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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weekend miniscam

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Being EVE-famous has it drawbacks: I'm spammed by scammers and idiots. Here is the latest:

It should be obvious that you are an idiot if you gamble. If you believe any word they say in their advertisements, you deserve to be poor.

PS: not CFC, but so dumb that must be publicized. Now this is CFC.


Anonymous said...

poor choice of words.
"mistakes like RMT" - That was the whole point of the project.

"make money with 5% of every deposit" - Call ISK ISK not money .. so people don't get confused. "5% of ad revenue" sounds to obvious I guess.

Gevlon said...

It doesn't matter how they word it. Every kind of gamble is a cash-grab.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is "family spirit"

Take a guy out gambling, and he's broke for a day... get him hooked on it as a child and he'll be broke his entire life.

"Family spirit" and "gambling" don't mix... like a "Family friendly liquor store."

Anonymous said...

"It should be obvious that you are an idiot if you gamble"


So if the outcome is not certain, you should not risk money, whether ingame or out of game?

Stock-markets are little more than dressed up gambling, with few winners, and many losers.

Gevlon said...

Uncertain outcomes have probability. Like tossing a coin has 0.5 chance to win. If winning pays double, your chance of winning is 0.5*2=1. You can waste time with coin game.

In case of gambling, this is always less than one as the house needs profit. If you gamble, you are an idiot.

Jim L said...

It is not true that all gambling has a egative expected value. There are many forms of gambling where a knowledgeable player can have an edge. Blackjack, poker, even some slots or video poker can have a positive expected value if the attached progressive jackpot is high enough.

Gevlon said...

@Jim L: it's true that many gamble forms have skill element and the skilled player can remain positive over a long time.

However the average player still loses, so even in this games on average you are an idiot.