Greedy Goblin

Thursday, November 6, 2014

October ratting report

Like in September, I processed the downloaded Dotlan data.
As you can see Oceanus stopped the decrease of highsec ratting and the increase of nullsec. No other significant change is visible. Let's see the ratting distribution of coalitions and alliances in percentage of the total nullsec ratting:

The largest change is the increase of ratting in xxDeath sov, because they bought large B0T space. It's also interesting that Provi returned to ratting fast after the war, while HERO ratting numbers are still a joke. Goonswarm increased its ratting with another million, climbing to the second position of the ratting scoreboard. Otherwise the old trends remained. I guess we'll see more after the first Phoebe month.

Finally, let's look at the regional ratting data:
Delve and Querious lost lot of ratting, which is obvious due to them being traded. Deklein and Branch are still climbing. We'll see how the Phoebe changes will help pirates change these trends.


Anonymous said...

This is very handy for ratter hunters like me. Thanks!

bluto said...

Would it be possible to use a log chart so low sec ratting could be shown without multiplying by 10?