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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Mordus Angels donation board is up

More than one year after the 400B collected for TEST by donation board, after lot of preparation, the Mordus Angels donation board is up. You can donate ISK too by:
  1. In game, search for "Dissident Aggressors" (the MoA Executor Corp)
  2. Right-click and "Give Money"
  3. Choose any amount over 1M
  4. Set the reason to: DONATE
Why should you donate? I've been donating them 3B a week since June (the donation board is new, that's why you only see my September donation), after I realized that this small, NPC living alliance does very high ISK damage to CFC. 152B in May, 109B in June, 97B in July, 155B in August. To compare, in August PL did 21B damage to CFC, Nulli did 94B, NC. did 68B, TEST did 20B.

Mordus Angels lives in 5ZXX-K, a small NPC Null island, deep in CFC space, surrounded by the legions of the Evil. The Evil Ones often show up in 200+ fleets to camp the station, yet MoA keeps fighting and kills them in unprecedented amounts. With kills come losses, 100-170B/month. Don't forget that they don't only have losses to CFC, but also against third parties as they live in null and have to haul their stuff through large hostile space to 5ZXX-K. To pay for that, they have no moon empire, renters nor Sov where they could rat anoms all day. They need to do missions in that small space, often camped by 200+ CFC or on highsec alts. You can see the titanic effort needed to keep up the fight against the CFC with 30x more members, vast moon, renter and ratter empire to pay for losses.

You can help them field more ships, spend more time fighting instead of missioning on highsec alts. You can keep them in ships to bring death and destruction to CFC.

Have Goons wronged you? Dumb question, it's equal to "are you playing EVE without being on SA forum?" Goons openly claim that they came to destroy our game. Hurting someone who had no conflicting interest is a badge of honor among them. They waste lot of ISK to come to Jita and gank anyone moves every year, just to make you cry! They taunt you that you can't do anything about it as you are small and they have 50000 slaves to do their bidding. Have you considered "if you can't beat them, join them"? Then you were probably recruitment-scammed by them. They don't want you to join, as you are just a lowly "pubbie shitlord" in their eyes. They want you to cry and quit EVE.

Make them pay for all the evil they have done! Bring the fight deep in their heartland where they rat all day! Mordus Angels and their allies are slaying their ratters, traveling members and smash their small gangs. Keep MoA in ships, so they can keep killing CFC! Donate for the good cause!

Your donation will be forever remembered by the donation board. A few years from now, when Goons will be just a bad memory, you can link it to newbies and tell them "it was me who made it possible, it was because of me the evil Goons are gone". Wouldn't it be better than "I spent my money on deadspace modules for my missioning ship until the Goons suicide ganked it and laughed on me"?

Stop leveling your Raven, start making history! There shall be no Goons!

PS: If you are following my blog, you know why I'm especially happy for this kill.


Arrendis said...

Won't lie: they did a good job. They bubbled up a CO2 jump bridge and waited for people to jump in. You come in w/no cloak, so they see you straight off. No bubble immunity, so they'll decloak you even if you manage the cloak before the fast-locking destroyers can lock, and then you're bubbled and scram'd.

By the way, I expected you'd crow about it a little bit, so I suggested Neok1337 make sure to show it to you before you came across it normally, so maybe they'd get a bonus. Did they get one? Like I said, they set it up really well, definitely deserved a little bit of personal appreciation for that one.

MoxNix said...

Small donation sent.

Now it's someone else's turn to bounce me out of top spot on the donation board list.

Smith said...

Well, I suppose one should stick to what ones good at. Unless one wants to try to learn something new, I suppose.

So perhaps it's better to earn ISK and pay other to shoot spaceships than to shoot spaceships oneself. Personally I find shooting stuff fun and making ISK... not so much. It's great that others, like Gevlon enjoys other things. It's actually a little proof that the sandbox kind of works.

Props for putting your ISK where your mouth is, Gevlon.

Anonymous said...

Keep on doing what you are doing Gevlon. Bringing content into the sandbox.
Even the goons will enjoy your little adventure cause now they need to watch local instead of playing hearthstone in the background while they shooting afk rats.

Anonymous said...

"Even the goons will enjoy your little adventure cause now they need to watch local instead of playing hearthstone in the background while they shooting afk rats."

Indeed, hence them being a fair chunk of the donation list.

Gevlon said...

Goon donations are very low in value. It's rather spamming.

Druur Monakh said...

"Have Goons wronged you?"

Actually, not really. CODE on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

OMG, I would love to see the same board for CODE. kills... That would open up my wallet...
I happily supported the lemmings at the beginning of the grr goon hisec wars.
I was wondering from the beginning why no campaign against CFC ratters is being organized...
What I fear will come from this is another raise in the 0.0 bounties and some motherloving changes of game mechanics by CCP to favor CFC again...