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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Weekend minipost: donation drive over 30B

The Mordus Angels donation board recorded more than 30B ISK. While I'm clearly the #1 donator, I provided less than 1/3 of the ISK. Mordus killed the most CFC last month and the CFC is camping them hard in return. They need your support to continue killing the minions of Evil.

In the meantime, this minion wasn't really smart.
This ratter and this interestingly fit hauler learned the hard way that renting from the Evil is wrong.
Travelling in a pod in highsec is completely safe, especially if you serve the Evil.


Druur Monakh said...

I know that you're all "Grr Goons!", but this is what my industrial alt's corp CEO had to say on this matter:

"Anyone who is anti-Marmite is my friend, indeed."

Are you sure you're funding the right fraction in these conflicts?

Gevlon said...

Marmite isn't part of any conflict. They wardec anyone for a fee. They are deccing BoT and Northern Associates too.

They aren't Grr Goons!, they are just paid by me to kill them.

Arrendis said...

Also, from the other post's comments:

The best gatecamper is defined by his results. ISK destroyed typically. It's not opinionated.

That's not necessarily true. The first thing you have to define is your objective, so you can establish what's 'best' for your purposes.

For example, if you want to deny the use of the Taisy gate to the CFC, forcing anyone from the far north to swing all the way down to Torrinos to get to high-sec, then you want someone who's able to establish gate control and hold it. That won't actually show up as the most ISK destroyed over time, because the traffic will move, and he'll get fewer targets. But you still want him on that gate, because his presence is what keeps the traffic away.

Gevlon said...

But that can't be measured. You can only reward what you can measure. Otherwise you can just give blind support to someone.

CFC Grunt said...

@Druur Monakh

Considering he "deadzoned" hisec POCOs that belonged to Goons - and, as far as I recall, had reasonable tax rates - no.

In fact, I don't believe Gevlon Goblin supports any interest other than his own.

Anonymous said...

I would think the gate camp impact could be measured by traffic flow per day?

It's not ISK destroyed, but it is a quantifiable measurement of the impact such a project might have.

Of course, finding effective people who will run that particular gate camp project for long enough to cause a large traffic movement would be the challenge, and it would be highly vulnerable to corruption/gaming the system.

Smite said...

So, if the fearless MoA Machariel pilot had donated the ISK to the donation board instead to "Pursuit of Happiness", He would have contributed to about 1/5 of the board?