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Monday, November 24, 2014

The betrayal of CODE.

You might read the news, CODE. is no longer the highsec ganker group it was, but a mere minion in the hand of the Evil Goons. CODE was one of the unique "emergent gameplay" groups in EVE. They were a "space religious fanatic" group that had an actually noble goal: to fight AFK leeching on the game. They ganked AFK miners and autopiloting haulers.

This is about to end. They cease wardecs on failcorps, since it might get mercenary (read: Marmite) attention. Their members are banned from attacking CFC in turn of ratting rights: the definition of "renter". They will take POCOs, like the other highsec CFC minion: RvB. "Any non-cfc jump freighter" is a clear violation of the Code, that makes it clear that no one in highsec is above their rules.

But the most betraying part of their new SotA is "running positive sec status". CODE gankers were proud of their -10.0 security status, and handled the faction police with perfect warpins. It worked well, since it's easy to warp on an AFK miner, or an autopiloting freighter. Positive security status is needed only if the target is not AFK, but travels as fast as possible, with escort, with webbers and so on. This case you need to approach the target while the initial tackler holds it or sit on the gate before it lands.

I've seen no reply from the spiritual leader of CODE, James 315, but since he is a poster on the Goon propaganda site, it's likely that he sold his movement for 15 minutes fame.

However they will regret this betrayal. Ganked carebears tried to hire Marmite Collective hundreds of times against CODE, but they refused due to "ethical reasons": didn't want to protect the dumbest of carebears against this funny and quite successful group. This is already over. Marmite will fight CODE now, which - just like their own statement says is posing a serious threat to their operations.

I'd like to clarify, that I'm not behind this, though I'll likely support this war if it brings results.

PS: I guess most EVE players have different priorities in skills:


NoizyGamer said...

Wait, you thought that James315 was not affiliated with the Goons? Did you read the Code and The Mittani's place in it?

"The New Order of Highsec continues to recognize The Mittani as the legitimate Chairman of the CSM. This determination remains the rule in all New Order territories."

I'm pretty sure that the 8,889,000,000 ISK that mynnna and Weaselior gave to James315 was for an ice interdiction conducted a couple of years ago for one of the Goon finance team's periodic plays in the ice market.

I also think that CODE. has worked with MiniLuv, but I don't have that confirmed. I'm a little surprised you hadn't done your homework on these folks.

Anonymous said...

You should give 50% reimbursement for CODE kills as it has been confirmed that they are CFC pets. With the number of donations from CFC members, it would be a nice/easy 1000 cuts wound to CFC; drain their wallets through their pets.

Also, there are a number of CFC alts in CODE that you can directly affect through anti-CODE operations ... again, more 1000 cuts.

Anonymous said...

CODE was always a Goon front. They were never particularly quiet about that fact. James315 is an oldgoon... from way back when

Gevlon said...

@Noizy: I of course knew that CODE cooperated with Goons (and practically everyone) for ganks. Their fleets were pretty open.

It's one thing to do your thing along with Goons. It's a completely different thing to not do your thing and do the thing of Goons instead.

For example: RvB having a frigate madness with Goons is normal. RvB sitting on a Goon POCO for hours to protect it is being a minions.

Unknown said...

@gevlon - exactly: it is one thing to operate freely, it is another thing to restrict one's operations.

CODE. saying: we shoot everyone except goon freighters is as good as coming under, for lack of a better phrase, minion status.

If there was any pretense before, it is completely gone now. And James315 may have been a goon way back when, but he always struck me as a bored player getting his kicks in Halaima local by bumping. I remember when he started there.... it was quite funny. Anyways, what he started has changed into an economic weapon goons are safe from.

Anonymous said...

Donations are going well, but any support is still welcome. Soon we will have enough to sub contract to the other mercs, so we can finish this once and for all. Already had a few alliances who want to join this war.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that you never figured out what many, many of the CODE. pilots are really all about - they're miners protecting their ice fields.

This should have been common knowledge by now. The serious ice miners use alts to gank and generally harass their ice mining competition, and many of them do this under the guise of CODE.

The James315 narrative? Get serious. It's a coverup to take control of ice fields.

Anonymous said...

how do you know goon freighters? don't they haul with NPC corp alts .. unknown to the public?

ontopic. well goons undermine. it was fun as long as it lasted.