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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Peace offer to Goons

After publishing the first year results of my one-man war against CFC, I think it's time to show some good faith and offer a way out to Goons from the carnage while also allowing me to focus on different projects.

Update: Endie, liutenant of the Evil One rejected my generous peace offer. This minion of Evil already paid for this arrogance.

I've started the GRR project with the intention to end the evil acts of Goons, namely:
  1. Keeping slaves.
  2. Making people believe that power lies not in competency, but in finding a group.
I think I can let one go for the completion of the other, so I make the following offer:

I stop all hostility against CFC, no longer paying or otherwise motivating players to fight them. If I'm a member of a group, I do not influence them any way to attack CFC (if they choose to attack CFC anyway, I'm allowed to participate as line member). I also stop anti-CFC propaganda on my blog and analysises that focus on CFC (analysises that mention CFC equally as others are allowed).

In turn of stopping fighting the CFC I demand them to stop all hostile activity within highsec, namely:
  1. CFC members are not allowed to declare CONCORD-approved war or join as an ally to existing wars.
  2. CFC member pilots are not allowed to suicide gank. Violating rogue members must be made to pay reimbursements to their victim or ejected from CFC. Ganking on non-CFC alts is allowed. Other forms of highsec PvP are allowed.
  3. CFC member pilots are not allowed to recruitment-scam. Violating rogue members must be made to pay reimbursements to their victim or ejected from CFC. Other scams are fine.
  4. RvBee treaty must be officially cancelled and the RvB alt Blohm and Voss Shipyards must be removed from CFC owned nullsec (ongoing builds can finish).
Highsec players have the means to fight back random gankers and scammers and it's their own fail if they fail to. However they naturally feel helpless when their attacker is a 40K men coalition owning 1/3 of nullsec. While this feeling is objectively untrue (a Goonwaffe tag don't make a ganking Cata stronger), social people are just wired this way. They don't even hope to win, so they don't try. By removing the CFC tag from highsec, the highsec people will see that they only face players like themselves and they can win by competent play.

If CFC diplomats/leaders wish to discuss and negotiate, they can do by sending EVE-mail to Gevlon Goblin. I'm not interested in offers that CCP cannot see, so all negotiation must be done within the EVE client. But hurry! While I was writing this, another small gang engagement took place between SRP-ed pirates and Goons. Without peace treaty, the Grr project will continue in 2015, with the aim of reaching 5T dead CFC.

PS: I should get a new title in WoW "Shepherd of the orphans of bad class balance":


Anonymous said...

Counter offer: we won't do any of that stuff, but the CFC will declare March 17th "Gevlon Appreciation Day". A representative will send you a mail-order Deluxe Fruitcake gift package in recognition of your victory.

Anonymous said...

I am not an Eve player. I followed your blog for WoW and read it daily, when I can understand (since I don't play Eve).

So I need to ask, how will you ensure they will keep their part of the deal?

You will keep tracks of them then reboot the goon hunting program if they break the deal?

Also, I read the comments and goons seem to say you're "not relevent" (ironically, they shower you with much attention, I wouldn't do that to someone who is not relevant) and that you barely affect them. What would they gain of accepting if you're "not affecting them in any way" or "not relevant" to them?

Anonymous said...

He can't.

Gevlon has zero ability to enforce his will on goons collectively. So I don't see why he is making demands that can't possibly be successful and will hurt his image when they inevitably fail.

Gevlon said...

I keep analyze the Goon killboard and make a list of violators. The Goons pay up or I declare the peace broken and resume GRR.

Anonymous said...

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the only thing this GRR project has accomplished is to show us the idiots to laugh at for getting killed in hisec.

Babar said...

Never thought I'd see the day when Gevlon openly calls for the protection of M&S. What happened that made you do a complete 180 here?

Amyclas Amatin said...

What exactly makes you think that your actions and propaganda makes it worth ceding our high-sec activities in order to make peace with you?


CFC Grunt said...

"(...) while also allowing me to focus on other projects"

Sounds like you're just trying to weasel your way out of the project like previously.

I don't think you're being enough of a pest to make any demands. But I'm sure a few people will yell "Gevlon sends his regards" at the next Burn Jita.

Anonymous said...

You already made that offer once and they only laughed at it. What makes you think this time will be different?

Gevlon said...

They got more damage from me than they got from NCdot. That shall make them think.

Anonymous said...

That may be true, but as we seen yesterday, that damage is still too low to make any difference. I suspect they will try to troll you on this offer now.

Druur Monakh said...

Gevlon, that offer of yours is akin to a mice's tail trying to wag the dog. In fact, it does sound very much like trying to weasel out of a prior declamation of intent to me.

Samus said...

Why are all the tough talkers Anonymous? You don't even have the guts to use your fake Internet name?

I thought Gevlon was powerless against you?

Anonymous said...

If you think that miniluv will stop ganking because of gevlon your far further gone than even I imagined.

Gevlon said...

@Druur: that's self-contradicting, the mouse even succeed to wag the dog or I can't weasel out.

"Weaseling out" is practically surrender with some trivial condition to save face. You think giving up highsec for Goons would be trivial?

daniel said...

"I've started the GRR project with the intention to end the evil acts of Goons, namely:
Keeping slaves.
Making people believe that power lies not in competency, but in finding a group."

you keep changing those more often than i my underwear.
wasn't there something about spaceracism and how bad it is. something about educating noobs instead of ganking them?

whenever you come back to the topic of your demands they do seem to be quite different each time.
no wonder goons aren't giving in. they are confused.

Anonymous said...

Saw the post title and though: "What, Gevlon is throwing in the towel?"

And then I saw the never-to-be-accepted terms.

I guess GRR will still be there in 2016.

Gevlon said...

"keeping slaves" = spaceracism. Declaring someone lesser than you by birth is necessary for treating him as a slave.

"educating noobs instead of ganking them" = telling people that power lies in competency instead of being at mercy of "powerful guys".

I think Goon leaders are evil but not stupid.

daniel said...

@ 11.58 anom:
nah, it's his usual acting before throwing the towel - you'll get used to it if you follow his blog over longer time.

@gevlon, wasn't there in the days way before our activity some kind of "goons aren't eve.born therefore have no place in new eden"-thing going on?
so according to your logic they were hated first and so have the rirght to be douchy - like you were hated first by goons which justifies your cruseade.

maxim said...

Gotta love these "peace" terms that read more like "these are the terms of your surrender, take it or leave it"

M said...

Your harassment of the CFC is irrational and out of the Goblin ways.

Nobody would accept such a deal and no one should, because bending over to single person (when you are 10k+) is much more humiliating than losing x T ISK.

Gevlon said...

@daniel: Goons were hated first by BoB. So Goons have every reason to destroy BoB and associates.

The clueless guy who contracts all his assets to a Goon "recruiter" surely didn't hate the Goons first, as he tried to join.

The gank targets probably had no clue about ... anything before a Goon blasted them out of the sky and then harvested their tears.

@Maxim: after I've caused them 2-3T damage (depending on how much Marmite + MoA would cause them without support), and they caused me 0.003T damage (the experimental C1), I think "these are the terms of your surrender, take it or leave it" is in order.

Amyclas Amatin said...

Do you really think goon leadership cares at this point?

2-3 Trillion damage divided over 40k players over a year still means little even to individual line members.

Anonymous said...

re: Hunters

They're fun to play, and do decent DPS.

For me personally, after so many years of tanking and melee dps, its kinda nice to lay back and SEE the boss fights, for a change.


maxim said...

2-3T over a span of a year = cause to surrender?
How much cash did the Goon economy farmed in the same span?

Anonymous said...

Friends, I come to you with a heavy heart today.

As you may know, the forces of the CFC have continued to suffer defeat after defeat against the forces of GRR Goon, or, more specifically, Marmite Collective in highsec and Mordus Angels in lowsec, funded by the blogging mastermind Gevlon Goblin. Wiping out industrials on the 4-4 undock and killing AFK ishtars in JU- has taken a dreadful toll on our ability to wage war against the menace of the highsec industrialist and our nullsec foes. As luck would have it, before our crack negotiation team went to the table to lessen this horrendous burden on our operations, the aforementioned Goblin has made a very generous offer, which we would now like to share with you:

Effective on the 15th of January, at 0000 EVE Universe Standard Time, we will cease the following activities, which we acknowledge as 'the evil acts of Goons':

1) Suicide ganking (Miniluv is to fold into Hole Squad)
2) Recruitment scamming

Heavy penalties will follow for those who violate these new rules. Expect a thread to follow.

Best Regards,
Former First Minister Warr Akini

~~~ This was a broadcast from warr_akini to all-all at 2015-01-08 15:03:19.470938 EVE ~~~

Anonymous said...

Since the 2T doesn't make them care (in a serious way; not the "let's keep trolling him for fun" way) and you didn't take any of their sov and you didn't cause any failscade, your demands are pretty unreasonable. Note that literally no one but you took this damage seriously enough to believe in the end of goons. At the moment it seems you have the opposite effect - the Goons take you as a free content.

Endie said...

Dear Gevlon,

Thank-you for your very kind offer. As a senior member of Goonswarm and CFC leadership with the full authority of the Mittani to act in his name I feel I can respond to your very generous and open-handed proposal.

You do us a great service in pruning our less intelligent members of the alliance and teaching them the importance of alts. Indeed, if it was not for your regular updates I must in all honesty tell you that we wouldn't notice these deaths, such is our fecklessness.

However, I must respectfully decline as it is much more fun this way, and Miniluv in general, and Bat Country in particular (as you so wisely pointed out) needs some competition in Empire: there would be no fun in this PvP game without deaths after all.

In summary, and to quote General Anthony Clement "Nuts" McAuliffe at the Battle of the Bulge when made a similar offer: "Nuts!"

Your friend,

Diversionary Spymaster and Grand Inquisitorial WH40 Gimmick of the CFC

Gevlon said...

@Endie: after you paid ransom to Replicator to stop slaughtering your members, I hoped you'll see reason. It's sad to see that my goodwill is not welcomed.

Many little bees will pay the price of your arrogance.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon failed to understand the motivations and goals of his opponent. As a result, his hamfisted attempt at diplomacy did not address his opponent's concerns and, naturally, was rejected.

Message to Gevlon: if you want to defeat your enemy, you must first understand him. At present, you do not.

Mr. Jigsaw said...

Have you ever thought about the basics of extortion? you must pose a such significant threat to one of the targets important assets that the worth of the threatened asset(s) goes way beyond that of the terms. If the value of the terms are well balanced by the extorter, the target should be swayed easily.

Could you ask from a father to kill his son to not be shot himself?

The value of content is much higher than that of isk, and what you actually provide, is content. I think we could all agree on that.

Anonymous said...

Gevlon why are you giving them a reason to laugh at you? Just continue what you're doing and let them come to you instead. Or stop wasting isk if it's not working (and it seems that way now).

Anonymous said...

The part i don't get is that you understanding economics (i loved the old ecom posts). You make post about how much is lost, you make post about ratting. Humor me and combine those reports and lets see how they are doing.

In you previous post you mentioned the amount destroyed. 2407B destroyed, which sounds impressive but divided by the amount of players, lets say roughly about 32K, its 0.07B per toon or 75M.

So on average 75M per player is killed per year? Figure Goons kill your stuff. 75M per toon per year that you have, would you care?

daniel said...

"Goons were hated first by BoB. So Goons have every reason to destroy BoB and associates."

So when did goons tell you that they hate you?
i mean personally, not through some weird twisted construction where the ganking or scamming of a random noob (something which is done by other groups as well) results in you feeling hated by goons.

ganking and scamming is part of eve's dark harsh universe culture, and as it is with every other job as well, someone needs to do it.

out of interest, in the last year there was another project going on with the aim to harm/destroy the cfc. Maybe a numbercrunch comparision would be a nice thing to read about.

you are certainly right that if that coalition would really have meant it's goals, there would have been a ton of smarter approaches than to engage in fleetfights over some minor income moons.
for some players, finding a random reason to have a spaceshipfight over is more valuable than to drive someone off the game.