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Monday, April 13, 2015

The Midget Ani

If you check out the MoA donation board for April, you see a 10B donation below mine from someone I've never seen before. His name, corp and portrait are obvious mockery of the Evil one:

So I sent him a letter, asking to introduce himself. Here is his reply:

Hi Gevlon

You wrote "Would you mind writing a few words about yourself and your reasons to hate Goons?". I'd like to start by saying that I don't "hate" Goons in any way. I don't "hate" people in a computer games, once you do, you'd better stop playing.

I have been playing Eve since 2005. I think I have done most there is to do in Eve, though I have never lived in a wormhole system. Through my game time, I have been involved with several corporations that all (mostly) tried to learn the game and adapt to the rules of the game and its changes. I played actively up until around 2011 when I had my first child. Over the years, Goons have provided me with content on several occasions. In the beginning as easy targets, later as powerful adversaries. Goons was always a bit of an amusement to me. Most players or groups of players that were attacked like them, would either roll over and die or adapt and get better. Goons never did either. Eventually they got more powerful by skill points and numbers, got better ships, stronger allies and so forth, but they never got better at the game, in my opinion. Instead they started playing the game in a way that I hadn't seen before. Instead of adapting to the game, they got the game to adapt to them. I dislike Goons for failing to adapt to a simple computer game, but I respect their right to try and change it. I fully blame CCP for letting them.

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of ISK. I donated most of it, several hundred billion, to PLEX for Philippines. Since then I've started some casual trading and sold of a few of my many characters. I have no real use for ISK at the moment, so I thought I'd use some of them to provide content for others.

It seems to me that Mordus plays the game I originally did, by having fun and not fighting over sov and shit. Had we had SRPs back then, I might have enjoyed the game even more.

What can I add? Mordus indeed does that. So does -EH-.


anon357 said...

What a reasonable, well thought-out response, and what a healthy attitude toward a video game.

EVE is real - but it is also a game, and let's not get caught up too much in the negative emotions and forget to have fun and enjoy ourselves.

10/10 would read again.

Anonymous said...

Mordus might sound like it's all fun and games on paper, but they were the only group of players I saw at fanfest that gave people dirty looks and insulted people based on their alliance affiliation. I'm not sure they know where that line between games and reality lies.

MoA dude said...

There were only two MoA guys at fanfest. So the chances that you ran into them, are very low; much less that you caught them in a disgruntled mood. I'm calling bs.

Anonymous said...

There may have only been two, but since they attended one of the null sec round tables, as did I, they were pretty easy to run into. As for disgruntled, who knows. All I know is their in game hatred was not just in game based on how they were talking to a few of the guys from a null sec blob there. It was pretty disgusting. Call it what you will but that's how it was.

anon357 said...

I've been in MoA and I'll be the first to admit, there's a pretty strong anti-CFC and anti-blob culture in the alliance. Most members are pretty laid-back and well-mannered, keeping focus on the fun and the fights and the smacktalk (oh the smacktalk! SMA, I miss talking to you in local!). But there's a few bad eggs who have gotten a bit too caught up in the grr-goons sentiment - I don't know who in MoA went to fanfest but they're definitely the kind of involved players you might find going.

Just for perspective, let's not forget there are bad eggs in any player groups - Mittens himself got banned once for saying some really stupid shit at fanfest IIRC, and it doesn't get more high-profile than that.