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Friday, February 6, 2015

January ratting data

Like in December, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data for January 2015:
Nothing to see here, move along. Neither Proteus, nor the ban on input broadcasting (isboxer) had any effect on ratting. Weekend-weekday oscillation in highsec is still obvious, in nullsec it's still non-existent.

The coalition distribution doesn't look good. At the expense of Provi and XXDeath, the CFC could increase their ratting activity. This is bad news for New Eden.

FCON could seriously increase their ratting and PBLRD is regenerating too. Goons are getting crowded as they constantly lose land but increase ratting. BRAVE slowly but surely increases ratting, maybe one day they'll have money.

Both Deklein and Branch (Goon and FCON lands) got their all time high ratting numbers. Querious and Malpais jumped up on the list due to serious increases. Outer Passage suffered the consequences of the xxDeath-SOLAR war and Absolution Alliance in Perrigen Falls isn't doing well either.

PS: Goon house slave tried to do elite PvP. Funny.
My latest donation recipients, Sorry we're in your space eh ruined the honorable 1v1 between an FA pilot and Serpentis Major. Meanies!


Anonymous said...

"The coalition distribution doesn't look good. At the expense of Provi and XXDeath, the CFC could increase their ratting activity. This is bad news for New Eden."

On Noes! What will we do if CFC doesn't do their part to hold the rat menace at bay? It could be the end of high sec! Start up a blinged out ratting Nyx SRP stat!

So... here's what I want to know. You're out in null sec, not a CONCORD station for a hojillion light years. And yet... when you kill a rat, someone pays you! Who the hell is going around null sec putting bounties on rats, and then paying them? Is it The Mittani? Chribba? What's doing on here?

Unknown said...

technically think it is Concord.
For being part in organized crime syndicate bla bla bla.

Obvious questions : despite continous genocide of their pilots, where the hell those pirates get new recruits .. " welcome recruit, here is bounty on your head for joining us, now go to that belt and fight those capsuleers. Remember to die glouriously, just as those 10 000 000 pilots we sent there before"

2) why similar capsuleer criminal organizations that operate on same territory does not get auto bounties?

3)What Empires think about printing all those money which obviously has no other effect on crime organizations other than lining eggers pockets.

Obviously those were thought to be "a simple means of income for those too dumb for any other isk-making activity, just like L4's" .. or incursions or mining while we are at it.

So, we are staring at printing machine that did not stopped despite all those trumped-up anti-botting measures. Maybe there is simply so many no-lifers around that you do need to bot?

Come to think of it. maybe CCP just knows that say, 50%-80% of pilots logged in any hour are of "suspicious lack of brain" kind, and loosing 1) those accounts 2) status quo in 0.0 would be just too much?

Is there a way to estimate how much ISK is printed in 0.0 on daily/weekly/monthly basis, and how much income it generates for each alliance? Now if there would be a way to compare that against HS incomes ...

Anonymous said...

"Goons are getting crowded as they constantly lose land but increase ratting."

Exactly what systems, regions are they constantly losing? I keep an eye on dotlan sov updates all the time and not quite sure what your talking about. To me this ratting data also points out that MOA isn't having any impact on their income.

Anonymous said...

Goons just kicked Raging Ducks for not contributing enough to the alliance fleets and only being in Deklein for ratting - Watch Gevlon spin this into a MoA success post next month when the ratting numbers fall.

Anonymous said...

Given the discrepancy in bounties between high and null this would suggest that about 59% of the ISK in game is generated by null and the other half by high, with low being a small addition.
It'd be interesting to see what would happen if rats were removed from null and thus the monthly ISK generation halved.

Unknown said...

Firstly thank you for the mention.

on behalf of -EH- we are grateful for the contribution, although we make enough money to buy our own stuff easily this will help newer members and hopefully give our hunters the srp they deserve. keeping them ratters docked is a lot of hunters!

I have reviewed the ratting data, and I have to say fountain is DEAD . the only content is provided by Forged of Fire, they fight more than FA, they deserve more space and room for growth ( hate saying that obviously ).

Fountain once home to the randomnly cute and funny alliance TEST is now wasted, they dont rat as we dont allow them, they dont come for actual fights, rather shooting our structures for content , which they believe we care about.

We will continue to fight and stop them having content, we decide when to undock and we decide when to kill there line members, after all fountain is ours.

you can have your name above it FA and you can pay the bills, but we will just be the cockroach that we have always been.

fly safe and FA are gay!