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Friday, December 19, 2014

CFC November losses without SOLAR

I've remade the November CFC losses with removing SOLAR from CFC. They were reseted and left CFC space. The Goon propaganda machine is in overdrive, but the numbers aren't supporting them. Like last month, I received the killboard loss data for all CFC and it isn't pretty. As always, the kills are de-whored, so if you did 1% of a 100B (blue) titan, you get 1B kills and not 100B.

54416 API verified losses are distributed among the minions of Evil:
1 - Blohm and Voss Shipyards Alliance
335 - Circle-Of-Two
56 - Executive Outcomes
297 - Fatal Ascension
262 - Fidelas Constans
138 - Forged of Fire
136 - Get Off My Lawn
775 - Goonswarm Federation
193 - Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere
41 - I Whip My Slaves Back and Forth
2 - Initiative Associates
7 - Initiative Mercenaries
97 - RAZOR Alliance
120 - RvB - BLUE Republic
139 - RvB - RED Federation
248 - SpaceMonkey's Alliance
155 - Tactical Narcotics Team
129 - The Initiative.
247 - The Bastion
CFC lost 3.38T ISK in November. Let's see who killed them:

On top of the kills stand the "worthless NPC trash": Mordus Angels (112B), Black Legion (246B), Triumvirate (316B) and Sorry We're In Your Space Eh (115B). As you probably know, I donate 6B/week (25-26B/month) to MoA because they are in a small NPC pocket deep in CFC space. You can (and should) support them too. For now, feast on their 500M+ contribution kills:782M, 591M, 622M, 788M, 2119M, 739M, 1114M, 507M, 817M, 1704M, 509M, 581M, 2344M, 1339M, 1330M, 615M, 594M, 997M, 1126M, 2901M, 615M, 688M, 1025M, 8287M, 512M, 772M, 942M, 750M, 631M, 959M, 881M, 1157M, 1445M, 1480M, 1649M, 3311M, 2460M, 520M, 700M, 516M, 776M, 1194M, 745M, 628M, 540M, 1771M, 543M, 1189M, 1421M, 1597M, 593M, 680M, 534M, 1286M, 706M, 883M, 767M, 616M, 979M, 991M, 598M, 1311M, 983M, 619M, 2633M, 2611M, 755M, 855M, 2890M, 688M, 648M, 1131M, 4344M, 506M, 677M, 3961M, 558M, 691M, 1055M, 615M, 1858M, 1451M, 825M, 925M, 747M, 551M, 1490M, 665M, 574M, 930M, 2026M, 832M, 3792M, 1528M, 2246M, 1200M, 517M, 1801M, 1657M, 865M, 1005M, 2067M, 1943M, 658M, 3336M, 598M, 620M, 1045M, 3118M, 1077M, 588M, 1263M, 502M, 716M, 1187M, 1911M, 1006M, 694M, 829M, 1381M, 991M, 1406M, 821M, 1716M, 536M, 623M, 848M, 1347M, 1385M, 935M, 700M, 609M, 2591M, 2948M, 2447M, 908M, 683M, 1528M, 1693M, 3159M, 641M, 763M, 3117M, 1203M, 597M, 544M, 1631M, 2302M, 511M, 578M, 691M, 1716M, 1676M, 574M, 901M, 654M, 777M, 630M, 976M, 711M, 927M, 848M, 4171M, 543M, 893M, 1570M, 597M, 658M, 632M, 522M, 776M, 847M, 2379M, 1079M, 565M, 761M, 579M, 2077M, 1742M, 2169M, 1424M, 3562M, 2272M, 2467M, 818M, 734M, 504M, 3493M, 3116M, 620M, 1273M, 500M, 3295M, 679M, 771M, 689M, 698M, 2176M, 825M, 705M, 523M, 502M, 781M, 972M, 514M.

N3 finally pulled their fist out of their butt and started to use it on the face of The Mittani, with 514B effect: 1700M, 662M, 567M, 535M, 1001M, 608M, 553M, 552M, 551M, 634M, 554M, 556M, 593M, 2934M, 2231M, 699M, 660M, 527M, 503M, 531M, 511M, 508M, 503M, 506M, 506M, 505M, 507M, 508M, 503M, 503M, 502M, 503M, 501M, 506M, 508M, 503M, 510M, 508M, 511M, 511M, 507M, 960M, 506M, 500M, 2031M, 1035M, 503M, 569M, 3322M, 3210M, 789M, 862M, 1368M, 1314M, 877M, 629M, 935M, 1281M, 502M, 504M, 507M, 507M, 681M, 1618M, 508M, 687M, 504M, 510M, 564M, 519M, 999M, 1078M, 1471M, 809M, 1471M, 508M, 715M, 1886M, 502M, 938M, 512M, 687M, 617M, 801M, 737M, 650M, 511M, 629M, 915M, 537M, 788M, 540M, 699M, 3284M, 939M, 1196M, 585M, 574M, 682M, 519M, 515M, 1255M, 510M, 679M, 768M, 2156M.

RvB is still doing their thing (which shouldn't include 5B pods), but CFC itself outdid themselves on Awoxing:640M, 1476M, 762M, 531M, 1204M, 790M, 903M, 559M, 898M, 3900M, 1561M, 514M, 537M, 574M, 602M, 525M, 516M, 2999M, 511M, 734M, 567M, 834M, 3286M, 117260M.

I'm still wasting my money on the wardec fees of Marmite Collective against all CFC members in highsec, which clearly do nothingTM (115B) against nullsec alliances: 6718M, 630M, 757M, 1554M, 549M, 1578M, 567M, 2334M, 1093M, 1505M, 677M, 550M, 2376M, 508M, 572M, 616M, 500M, 522M, 577M, 547M, 899M, 1327M, 1324M, 572M, 6581M, 818M, 540M, 605M, 1309M, 765M, 539M, 811M, 843M, 731M, 1355M, 802M, 1177M, 869M, 625M, 1155M, 560M, 603M, 944M, 784M, 540M, 571M, 663M, 1192M, 540M, 2432M, 2259M, 730M, 1337M, 731M, 738M.

HERO (72B), PL block (68), xxDeath (60B) and Proviblock (32B) had little contact with the minions of Evil. This is the largest change in the revision, since xxDeath is in war with SOLAR: 693M, 1726M, 776M, 557M, 507M, 565M, 512M, 528M, 585M, 1106M, 680M, 686M, 2683M, 2912M, 1414M, 1087M, 736M, 643M, 1203M, 1901M, 669M, 613M, 633M, 1191M, 971M, 600M, 977M, 970M, 879M, 588M, 524M, 677M, 535M, 1240M, 506M, 754M, 963M, 1334M, 914M, 560M, 618M, 513M, 688M, 582M, 540M, 512M, 609M, 705M, 1091M, 591M, 782M, 542M, 533M, 770M, 555M.

Finally, let's see what everyone else did to the CFC and those who got above 20B:
70 - Irresponsible Use of Capital.
65 - Out of Sight.
45 - GaNg BaNg TeAm
40 - Confederation of xXPIZZAXx
38 - Forsaken Asylum
35 - Banderlogs Alliance
35 - Ev0ke
34 - The G0dfathers
31 - Snuffed Out
28 - Sleeper Social Club

536M, 719M, 563M, 534M, 1089M, 1056M, 623M, 589M, 1128M, 746M, 854M, 510M, 579M, 2152M, 536M, 1334M, 614M, 537M, 548M, 1665M, 1452M, 1182M, 523M, 1548M, 553M, 1493M, 1885M, 825M, 1671M, 528M, 698M, 631M, 566M, 2154M, 1258M, 743M, 599M, 2031M, 3547M, 936M, 524M, 622M, 690M, 584M, 592M, 522M, 661M, 3150M, 685M, 507M, 656M, 815M, 564M, 859M, 529M, 514M, 516M, 510M, 515M, 514M, 514M, 505M, 507M, 716M, 3171M, 511M, 501M, 501M, 505M, 502M, 503M, 1586M, 1157M, 782M, 900M, 508M, 6582M, 3263M, 743M, 671M, 904M, 6920M, 6915M, 526M, 1996M, 735M, 1178M, 1225M, 506M, 510M, 790M, 1217M, 757M, 1244M, 1038M, 835M, 632M, 629M, 656M, 3659M, 2837M, 536M, 924M, 567M, 624M, 917M, 1909M, 775M, 514M, 1445M, 986M, 767M, 1285M, 1179M, 1440M, 763M, 2133M, 1276M, 678M, 705M, 1865M, 569M, 514M, 630M, 939M, 1400M, 1739M, 1367M, 978M, 1616M, 1199M, 653M, 609M, 2013M, 587M, 1594M, 835M, 719M, 831M, 1766M, 1218M, 833M, 2199M, 883M, 541M, 862M, 7025M, 7057M, 680M, 535M, 1328M, 581M, 628M, 1092M, 953M, 2073M, 1503M, 630M, 3623M, 1456M, 565M, 6968M, 1307M, 1264M, 730M, 773M, 509M, 656M, 538M, 1556M, 680M, 1057M, 1157M, 1817M, 543M, 601M, 1724M, 1658M, 1543M, 586M, 515M, 727M, 720M, 649M, 578M, 1727M, 1698M, 657M, 545M, 2307M, 2211M, 2341M, 619M, 2896M, 2768M, 628M, 1244M, 4235M, 709M, 1010M, 2225M, 582M, 578M, 809M, 639M, 523M, 1388M, 506M, 3177M, 504M, 501M, 508M, 774M, 510M, 1004M, 1882M, 501M, 624M, 535M, 508M, 1676M, 1929M, 962M, 753M, 746M, 1198M, 2979M, 638M, 2221M, 663M, 596M, 2076M, 1827M, 564M, 838M, 23005M, 753M, 784M, 11382M, 567M, 1120M, 902M, 1124M, 733M, 1318M, 838M, 3490M, 502M, 777M, 898M, 634M, 1604M, 761M, 539M, 3408M, 2200M, 2102M, 564M, 573M, 1239M, 798M, 566M, 1361M, 1196M, 2063M, 2411M, 2051M, 879M, 1925M, 843M, 1031M, 1627M, 597M, 2175M, 3033M, 766M, 2718M, 665M, 582M, 677M, 580M, 950M, 751M, 745M, 559M, 764M, 733M, 1197M, 738M, 561M, 514M, 537M, 2580M, 1224M, 1725M, 736M, 1029M, 910M, 809M, 1578M, 734M, 539M, 635M, 1870M, 535M, 977M, 502M, 534M, 2006M, 2033M, 2019M, 507M, 702M, 909M, 702M, 1639M, 851M, 791M, 1155M, 588M, 717M, 1597M, 802M, 754M, 753M, 653M, 2142M, 1270M, 541M, 525M, 591M, 1187M, 2962M, 2589M, 670M, 609M, 724M, 867M, 1892M, 746M, 741M, 1395M, 1359M, 2856M, 3117M, 1052M, 510M, 1030M, 1152M, 807M, 609M, 775M, 804M, 2010M, 1183M, 1197M, 2650M, 539M, 1377M, 511M, 541M, 985M, 1358M, 630M, 2181M, 727M, 1576M, 557M, 3146M, 620M, 1260M, 588M, 629M, 580M, 916M, 892M, 625M, 709M, 982M, 1219M, 2450M, 804M, 1011M, 1863M, 2914M, 579M, 712M, 723M, 912M, 2062M, 622M, 736M, 1935M, 2088M, 970M, 1435M, 530M, 1235M, 2518M, 1126M, 693M, 630M, 2800M, 1108M, 700M, 833M, 1977M, 613M, 536M, 531M, 927M, 836M, 1650M, 1218M, 659M, 852M, 694M, 540M, 556M, 732M, 609M, 536M, 1141M, 530M, 1882M, 630M, 563M, 679M, 1326M, 649M, 504M, 993M, 635M, 538M, 593M, 784M, 1742M, 3305M, 733M, 737M, 541M, 741M, 737M, 874M, 603M, 687M, 988M, 800M, 614M, 539M, 546M, 1437M, 1649M, 584M, 975M, 644M, 643M.

Let's see the killer fleet sizes and lost ship costs. Both pies are ISK values. We can see that small gangs inflict huge damage to CFC:

Finally, let's see where they died and we can see that "we are attacking" isn't accurate, "we are pwned at home" is probably better description, especially without the attacking results of SOLAR:
434 - Highsec: 13%
453 - Foreign Null: 13%
220 - Lowsec: 7%
2270 - CFC space: 67%
537 - Fountain
330 - Deklein
315 - Venal
312 - Tribute
272 - ValeOfTheSilent
174 - Branch
116 - PureBlind
70 - Fade
61 - Syndicate
46 - CloudRing
28 - Tenal
9 - OuterRing
What can I say? Despite giving up 3 regions without a fight, CFC is still being hammered at home. We could also see its the disastrous effect on their defining activity: ratting.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you plan to do similar data for other null coalition (N3, HERO, provi (?) ) as well? It would be interesting to compare all of them.

CraZeD said...

Have to agree, other coalitions would be interesting to compare.

Gevlon said...

According to Dotlan, in November:
highsec ShipKills: 341,930
PodKills: 44,609
lowsec ShipKills: 280,984
PodKills: 66,093
nullsec ShipKills: 300,318
PodKills: 165,945
WH space: unknown, my guesstimate is 100K
Even if not all of them generates kill report (NPC losses, killer wants to remain hidden), we are talking about downloading 1M kills, 20x more than I'm dealing with recently. Not only I'm not going to pay 20x more for the data, but I'm not sure if it's possible to download them without zkillboard being "DOS-ed" by the attempt.

If YOU want to analyze more alliances, nothing stops you from doing it.

Anonymous said...

"If YOU want to analyze more alliances, nothing stops you from doing it"

Well, YOU are the one making claims about the failure of CFC, so, you need to demonstrate that other alliances do not show the same pattern over periods.

Anonymous said...

Why are you not showing Mordus Angels losses vs. the CFC. Looking at their killboard it looks pretty damn red to me.

Gevlon said...

I need to demonstrate nothing. My statement is simply "CFC has lot of losses". Maybe others have more. I don't know, neither I care, since their losses don't bother me. Or you claim that replacing 3T will take less time, just because N3 lost more? Remember B-R! After Goons won, they disengaged because two more victories like that and they are bankrupt.

Mordus angels had 121.7B losses total, not against CFC. So even if only CFC killed them (not), they are around 50%. If half of their losses are from non-CFC, they have 66% ISK ratio against CFC. Their killboard looks red, because they lose awful lot of inties and other cheap crap.

Anonymous said...

My statement is simply "CFC has lot of losses".

The problem with this statement is you can't actually make it without the comparison. If N3 are losing 1T in the same period, then yes, goons are losing a lot. but if N3 are losing 3T then no, goons are losing a normal amount. If N3 are losing 10T then goons are not losing much at all.

3T sounds a like a lot but my gut feeling is that it is not, for a few reasons: 1) not all the losses directly impact the goon machine.. only those covered by SRP do. 2) 3T doesn't sound like a lot for a group which has many times that in cash and assets..