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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Weekend minipost: R-2R0G IHUB down

R-2R0G is a quiet system in Pure Blind, controlled by EXE, instead of CONDI or SMA. It has a reinforced TCU and no IHUB. Do you think there was never an IHUB? Or maybe the "irrelevant NPC trash" entosised it away?

I wonder how will Goons rent out Pure Blind when they won't even have it.

PS: Is this a ratting carrier fit at all?


Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear that as some point GSF will just pull all their 'allies' into their alliance; forcing them to roll their alliances into a single corp and then joining GSF.

Anonymous said...

I'm with the other anon on this one. Either those "allies" will roll into GSF or things will get really interesting really fast. I wonder how long until GSF gets a little swamped and says "No backup for you" to one of their allies.

Arrendis said...

Actually, whenever one of the EXE systems in PB's come under attack, we've taken management over directly to CONDI, since we're installing the CONDI renters in that space. So if MOA wants to entosis down IHUBs in EXE space we're going to be replacing anyway (because we can't upgrade their ihubs)... we haven't actually given a damn. It's one less thing we have to do.

PS: Hell if I know. It's FCON. They're weird.

Warden of the North said...

I hate to break people's illusions about how bad the situation is for the "bad goon".

Those systems (most importantly 93PI-4) had been set up in this manner before the Phoebe expansion. Their importance was purely strategic, as for instance, 93PI-4 held a jump bridge to Cloud Ring - the old EXE region.

Given 93PI-4 is two jumps away from EC-P8R, you can easily see the purpose of .EXE holding a jump bridge system there. Of course, with the advent of Phoebe and Fozziesov, it's no longer needed (like most systems of strategic importance, anyway).

Also, there is currently no way to transfer sov. So this is how the sov of systems useless to us is transferred to GSF.

Anonymous said...

I see the 'I didn't want those anyway' attitude is still the way to go in Goons.

Arrendis said...

Nope, we want those systems. We're just willing to let other people do the hard part of the sov transfer! :)

Anonymous said...

ION-FG now part of MoA! How bout that for a sov transfer! :D