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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Weekend minipost: Rape, Rape, Rape, Welp, Rape

The Goon propaganda site reported of a battle between CFC and Black Legion + MoA, which ended with total defeat for the CFC. "When asked for comment, CFC Skymarshall Blawrf McTaggart replied simply with this image"

Needless to say that considering rape a happy thing (see the laughing stars) is bad. But "4 fun ppl" have deep hate for women, so I doubt if they'd consider a protest anything but "pubbie tears". So I'd suggest a more constructive approach. Join an anti-Goon pirate group or donate ISK to them! How would that fix the misogyny of the Goons which is so deep that the obviously offensive content passed through all editorial steps of the propaganda site?

Much nicer, isn't it? You can make this happen!


Anonymous said...

good post concept. needs to be taken a step further.

appeal to non-eve players. inform them how to subscribe, buy a plex, sell the plex, donate the ISK to Mordus Angels. tell them you need help to fight misogyny in eve.

take it a step further. allow them to donate via paypal. then they don't need to waste $ subbing an account they wont use. promise to convert 99% of the $ to ISK to fund the eve fight on misogyny.

Anonymous said...

As a female goon I can tell you that the GSF are by far the least misogynistic alliance I've ever been in, mittens even went so far as to blacklist people from the alliance for being sexist assholes.

Goons use the term rape as millions of gamers do, I may not like it personally but it's an accepted part of gaming culture though of course Gevlon would never mention that because it doesn't fit his narrative.

nightgerbil said...

@ Anon Female Goon "may not like it personally", but theres nothing you can do about it? I'm really glad martin luther king didnt say that way back in the 50/60s. If you wont stand up for what you know is right, if your willing to tolerate evil because to try to change it is /effort, YOU are part of the problem.

If you dont like it personally, why aren't you screaming blue murder about it on SA and goon internal forums? If mittens blacklists people "for being sexist assholes" is he gonna come down on this?

Anonymous said...

I think the point being made was that it doesn't matter. Comparing it to MLK is pretty dumb, since MLK was righting for the right to not be mistreated, abused and attacked unfairly, whereas in this instance we're talking about slang. I don't get shouted at by horse lovers when I say I could eat a horse, when I say to a mate, "touch my sandwich and I'll kill you", I don't literally intend to kill him, and when I say a item I've bought cost me an arm and a leg, I am not missing two limbs.

As a side not, why do people keep on saying it's sexist? You are aware that men and women can both be victims of rape, right?

AliPally said...

"I may not like it personally but it's an accepted part of gaming culture"

Oh, please. What a lame response.

"You are aware that men and women can both be victims of rape, right?"

Why does this make it any more acceptable to post the word rape alongside a grinning face?


Ael said...

Gevlon: Please note that a reference to rape is not necessarily a reference to an attack on a female. Males get raped as well and the effects of the rape are equally as damaging.

Our society does a poor job of helping female rape victims, but it does an even worse job of helping male rape victims. In many cases Soap/Shower/Prison rape jokes are still considered "funny".

Anonymous said...

And how do the conscientious goons feel about Digi and his habit of releasing real life information of other players?

Rasmus Forlorn said...

@First Anom: sounds like a call for a project - Grr Goons!

Donate 500$: get your own floating body of a Goon officer to marvel at :)

Overall I think Goons provide jolly good company and content. That screenshot a corp mate of mine shared when he went hunting solo and there were 404 pilots in local when he logged back on 2 hours later with 40+ Archons and a whole hunting party with dogs and all out to find the fox was terrific.

Anonymous said...

I really hope people would stop trying to be hollier than the pope and think that by avoiding "bad" words they will avoid bad (really bad) actions.

This is the same that saying that firing guns in a game is offensive because murder is a serious thing.

If anything joking about rape awareness about the issue. This assumes people have a sense of humor, which is a human characteristic... being offended by humor is, well, missing the point.

If you want to help women please go to Eritrea and start educating those people.