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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Weekend mini-moron: cap stable.

We should create a new word for epic-epic-epic moron. How about "FA"?

Update: I got the info how he died from -EH- pilot IIR4MBOII: he warped from his POS to the station and landed in a well-placed bubble. Of course if he had tank, he might lived.

He also sent another story:
"We dropped a bait carrier with bombers only (Of course covered by your lovely SRP)
they sent in bombers and blops, so as per above - why run when we have free srp ships now?"
So FA could kill 13 bombers and a Falcon, losing a Redeemer, a Sin and an Arazu. Good trade.

Lesser kill, but with story and tears:
After running some prisoncamps in their space in pvp ships fa got mad and apparently sent this dude to drop on us. He jumped into sys as we were done and landing on gate. Point, web, he slowly reapproaches but then starts agressing 2km off gate in zero shield. He didn't use his cyno or point, just died.

[05:34:14] Deuce2222 > pussy ass bitch
[05:34:17] Deuce2222 > warping off n shit
[05:34:22] IIR4MBOII > ok i stay and die
[05:34:23] IIR4MBOII > ?
[05:34:24] IIR4MBOII > mad bro
[05:34:26] IIR4MBOII > mad bro
[05:34:28] IIR4MBOII > so mad bro
[05:34:42] IIR4MBOII > fit a scrambler
[05:34:43] Deuce2222 > so mad
[05:34:43] IIR4MBOII > pleb
[05:35:11] Bahnd Rollard >
[05:38:26] Deuce2222 > go away
[05:38:30] Deuce2222 > u smell
[05:38:37] Shp3 > umadbro?
[05:38:47] Deuce2222 > I COULD NEVER BE MAD AT U
[05:38:48] Deuce2222 > I LOVE U


Anonymous said...

Possible Travel fit is all I can think of.

Provi Miner said...

ask me this looks like a moving booster, who is supposed to collect the ores but obviously he had no ores yet.

Anonymous said...

Its more you factor in why! like 1 DC2 could give him close to 1mil ehp with this fit around 512k ehp.

2 mil mod and he lives a little longer, although i suppose spending 10mil on cap rechargers does the same right.


yours kindly
Fountain Core!

Sieonigh said...

the 3rd blops (John Hartley) bailed as soon as he dropped leaving his friends to die, saying "i'm not dieing to you plebs"

Unknown said...

Yeah, it is standard pvp tactic to drop large ships on small ships, because large weapons hit small ships so devastatingly well, oh wait... wasn't it the other way round?

CCP PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! For the sake of a tide of all the nulbear tears...

Seriously, that is what happens, when pve pilots get attacked and try to form up a homedefense fleet, without a seasoned pvp fc present...

ceptors, harpies and a few smal dics would've dealt with a SB blop easily....

SyntheticSpaceships said...

The Typhoon was actually a cyno Typhoon used to jump capitals around, and it was insurance fraud time.

Anonymous said...

Hey, never not kill those fucks in NPC fountain! They are the cancer of the game

Anonymous said...

Now if only Fountain core would fight back or do anything.