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Thursday, October 2, 2014

"Go back to EVE, n00b!"

Update: Now we can tell why did the Null leaders made this disgusting suggestion: CCP just released the dev blog that nerfs capital jumps by large. Capitals won't be able to travel fast to further than a region. So they wanted to pack their whole coalition into one region, as they won't be able to defend it against multiple small groups. If PASTA reinforces towers in Delve and MoA does the same in PB, Goons can't go to both fights, they'll lose one. I'm now sure that CCP will not increase the player density and without that, occupancy Sov is actually a good thing: if they stop ratting in a system because of an AFK cloaker, they lose index! Let's celebrate and laugh on their tears in the comment section. Still, it's not without purpose to look at what the product of this despicable cowardice planned to do with the game, just to see how corrupted the current nullsec leaders are.

WoW is well-known to be an easy game. It claims to be easy. Its main dev quit for Riot with the message "it's really refreshing to work on a game where I don't have to worry whether someone's grandmother can pick it up or not." Rewards are openly called "welfare epics" by devs. The lowest difficulty is called "Looking for Retards" by the community. If you'd want to point a non-playing casual grandmother towards a video game, you'd point at WoW.

And you'd be wrong. This WoW guild was randomly picked for one criteria: it has only one heroic (max difficulty) boss kill. Now look at its ranking: "West 21077". "West" means EU and US. About 4M players play from these regions. Most guilds raid with 10-man teams and some with 25. Each has replacements, so a "20 men/guild" isn't a bad assumption. With these, we can conclude that those players who raided just one boss in the heroic difficulty are top 10%. This is a surprisingly small number. It shows that the main endgame content of WoW is still pretty exclusive. 9 out of 10 players aren't good enough for that.

Now let's look at the EVE nullsec Sov-holder numbers: CFC 36K pilots, HERO 17K, N3 17K, Provi 11K, PL 2K, xxDeath 2K, Renters 30K. All together 115K pilots. Total TQ accounts? Around 350K. Sure, many of the pilots are alts and unsubscribed, but still we are facing 20%. It's already easier to get to nullsec than killing one heroic boss in WoW".

There are about 2900 Sov-nullsec systems. If the "dense ecosystem of players undocked and interacting within single system" means just 20 players in local, then 60K players are needed to fill nullsec. EVE has about 30K concurrent logins. So even if everyone would move to nullsec, half of it would still be empty. Under occupancy sovereignty "empty" means "unclaimed". So even if the lowliest of highsec miners would move to nullsec, half of it would still be vacant, waiting for more players to take.

The proposal is for an unprecedented nerf to difficulty in EVE. It would turn Nullsec into an "everyone is good enough to play here", Farmwille-style place. Sure, it would still have ganks, but who cares. A ratting ship can earn itself in a few hours, most PvP ships are cheap T1 craps and watching local isn't a particularly hard task (even if many fail in it). The current difficulty comes not from losing ships, but from losing the Sov, structures and access to docked assets. Under occupancy sov it will be impossible to evict significant amount of groups, even if they don't fight at all. Sure, you can hellcamp them and run sites to raise your index, but as soon as you leave, they can return and get it back without showing up to fleet fights. Or, they can move to somewhere else, there is enough unclaimed space. Unless you do nothing but follow them around like some bitter ex, you can't really harm them. Even if you do follow them around, you can do it to 1-2 groups and there will be thousands.

How long would the "Dark Cold Universe" survive if the word goes around that it's easier than WoW? Would you really like to play a game which gains its new players from those who failed so hard in WoW that the other players told him "Go back to EVE, n00b!"? How did nerfing went for WoW?


Anonymous said...

This just made goons the strongest in null. You're either a goon alt or you have no understanding of what this does for them. And being part of HERO coalition I (and many others based on comms chatter) have no desire to help PL or NC against them. Goons have won eve with this change.

Iiene of Kul Tiras said...

WoW's problem is it's trying to be 3 games at once. It's a "single player exploration and leveling game.", it's a "Duel and group PvP." game, and it's an "End game raiding game."

All 3 games have huge problems. However, to be fair, no one has solved these problems as new comers are just trying to make "The next WoW."

The first game: "Single player exploration and leveling game" is fine at first, but fails to get harder as you advance. Then it's painfully boring to bring up an "alt."

The second game: "Duel and group PvP." is so different from the other end game as to force all kinds of tradeoffs in class design.

The third game: "End game raiding game" is difficult. not only does the individual need to know what they're doing, but they need to be on a well run team as well. If you're on a well run team? It looks easy. But that's the TEAM making it easy, and by extension, the team's leader, not you.

Wow tries to be three games, and fails in all 3. Leveling / exploration is too easy. PvP is mixed with a PvE game, and raiding has no coherent raid management tools.

How would I fix it? I would drop the PvP. I would make leveling MUCH harder for the first character, and optionally instant for subsequent characters on the same faction. I would then add comprehensive raid management tools so raid leaders can select players that might actually be a good fit for their raid including raid history, statistical performance on raids, etc.

Iiene of Kul Tiras said...

I've tried EVE? But to be fair, I didn't particularly like it. I found the economics game to be FAR too complicated, (If I wanted to put that much effort into trading... I'd do it for money in real life.) and at the same time, I found the space game super simple and linear. I dislike either side of ganking (target or ganker.) So then we get:

"Would you really like to play a game which gains its new players from those who failed so hard in WoW that the other players told him "Go back to EVE, n00b!"?"

But what is there besides ganking and trading? Large scale combat? From what I read on here, that's basically going where you're told and pressing "F1" a lot. How hard is that?

To be fair? The way most people appear to play EVE, "Be in big corp, get ships from them for blob attacks." Just doesn't seem all that hard. you can't lose if you aren't paying for the ships... and you aren't really monitored or measured in any real way.

Anonymous said...

Well, WoW is THE MAJOR MOST SUCCESSFUL MMO so far. There is no arguing about that. Even if all EVE pilots may laugh at WoW players, there are so many WoW players because it is so easily accessible.
Eve on the other hand is credited to be one of the most complex MMO's on the market. There lies the reason for it's continuing struggle for subscribers... No "new player experience", false official PR about game mechanics.

Who has spread the myth, that nulsec was endgame content, like those raids WoW Goblin perpetually talks about?
Why would nulsec be endcontent? Because the rats are invincible? Because flying a drake, vexor navy issue or an ishtar requires the most hardcore pilots ever?
Because in90% of tha cases titan and supercap pilots can only fly these ships but almost no subcaps???

Basically, Nulsec is far easier than higsec as there are NO RULES like CONCORD intervention. Bascialyy a player can do anything he wants, as long as he is not stopped by other players, or these invincible hardcore rats...

Anonymous said...

So the more you rat, the stronger your hold on sov becomes?