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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SMA completed a successful campaign of sitting on MOA’s chest and beating them everytime

The title is a quote from the last alliance update of the Imperium of Evil. I was speechless reading it, and immediately saved it to use as title of the June CFC loss report, full of SMA losses. But something much better came along!

Last year, the minions of Evil given up regions after regions. They only managed to do so in somewhat organized manner. First the highsec POCO empire to GRR, then Period Basis, Delve and Querious after Phoebe, knowing they can't hold them against organized enemies without quickly deploying 1000 F1-drones. Finally the prized Fountain fell to the threat of pirates who will reign after Fozziesov.

Now, click to see the Sov of Cloud ring on June 15. Now click here to see the same region on June 29. There are some differences:
Ticker Name Systems on 15. Systems on 29.
J4LP I whip my slaves back and forth 28 15
SMA Spacemonkey's Alliance 6 6
CONDI Goonswarm Federation 5 0
-FA- Fatal Ascencion 1 0
FLEEP Iron Armada 0 6
L3THL Lethal Intent 0 7
- Total 40 40
Iron Armada is the alliance formed recently by Iron.Guard, a pirate corp that haven't been in an alliance before, despite having killboard history from early 2014. So they are newcomers to Sov. Lethal Intent is former Overload Everything and as such, they weren't big players before. There is no need to introduce Waffles.

The point is that The Imperium of Evil have lost half of the region to independents. Again, it looks as an organized withdrawal, I don't think that Iron.Guard forcibly took it. What could really happen? Remember that MoA deployed there to fight J4LP and they couldn't find them and fought with "Waffles, Pandemic Horde and randoms I've never heard of"! It seems that MoA indeed pushed J4LP into failcascade (20% members already lost) and forced them to abandon half of the region. I don't know if the third parties were fighting MoA on contract or simply entered the power vacuum created by the collapse of J4LP, but only they resisted MoA.

So it seems the MoA deployment was a strategic success and J4LP was indeed broken. This is what a "successful SMA campaign" looks like! MoA is so beaten that they broke an Imperium member alliance and forced another half region to be lost. Please, please, please, assign SMA to solely defend Deklein from MoA! After all, they shown extreme aptitude on "sitting on MOA’s chest and beating them everytime".

In a recent battle against CO2, despite outnumbered 3:1, MoA won with 59% ISK ratio.
This "very special" minion of Evil also completed a successful campaign of sitting on MOA’s chest and beating them.


Anonymous said...

Actually J4LP aren't a member of the Imperium, They are pets of SMA. Imperium has reset them. I refer you to &

Again get your facts straight before you dribble.

Gevlon said...

Impossible. No human being would disrespect himself so badly to become an SMA pet.

Stan vanderVille said...

Do you ever read anything else than your own blog?
Everyone and his mother knows, that cloudring was planned to be left by imperium, J4LP is not Imperium but pet of SMA.
Absolutly reasonable than an Imperium alliance will lose members when they leave imperium.

This blogpost is totally like: "We have 35° today because I donated to MOA"...

Gevlon said...

Since when they are not Imperium? They clearly used to be (living in Cloud Ring while CFC had Period Basis was clearly impossible without membership). Can you link any statement that they left?

Anonymous said...

they were never imperium or CFC.

they were +5 a time long. nothing more. and no, +5 is not the same like be a member of the coalition. dont try to spin it like it. otherwise brave newbies was imperium also ;)

Gevlon said...

For years they were living in CFC space, flying in CFC fleets. They were CFC and there was no announcement about their departure.
Check It proves that on 2014 Jan 18 Fweddit owned systems in Delve. What happened on that day? BoTLord accords happened:
This treaty declared Delve to be CFC land. How on Earth could they not be CFC?

You are literally pulling a "we didn't want that alliance anyway".

Anonymous said...

Fact is, J4LP was listed on GSF forums as [ally] as recently as April, regardless of whether or not they were Imperium "proper" (for what it's worth, until the past month or so, I always assumed they were). That said, J4LP has been reset by the Imperium in general since June 27, and we've known that they're going their own way for a month or so longer than that. Cloud Ring was abandoned, and J4LP moved in a bit after (I think) it was known they'd be going their own way. Even more recently, they abandoned parts of CR when they decided that not only wasn't it going to be feasible to hold the region on their own, they really didn't need more than a couple constellations for their purposes anyway.

J4LP has wandered up to Dek a couple of times to pick a fight since the reset, as seen by:

Imperium Grunt said...

Who's J4LP? (seriously, I've never heard of them)

Anonymous said...

J4LP = I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth = the alliance for Fweddit.

Aka the reddit group that allied with us/CFC during the purge of TEST from fountain.

Warden of the North said...

"Since when they are not Imperium? They clearly used to be (living in Cloud Ring while CFC had Period Basis was clearly impossible without membership). Can you link any statement that they left?"

They did not live in Cloud Ring - they moved in very recently, previously CR was held by an Imperium alliance - Executive Outcomes. With it being abandoned, they got a deal to move up to Branch.

The difference between an Imperium alliance and an alliance that just is temporarily blue is that when the former gets invaded in this way, the rest deploy to help them defend. Was J4LP in the Imperium, their sovereignity would probably be stable right now.

Anonymous said...

J4LP is a small alliance numbering just over 500 characters that started initially as a Reddit-based Factional Warfare group, Fweddit. After they outgrew the FW scene, they deployed to engage in the action during the CFC invasion of TEST-held Fountain. They were eventually recruited to side with the CFC for the duration of the war. After this, they ground out some sov in Delve and held it themselves as allies of the CFC. Once Phoebe arrived, they sold their space to DARKNESS. and became official members of the CFC.

Source: Themittani website itself recently, they were definately Imperium, you cannot try to spin it otherwise when your own news outlet confirms it.