 892M, 1183M, 502M, 749M, 853M,
  20. Jita Holding Inc. with 34B ISK damage: 506M, 1673M, 564M, 560M, 788M, 524M, 615M, 572M, 754M, 1795M, 689M, 1682M, 685M, 1485M, 813M,
  21. Bora Alis with 33B ISK damage: 1734M, 1186M, 554M, 792M, 866M, 955M, 1436M,
  22. Hard Knocks Citizens with 33B ISK damage: 977M, 646M, 1020M, 875M, 1192M, 2338M, 1385M, 551M, 1123M, 989M, 1360M, 1967M, 695M, 631M, 2870M,
  23. Amarr Navy. with 32B ISK damage: 549M, 516M, 729M, 506M, 620M, 828M, 564M, 501M, 825M, 2432M, 705M,
  24. Lethal Intent. with 29B ISK damage: 1082M, 925M, 1851M, 561M, 1628M, 878M, 2439M, 671M,
  25. Ixtab. with 27B ISK damage: 990M, 1566M, 1847M, 735M, 1452M, 1733M, 780M, 1251M, 954M, 1456M, 1196M, 2240M, 1532M,
  26. Brave Collective with 26B ISK damage: 717M, 926M, 1557M, 917M, 2559M, 1043M, 692M, 1130M,
  27. #Corp: Raging Ducks with 23B ISK damage: 1298M, 1427M, 704M, 1850M, 821M, 716M, 1054M,
  28. Gentlemen's.Club with 23B ISK damage: 501M, 651M, 608M,
  29. SOLAR FLEET with 23B ISK damage: 542M, 1076M, 680M, 759M, 688M, 1089M,
  30. Goonswarm Federation with 21B ISK damage: 4048M, 730M, 1114M, 884M, 554M, 1975M, 2479M, 1092M, 741M,
  31. #Corp: Faceless Ronins with 20B ISK damage: 979M, 1017M, 636M, 657M, 555M, 1066M, 975M, 834M,
MoA being #1 killer doesn't surprise anyone anymore, everyone knows they are the worst enemies of the Imperium of Evil. The bad performance of Out of Sight is quite a disappointment and I cease to support them. Verge of Collapse on the other hand did very good, especially if we consider that they split mid-month and the most anti-Goon corp, Anime Masters continued alone. Together they did 143B which is #3 position after Snuffed Out which isn't anti-Goon, just catches every dumb super in lowsec. And CFC has plenty of dumb.

Pandemic Legion was a positive surprise. While they are still not near the performance of MoA, they are at least making some effort instead of farming hopeless newbies. RvB unfortunately isn't dead yet, they managed to increase their performance. If you click on the TEST kills, you see that most of them are from Sa Matra and his alts/friends. They deserve more attention.

PS: shameless smug.


Monster said...

You should improve your stats. There are a lot of kills that you attribute MoA and do not count for R-DU. This is wrong.

Just one example (Ğ°ctually there are more)

- FC - Raging Ducks (Monster Dude)
- spais - Raging Ducks (glenarvan)
- cyno - Raging Ducks (glenarvan)
- tackler - Raging Ducks

Of course, we were pleased to invite our friends - MoA.

Gevlon said... was listed under MoA with 1368M damage, despite the kill is 1920M. This is because 71% of the damage was done by MoA pilots.

There is no possible way to tell who was the spy, the FC, the cyno and the tackler from the killboard.

Hanura H'arasch said...

Forums: "And you just showed what a silly bean you are, the thing about mining barges and exhumers is that their tank should be able to tank a single T1 destroyer until Concord arrive in a 0.5 system,"

I like how so many (veteran) players have absolutely no idea what a single T1 destroyer is capable of in a 0.5 system.

Fex said...

Can you add a figure for the amount of isk you paid to the various groups in your report? I would be interested to find out what your investment in moa effectively was in July. Even more interested if you cold split it up in categories like contract for the wardec, contribution towards srp, etc.

Anonymous said...

Comparing apples and pears. Null sec alliances can shoot any cfc 24/7. My alliance was only at war with a few of them and not the entire month. If we were at war with all of them the entire month, we would probably be number 1 on the list.


Gevlon said...

@Tora: You can raise the money to dec all of them. Or get a client to pay for them.

Anonymous said...

I never said we couldn't. Just saying you re comparing apples/pears. You cant make a top x list if the variables (different number of weeks and targets) aren't the same. You, as a numbers guy, should know that ;-).


Gevlon said...

PL could say that they could kill more Goons if they'd deploy there and make the effort. Which would be true. Most probably everyone could kill more CFC if they'd make the necessary effort. But they don't.

This isn't the toplist of "those who could kill the most CFC". It's the toplist of "those who kill the most CFC".