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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The mandate

Many people think that permanent seat has no point in CSM anymore, as it comes only with a free trip to Iceland, instead of attending via video. Since they also think that I don't know anything about anything, let's quote someone who knows everything about everything according to these commenters:
"This year, I am again running for the Chairmanship. The title has tremendous value, even though it officially has no power at all - a concept which you will immediately understand if you have any political intelligence. Last year, I received more votes than any other candidate in the entire history of the CSM. This year, I want more than that - I want a mandate."
And he got it. And lost it, by being himself. But that's not the point. The point is that CCP will listen much more to a guy who has lot of voters than the one who just got in.

On CSM 7, The Mittani got 10058 votes out of 59109. So 17% of the voters stood behind him.

CSM 10, permanent seat election, Round beginning - 3 candidates remain
- 9080 "Sugar Kyle"
- 6275 "Sion Kumitomo"
- 6228 "Manfred Sideous"
36983 votes were cast, so she got 25% of the votes. That's unmatched in the history of EVE. That's the mandate The Mittani was looking for.

What can I say? You earned it Sugar, enjoy!

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Zaxin said...

It is indeed a good achievement.

The voting mechanism was a bit different though in 2012, as STV was not introduced until the year after, so 10k people directly voted for mittens, rather than having him on the list of 14.