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Thursday, October 9, 2014


The Greyscaled Goons are mad. They are so mad that they renamed their home station "C C P Fire Greyscale". But why, when the official propaganda says that the planned jump range changes aren't that bad for CFC? Instead of opinions, I looked for data. I received the July CFC kills by accident, so I worked with that.

The tables below show the July killboards of individual CFC alliances. Some small ones and RvB living in highsec are omitted. The bolded line is the owner of the killboard, so the first data is from The Initiative. killboard. The number next to it is the B ISK de-whored contribution of the owner to its own killboard. You know, if they made half damage to a ship, they got half its value. Awox-kills are ignored, this is why the numbers are lower than in the July post. The other lines are significant CFC members who contributed to said killboard, along with the non-significant ones merged into "Other CFC" and the non-CFC contributors that usually dominant in 3-way battles.

The point isn't to shout "look, killboard whores!" or laughing at LAWN for being 4th contributor of its own killboard. The point is to show how deeply these alliances are integrated. Only GSF and RAZOR consist of the majority of its own PvP activity, the rest are flying together with others. They share comms, FCs, doctrines, everything. And the jump changes will separate them regions away. Sure, for a full-scale invasion on Delve, the whole CFC with supers will make the 3-hours way in convoy fleets taking gates in TiDi. But against a wild PASTA fleet reinforcing valuable moon towers, LAWN will have to fend alone, something they've never done. I'm not saying that LAWN pilots are especially bad and will fail. I'm saying that they have to learn something absolutely new and face enemies on equal footing instead of just pressing F1 in a 200+ fleet of mostly Goons.

To make it worse, GSF, the strongest member of the coalition lives in Deklein, deep in CFC space, so won't see more than roaming gangs, while the ones who are used to just join and press F1 will have to face enemies alone.

PS: it seems Hard Knocks would like to keep their #1 spot on the Branch bounty. However Snails and Frogs + AdAstra is busy taking it.

PS2: tomorrow one of the oldest Goon myth will be destroyed! Don't miss it!


Anonymous said...

Oh sweet sweet irony.. Cfc leadership presses for changes for years - through Propaganda, through their CSM, etc.
And when the changes - almost exactly as suggested - happen their own membership is up in arms.
The only sad part is that the enraged goons once again focus their anger on others, ignoring the root of their problems.

CFC Grunt said...

Ah, once more Gevlon, you did not do the research properly. You're starting to work well as CFC propaganda - spreading the myth of how terrible they are.

Jump changes will not separate us. We are already preparing for them, doing what the CFC does best and what carried us through all the wars that could've gone so bad for us.


Anonymous said...

@cfc grunt: what carries you and always has carried you are numbers.

Anonymous said...

You are aware that interceptors exist, yes? Trust me, travelling across the entire universe without jumps is simple these days. For defense we just have ships on all sides of the galaxy, logi guys are already shipping things in like crazy.

Who is it that is all mad anyway? Most people that have voiced their opinions on it have been pretty positive.

Gevlon said...

Interceptors, travelling? RnK is so happy.

Also, ship caches are a neat thing to have for someone with 5-10B to spend on it. For a moron who files for reimbursement for an assault frig? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

cfc alliances are spread over the regions.
you must also just spread your capital ships.
the changes are supporting defending with capitals and supc.
it will get much easier to defend and a new stagnation-time will begin.

Anonymous said...

RnK will have the same issues as all other groups traveling in nul. Plus, intercepters are bubble immune so cannot be easily pipe bomber by dropping a drag bubble.

As for your suggested moron, contract ships. Logistics members fit ships in a station, then put them up on corp contract. It is paid for by the corp/alliance wallet. All the line member has to do is get to station and accept a contract. They don't need a stash of ships as it is done at the corp or Alliance level.

Gevlon said...

Lone capitals and especially supers are hunted by all. Also, don't forget that the average capswarm members isn't especially good at the game besides following what the cap FC says.

There is one serious problem with ship caches: insurance. Insurance is what make T1 doctrines practically free. If the pilots don't insure it, they will only get 40% when the ship is lost. If they insure it and the ship is not lost, the insurance will be lost when the ship is given back to the alliance coffers.

Tsed said...

I can afford to keep a few sets of doctrines spread across our space pretty easily, and I'll never not file for assfrig reimbursement.

90m for barely more effort than updating a sell order? Pfft, why not file?

Anonymous said...

In reality adapting has never been CFC suit. In fact many times CFC has refused to adapt, and just made tear fill forum posts till CCP nerfed whatever 1000 drakes, or maelstroms couldn't beat.

Anonymous said...

"Lone capitals and especially supers are hunted by all. Also, don't forget that the average capswarm members isn't especially good at the game besides following what the cap FC says."

well, why take lone capitals?
Just take 5-10. Easily filled by CFC in all regions and then 30-40 man support fleet. job done.
no enemy will drop on it with capitals due to the changes. enemy pirate fleet of 50+ can not break the tank. op success

Anonymous said...

"Interceptors, travelling? RnK is so happy."
RnK can be as happy as they want. The vast majority of interceptors get through. We already use interceptors to travel across the universe regularly. RnK might catch a few, but they are much happier with biggre ships coming through.

"Also, ship caches are a neat thing to have for someone with 5-10B to spend on it. For a moron who files for reimbursement for an assault frig? Not so much."
You underestimate the CFC. Most of us have upwards of 10 loaded areas at any one time. As SRP pays for more than your ship loss, and if you don't have a ship you often get given one, having doctrine ships all over space is normal. Even morons have a lot of ships all over the place. SRP isn't because the moron needs isk, it's so that the moron doesn't ever need it.

Anonymous said...

You have to think of SRP like a company car scheme.

Does using one of those mean that you are too poor to buy a car? According to you it does.

Gevlon said...

Company cars exist because of the taxes. Otherwise it would be better for giving the people higher salary and just let them use their cars.