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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Weekend minipost: the unstoppable CFC vs NPC trash

Recently two battles happened where the unstoppable war machine of the largest and strongest coalition clashed with NPC living losers who can't even take a few Sov and are totally irrelevant - according to the Evil One.

In the Snuff box vs Goons battle 190B ISK was destroyed. Click the link to see how it was distributed.

The Mordus Angels vs SMA battle seen only 13B destroyed, with similar ISK ratio.

Do you want to see the Empire of Evil fall? Then join any "NPC trash" and slay them where they are or donate to Mordus Angels! Remember their November losses, it's not N3, but "NPC trash" that killed them.


Anonymous said...

You are talking about Cfc falling for a year now and they still are here.

Gevlon said...

Sir Molle is still in the game. So BoB was never defeated.

Goon logic on its finest.

Anonymous said...

That's not even remotely similar. When The Mittani is sitting in a random other corp and the goons alliance is gone, then you can claim it's the same. As it stands, the CFC still exists, because NPC trash is irrelevant, even if you want to celebrate every tiny victory they have. The fact that they need donations just to survive proves that it's better to run a coalition like the goons than live in NPC space.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered what will happen after the Goons are driven bankrupt by ship attrition? Unlikely an outcome as that is?

The CFC isn't an enormous coalition because they're headed by "game outsiders" as in SA originals, nor are they an enormous coalition because they're highly skilled at game combat. They're an enormous coalition because they're well run. And that's all "The Mittani."

It's pretty obvious that "The Mittani" isn't doing this for love of the game, or to help noobs, or to get little old ladies across the street safely... he's doing this because it's profitable in the real world.

If The Mitanni falls, another will step up to take his place. Why? Because there's money to be made by doing it. The genie is out of the bottle. This is the future of Eve mega alliances. It's just economics, a market niche has been discovered and will be mercilessly exploited.

The only way to stop this is to prevent mega alliances from existing.

Amyclas Amatin said...

I look everywhere and see the suffering of my fellow goons at the hands of the "pirates".

Is that the narrative you are looking for?

Anonymous said...

So they lost some battles. They've lost bigger battles in actual sov contests before, yet they endure.

Irrelevancies of NPC 'trash' is propaganda, of course. One of the great things about eve is that anyone can have an impact - but you grossly overstate the scope and size of that impact and suffer a confirmation bias such as I have never seen before.

Goons still hold space. They are still broadly as influential as they were when you started "grr goons" (though changes to game mechanics have slowed them in areas).

If you want to beat them you need to go after their space. A couple of hundred billion in welping here and there isn't going to destroy the alliance.

Lets look at your project for a year, and lets be generous and suggest that your project has resulted in them losing 4T isk a month. That's 48T isk in a year, and still they endure. Clearly isk losses do not actually matter to them, they can clearly swallow that level of loss with no ill effect....

Anonymous said...

Still this snuffbox battlereport is vs a gooncorp which wil partly leave. so not a big issue.
ofc you can claim victory ;)