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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Weekend minipost: is that a PvP ship?

MJD, dual xslab, point, web and nosferatus are definitely the tools of PvP. I wonder why rats were the #1 damage dealers. Was he baiting? Well, if he did, he was successful and the poor hellcamped, irrelevant NPC trash failed for the trap. Sort of.

Was he ewaring rats?

OK. I was unfair. These fails weren't pure blood Goons. True Goons know how to fit a ship.


Anonymous said...

That Golem genius likely thought he'd bait MoA and tank them, but forgot a XLASBs don't give you any buffer.
Notice how all the damage sources are very even? He died in 1-2 volleys.

glenarvan said...

gevlon, check this one:

1 week
3 person
5.9 bil kills

we call it - "DEK pentagoon hellcamp".

Anonymous said...
he killed 7 ceptors and 1 pod before going down.

I generally like your posts, but you border on propoganda by not reporting that. It took me 5 seconds to look up his kills.
not worth the amount he lost, but I'm sure he had a lot of fun doing it.
Yes, he was proper fit, for what he was trying to do.
no, it wasn't financially smart.

Unknown said...

OMG MoA awoxing like the tru evil ones... maybe they were spoiled in the time they belongd to the evil ones...

And actually this gewn Golem pilot killed an awful lot of ceptors, he's still kb green which doesn'T mean a thing, but hey... 97% ISK efficiency is for many EVe pilots a good reason to dance around the table wanking...

Unknown said...

He might have watched this video and thought it would be fun to try it against MOA.