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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The ultimate proof that Burn Amarr is a total failure

Please visit the Goonswarm Killboard! You'll see this:
The top 5 Goon kills are all highsec hauler kills. 4 of them happened before Burn Amarr. One of them happened during Burn Amarr, 4 jumps away from Amarr, in the 0.5 ganker heaven Niarja. Game over Goons!

Please read my reports about Burn Amarr.

PS: Mordus Angels posted a video about destroying Goonies!


Ael said...

Ya, been hanging out in Amarr.

Serious boredom punctuated only by intervals of slightly less intense boredom.

Anonymous said...

How is that proof of anything beyond that kills around burn Amarr are simply under the size of the 5 biggest highsec kills of the last 7 days? Kills are occurring frequently in and around Amarr. You can pretend they aren't, but you can't change the facts. All you can do is sit in Amarr failing to protect the gank targets, unable to prevent ganks.

You can't stop us. :)

Anonymous said...

Alternately, check out the miniluv killboard for the "official" counts.

Arrendis said...

A small question: What's the ration of total market value in Amarr to total market value in Jita?

If, for example, Amarr has 50% of the value of Jita, then any group would need to be working twice as hard to achieve the same numbers. (Note: I'm not participating this year as I've got too many demands on my time, so don't think of this as a defense - if Burn Amarr does turn out to be a boondoggle, it's worth knowing, you know?) You're the guy who's good w/statistics and market numbers, so you're the guy to ask:

Proportionally, how much is there to kill, by comparison?

I mean, Jita's the big trade hub. Everyone knows it. So it has to follow that everyone knows there simply isn't as much sport to be had in Amarr to begin with. The question then becomes not one of absolute numbers, but relative numbers.

If my alliance has 20b ISK in assets (we're small, we're young, whatever), and the guys I'm in a war with have 200b ISK in assets (they're also small and young or whatever, but not as bad as we are), then they can fight a war of attrition and shrug off 5x the losses we take. If I lose 10b, I'm at 50% of my initial strength. If they lose 50b, they're at 75% of theirs. I'd have to inflict, in effect, 10 kills for every loss just to break even.

Same thing here, comparing Burn Amarr to Burn Jita, no?

So, how's it stack up? If it's bad for MiniLuv/the Imperium, then it's bad - and that's worth knowing, no?

Gevlon said...

@Arrendis: most Amarr trafic isn't going to Amarr, just passes from Kor-Azor gate to Ashab gate. Everyone in the nullsec South goes trough Amarr to Jita.

@Anon: It shows that Burn Amarr causes less damage than a usual Miniluv day.

Anonymous said...

Burn Madirmilire or Burn Niarja seems to be a great success. lots of kills.
Burn Amarr is an absolute disaster.

But they didn't want to Burn anything anyway.

Anonymous said...

The way I read it, even if you just skim the top of the killboards, they've done over 195b damage. No bad for just over a day:

10488m 9725m 8617m 7570m 6861m 6544m 6436m 5612m 5416m 5106m 4701m 3344m 3186m 3173m 3099m 3049m 3043m 3043m 2955m 2663m 2650m 2496m 2495m 2486m 2398m 2373m 2288m 2191m 2183m 2133m 1987m 1984m 1901m 1880m 1877m 1862m 1709m 1568m 1560m 1537m 1536m 1499m 1487m 1468m 1452m 1442m 1414m 1405m 1404m 1379m 1379m 1379m 1377m 1377m

Anonymous said...

1353m 1352m 1351m 1342m 1313m 1313m 1312m 1311m 1311m 1310m 1308m 1285m 1244m 1244m 1031m 970m 967m 786m 784m 775m 764m 761m 719m 719m 650m 489m 456m 393m 377m 338m

Gevlon said...

Yes, that's awful lot of kills. In Niarja and Madirmilire. Niarja is 4 jumps from Amarr and 5 from Jita. So hey, you are burning Jita too!

Alternatively, you are running everyday 0.5-0.6 pipe ganking.

Arrendis said...

@Arrendis: most Amarr trafic isn't going to Amarr, just passes from Kor-Azor gate to Ashab gate. Everyone in the nullsec South goes trough Amarr to Jita.

So if the goal is to destroy things in Amarr, and they're forcing things to avoid Amarr, how can you take absolute numbers as a comparison?

Rather like saying that in terms of absolute dollars, it's impossible for the US to win a war against Afghanistan, because just deploying a carrier battlegroup to the Indian Ocean or keeping a pair of KC130 tankers in the air for refueling costs more than it would to rebuild the entire country, no? (NOTE: this is not actually true. However the $1trillion_ cost of the now 13-year war in Afghanistan, just in terms of operational expenses, is well above the amount it would have cost to literally tear down and rebuild Kabul with a fully modern infrastructure, and make significant inroads in expanding that infrastructure out to the villages nearer the Pakistani border.)

Absolute numbers tell next to none of the story when the impact is proportional, after all. If most of the normal Amarr traffic is avoiding Amarr, then most of the people who normally buy (and sell) things in Amarr are being forced to travel farther and take more time in order to acquire or offload the same items. You've made a habit (correctly, I might add) of pointing out the hidden Opportunity Cost involved in taking more time/effort to get the same thing. So without being able to directly look at the market volumes and how this weekend differs from normal (in both directions, mind - if the trade moving from Amarr to Jita is a disaster for Amarr, it's a windfall for Jita), how can we draw a conclusion about the actual cost? Won't we need to wait at least a week to compare numbers before/during/after in order to ascertain the hidden costs to the people who normally buy and sell in Amarr?

Anonymous said...

Just a thought have you considered this is just content generation for Imperium members and not some evil plot to destroy HS?

Gevlon said...

I'm sure it is. I just wonder why do they base in Amarr instead of Madir

Unknown said...

Burn Madir doesn't sound as cool.

Anonymous said...

@Ferrotsmite Anzomi
Burn Niarja sounds a bit like Burn Narnia. So there is hope for some propaganda pictures.